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LandAirSea Real-Time GPS Tracker

The business GPS tracking and consumer-based monitoring applications have become so popular over the past decade that every time we drive on the road we pass by at least one automobile that is equipped with a vehicle tracking system. Real-time tracking technology is now the way companies cut internal wasteful spending through a process of building more efficient and effective fleet management blueprints, while the technology also provides everyday folk a sleuth way of boosting auto-theft security. Although live GPS tracking systems technology makes it easy for people to connect with personal and mobile assets, the technology has never been as advanced as it is with the latest innovation called SilverCloud GPS

LandAirSea Systems has been one of the pioneers of the vehicle tracking market ever since they began manufacturing reliable and cost-effective GPS devices over 15 years ago. Although LandAirSea built a reputation for developing high-quality products, they were most recognized for their role in engineering passive trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key. People throughout the industry wondered why LandAirSea never developed their own real-time monitoring solution when companies with little GPS experience such as Zoombak and Escort were creating live trackers that seemed to get the attention of mainstream consumers. After years and years of waiting,  LandAirSea finally launched a live tracking solution known as the SilverCloud.

What Is SilverCloud GPS?

The SilverCloud tracker is a GPS system that allows users to gain instant remote access to their vehicles, assets and other valuables. Designed to meet the monitoring needs of police agencies, businesses and consumers, this real-time solution utilizes a web-based platform where users can enter a unique username and password via computer or mobile communication device to learn where their assets are at and everywhere they have been. Some of the potential users for a real time GPS tracker include:

  1. Fleet Tracking Managers
  2. Taxi Cab Companies, Airport Shuttle Companies & Other Service-Based Vehicles
  3. Private Investigators
  4. Car, Truck Or Boat Owners Interested In Auto-Theft Security
  5. Parents & Guardians Wanting To Observe Teen Driving
  6. Family Members Concerned About An Elderly Driver

Some Cool Features Of The LandAirSea SilverCloud

What this fleet tracking system expert has discovered when researching, testing and evaluating live tracking solutions is that many devices can be complex, offering a wide variety of features that no normal human being would ever care about. On the flip side of the coin, some live trackers offer almost nothing in regards to features, making the GPS system nearly worthless. The SilverCloud tracker offers the perfect blend and balance of unique and functional features that will surely impress both casual and power users. Here is a shortlist of some of the things that make this tracker pretty cool:

  • Month-To-Month Service (NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS!)
  • Unlimited Continuous Updating (3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 1 min, 5 min)
  • Speed Alerts & Geofence Alerts (Arrival & Departure Notification)
  • Routing Utility Feature (Navigational Feature That Sends Directions Via Email And/Or Text Message
  • Unlimited Access To Historical Data
  • User-Friendly Web-Based Interface That Requires No Software
  • Mobile Phone Access To GPS Tracking Data

Overall Thoughts On New Real-Time Tracker

Although it may have taken LandAirSea forever to finally release a live tracking solution, what they have created in the SilverCloud is a really great real-time system that both the tech-savvy elite and everyday person will find as a true asset. The web-based interface is clean and simple, also offering a “Live Support” chat option where users can ask questions at any point in time at no cost. Designed to be used as both a portable and hard-wired solution, the LandAirSea tracker can be covertly placed inside any vehicle or installed for continuous power draw. Roughly the size of an iPhone, the tracker is actually quite remarkable, and will easily meet the needs of anyone looking for a real-time device that is both simple and sophisticated.

Where Is The Best Place To Purchase The New LandAirSea Tracker?

Tracking System Direct tests and evaluates GPS products from all across the world on a weekly basis, looking for the absolute best-performing monitoring solutions the industry has to offer. After putting the SilverCloud through a rigorous testing and verification process, our GPS experts are convinced that this is the best real-time solution available at this point in time. Therefore, the live GPS tracker was introduced to the exclusive line of GPS surveillance systems. Anyone interested in learning more about the device can contact Tracking System Direct for information or visit the website to view an interactive live demo of the SilverCloud.

