Talking While Driving

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Celllular Use While Driving

Cell Phones May Not Be The Distraction

cellular_phoneMost states have now created some legislation that outlaws the use of holding a cellular phone while driving. Of course, the laws state that a person can talk on their cellular phone, but that the phone must be used with a hands-free device to be legally operated inside a motor vehicle. If this sounds as stupid to you as it does to me then please raise your hand. Many laws drafted and passed make logical sense, and many others will leave a person scratching their hand. The laws pertaining to cellular phone use while driving fall into the second category. This is because many of the new studies¬†and research now conducted show that it is not the action of holding a cell phone that is distracting to the driver, but rather the conversation the driver is having! Wow…really?

Safety is an important concept when one individual’s actions can have a life-altering impact on others. Driving is statistically considered safe, but distracted driving, speeding and drinking and driving are statistically dangerous aspects of driving. This is why most civilized places have laws that prohibit drinking over .08% BAC while operating a vehicle, set limits on maximum as well as minimum speed limits and impose U.N.-type sanctions on people who make physical contact with their cellular devices while driving. Although this GPS fleet management specialist agrees with laws that regulate safe driving (although I do believe the penalties for such offenses has become ridiculous), laws that allow individuals to have conference calls from their vehicle or other distracting conversations are lame.

Which driver would you want sharing the roadways with you: A driver who is paying full attention to the road while holding a cell phone, or a driver using a hands-free device chatting it up with his girlfriend while he is trying to hurry home to have dinner with his wife?

Clearly, it seems like a solution is probably not going to be obtained in the short-term unless all cellular devices are banned from vehicles. That includes hands-free devices. However, it is impossible to legislate stupid, and those people talking on their phones will likely start reading while driving, putting their make-up on while driving or some other thing they should not be doing. This vehicle tracking expert completely believes in creating a world where safety is in focus, and that is why I support the use of teen driving safety GPS tracking system technology, as well as requiring people to be 18 before receiving their license. However, the cell phone law issue seems a bit absurd to me?


Are cell phone laws an effective way to eliminate distraction while driving?