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Private Investigator GPS Tracker

Private Investigator GPS Tracking Devices – Surveillance For Less Than $100

As a private detective, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference in the world. One such essential tool is the GPS tracker. In fact, hidden GPS trackers have completely changed the landscape of personal investigations and conducting surveillance. In this article, we’ll address the FAQs about private investigator GPS trackers, showcase the benefits of GPS technology, and recommend a top pick for your investigative needs. Let’s dive in!

Best GPS Tracker For Private Detectives

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car


  • Legally & Secretly Track Any Vehicle
  • Quickly Bust A Cheating Spouse 
  • Easily Hide Under Car (Waterproof + Magnet)
  • Fastest Updates Of Any GPS Tracker On The Market (3-Seconds!)

Why Is SpaceHawk the number one rated vehicle tracking device among private investigators and law enforcement agencies? The answer is simple and it comes down to the features: small, waterproof, magnet mount, real time GPS, and month-to-month service plans. Simply place this hidden GPS track on any automobile and secretly follow the vehicle without the person ever knowing! Perfect for child custody, missing person, or cheating spouse cases, and get all the answers you need! What makes this vehicle tracker stand above other devices is SpaceHawk can track every 3 seconds (fastest on the market) so PI’s never miss a thing!


Why SpaceHawk is our top recommendation for private investigators –

  • Long Battery Life: The GPS device has a motion sensor to put the tracker in sleep mode when a vehicle stops moving. This awesome feature extends battery life and ensures the vehicle GPS tracker remains operational for longer periods without frequent charging.
  • Design: The powerful magnetic mount, waterproof housing, and unassuming design make it easy to track down people
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive web platform and mobile app make accessing and analyzing GPS data a breeze.

By utilizing SpaceHawk Spouse GPS Tracker, you’ll be better equipped to handle various cases, from missing person investigations to infidelity inquiries, corporate fraud, theft investigations, and more. Stay ahead in the investigator industry and elevate your services with the right spy gear!

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7 Benefits Of GPS Trackers For Private Investigators

  1. Cheating spouse investigations: Do you suspect a husband or wife of infidelity? GPS trackers can help you discreetly monitor their movements, gather crucial evidence, and uncover the truth in a cheating partner case.
  2. Improved surveillance: A GPS vehicle tracker allows you to monitor a target’s movements without constant physical surveillance. You’ll save time, and resources, and reduce the risk of detection.
  3. Real-time, accurate data: Real time GPS systems provide up-to-date location data with high accuracy, helping you make informed decisions based on your target’s movements.
  4. Historical data and analysis: GPS trackers store past data, enabling you to review movement history and identify patterns relevant to your investigation.
  5. Customizable alerts and geofencing: Some trackers offer customizable alerts and geofencing features, notifying you when a target enters or leaves a specific area or exhibits unusual movement patterns.
  6. Corporate investigations: Private investigator GPS tracking devices are essential in corporate fraud investigations. They can help you monitor company vehicles, track employee movements, and protect valuable assets from theft or misuse.
  7. Child custody cases: Are you concerned about a child’s safety during visitations? Hidden GPS trackers can provide valuable insights into the child’s whereabouts, ensuring their personal safety and helping build a strong case in child custody disputes.

GPS Surveillance – Real-Life Success Stories From Private Investigators

In 2018, a New York PI successfully solved a car dealership theft case. The dealership had experienced a series of car thefts and hired a private investigator to help with theft recovery. So what did the PI do? They placed hidden GPS trackers on the vehicles on the lot. With the trap set, the car thieves soon took the bait! Soon after, the stolen cars were found in an illegal chop shop. Result? Criminals arrested.

Facing a high-profile infidelity case, a husband suspected his wife of cheating. He needed answers, so who did he call? A skilled PI who specializes in infidelity investigations. The licensed investigator used a GPS vehicle tracker on the wife’s car. And what did he discover? 17 different visits to a lover’s residence confirmed, helping the husband get the answers he needed.

In a corporate investigation, a company suspected an employee of leaking sensitive information. But they needed evidence And how did they get proof? They hired a PI firm that used a GPS tracking system. The employee’s visits to a competitor’s office were revealed. The GPS data combined with computer forensics gave the company everything it needed to move forward. This led to the employee’s termination and legal action against them for corporate espionage.

A concerned parent noticed their teenager’s behavior change. What was their solution? Hiring a licensed PI for the child’s safety. The PI used a GPS car tracker to monitor the child’s movements to find out everywhere they were really going. The result? Discovering multiple visits to a home notorious for selling methamphetamines. The parent was able to intervene and provide support now that they had all the facts.

GPS Tracker For Private Investigator
Private Investigator GPS Tracking Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Legal For Private Investigators To Use GPS Car Trackers?

Laws may vary, but typically, private detectives with a valid private investigator license can use GPS trackers as long as they comply with privacy and surveillance regulations. Make sure you understand the laws in your area before using a GPS device.

Can You Sue Private Investigators?

Yes, you can sue private investigators if they have violated your privacy, engaged in illegal activities, or caused harm. To succeed in a lawsuit, consult with a legal expert to understand the specific grounds for the suit and the evidence needed to support your case.

What Do Private Detectives Use To Track Cell Phones?

Private investigators use various tools and techniques to track cell phones, such as GPS trackers and private investigator-specific software. They may also use computer forensics and digital forensic methods to gather information from devices while complying with legal requirements and maintaining permissible purposes.

How Do You Tell If A PI Is Following You?

To identify if a PI is following you, look for signs like unfamiliar vehicles parked nearby, people observing you from a distance, or the same person appearing in multiple locations. PIs may use vehicle tracking devices, so be vigilant if you suspect you’re being followed by a licensed private investigator.

How Do Private Investigators Catch Cheaters?

Private investigators use a combination of tools and techniques to catch cheaters, including conducting surveillance, using GPS tracking systems, and employing hidden cameras or GPS surveillance. They may also examine digital evidence, such as phone records or social media activity, to gather information on infidelity investigations. In every case, PIs must ensure they follow legal guidelines and respect privacy boundaries.

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