Live GPS tracker no monthly feeSilverCloud GPS Web-Based Data

After making its debut, SilverCloud GPS launched into popularity among businesses and government agencies as the premier live tracking solution. There were a number of factors that made this particular GPS tracking system stand hands down above the competition. These factors included an easy-to-use online application that allowed GPS vehicle tracking users to have remote access to their unique tracking data through personal computer or mobile phone, the option to choose from a variety of reasonable data plans versus a singular concrete and costly 10-second data plan and a number of awesome features that could help any business improve operations or cut down on internal expenditures related to excessive gasoline consumption. Although it is easy for even those with little tech experience or satellite tracking knowledge to understand the value the SilverCloud tracker can have for a number of potential users such as parents of teen drivers, fleet managers, and police investigators, what really makes the device special is that it gives GPS tracking users the ability to view historical data in a 3D format via Google Earth that showcases city buildings and other information as it appears in real life!

GPS Data That Makes You Feel Like A Passenger

When a person using the SilverCloud inserts their personal login and password information to access their data the first thing they will notice is that the live tracking data is displayed over an aerial view mapping program. This method of viewing live and historical GPS personal tracking data is also accompanied by a road map format, activity summary report format and a groundbreaking 3D format that uses Google Earth to observe driving information and GPS data. What makes the 3D method of viewing data so cool is that it paints a vivid picture for the fleet tracking manager or consumer monitoring data, showing buildings and other surrounding characteristics that are unique to the person under monitoring surveillance. This not only provides the person in charge of the vehicle management strategy or application a very different and live-like method of observing, but also makes the user better understand the environment the person they are monitoring is traveling in, creating almost a sense that the observer of GPS data is a passenger in the target car!

With over 15 years of expertise in the field of GPS monitoring technology, LandAirSea Systems, the makers behind SilverCloud, have truly developed a live tracking solution that is the perfect medium between sophisticated and functional with this new GPS tracker.

Google Earth Feature Offers Fly-By View

When people shopping for GPS vehicle tracking systems conduct buyers to research the different live monitoring devices on the market they rarely think about how the data and information from these systems are interrupted and displayed on a mapping program. Although the true definition of a real-time system refers to the personal GPS tracking system being active, transmitting geolocational data to where it can be reviewed remotely by the user, another aspect of real-time monitoring that helps provide a life-like view of GPS data is the program used to display data. SilverCloud GPS, the industry gold standard in live fleet tracking technology, calls upon a number of different avenues to offer clear and easy-to-understand methods of viewing historical or live GPS data. These avenues include a road map, an aerial view, Google Earth and numerous driving summary reports that break down motorist activity with meticulous precision. All of the current methods of viewing data with the SilverCloud tracker are present to give the user a variety of different ways to analyze information in whatever way suits the individual user, and with a new fly-by feature being offered through the innovative geniuses behind Google Earth, real-time system users will have yet another awesome way to view GPS data!

Google Earth, the avenue most preferred among GPS users to analyze and review GPS data, paints a very clear and unique way to observe the travel and driving activity of a target vehicle. This is because the satellite image program was designed not to simply create an aesthetically pleasing virtual way of observing GPS data, but the program also provides unique angles and interpretations of the surrounding geographical and urban areas where a vehicle has been or is currently located. This process is done by downloading a plug-in that will showcase 3D buildings. Although some people, such as business GPS tracking users, are already familiar with the benefits of this cool method of reviewing data, the new fly-by feature presents yet another awesome way to observe GPS tracking data.

The new fly-by feature offered through Google Earth is currently not provided in all areas, but the makers of the satellite image program are consistently updating the program to make the new feature available to people in all regions as soon as possible. What is even cooler is that the updates will occur automatically, therefore, the user will not be required to download any additional software or plug-ins.

GPS Vehicle Management Technology Anyone Can Use

The LandAirSea real-time GPS tracker was developed over the course of 3 years where the device was put through multiple testing and evaluation processes to ensure both functionality and reliability. The engineers behind the SilverCloud GPS were given the task to create a solution that was rugged and tough enough to meet the high standards of law enforcement monitoring applications, but at the same time develop a user-friendly web-based platform that was manageable for consumer GPS tracking applications such as GPS teen tracking. After long and arduous testing and verification process, the new real-time tracking system was released, meeting and exceeding the demands and expectations of all GPS users. Now, with yet another cool feature in the fly-by mode, the SilverCloud will only continue to maintain the position of the ultimate in real-time monitoring technology.