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One of the primary goals of Tracking System Direct has always been to stay as connected as possible to customers and potential customers in an effort to create the best experience possible for those who shop or visit Tracking System Direct. This is why Tracking System Direct customer service and sales representatives are available to answer questions seven (7) days a week, all emails are responded to within 12 hours and social media avenues such as Facebook are utilized to provide detailed information regarding products and special promotions. Tracking System Direct views itself as not only a global supplier of vehicle tracking and surveillance products, but also as an online resource for anyone looking to gather information about GPS satellite technology, security products, and general news events. Therefore, Tracking System Direct wants to take every step to increase the channels of communication among website visitors and customers, and this is why those who subscribe to the Tracking System Direct RSS feed will not only have instant access to the latest GPS monitoring news but also special deals and limited-time promotional offers on an assortment of unique spy gear!

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds allow businesses, blogs, and online publications to easily syndicate content through an automated process. This is a great benefit for readers who frequently particularly favored news sites, blogs or companies because it allows them to access articles and updates in an organized and timely fashion. Another cool feature about RSS feeds is that those who subscribe no longer have to manually comb through their preferred websites, and can instead have access to a summarized form of content from selected sites, blogs or online news organizations. Subscribing to an RSS feed is a simple process that can be done by clicking on the RSS feed icon, which will initiate the subscription process.

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Users who subscribe to the Tracking System Direct news feed will have instant access to any news articles, and will also have the same exclusive access to the best specials and promotions only available to Facebook fans and RSS news feed subscribers. “We have always offered the best wholesale pricing on our entire line of products that is accessible to any business, consumer or government agency, but we also want to reward those people who maintain a long-term relationship with us by offering exclusive discounts and specials”, explained a business GPS tracking expert for Tracking System Direct. “We do our very best to keep online content fresh and unique, discussing everything from politics, comedic news, feel-good stories to GPS trackers. As much as we want to be recognized as the most relevant site regarding GPS tracking system technology, we also feel confident our customers will view our relevant and unbiased news surrounding everything from sports to world news as equally solid.”