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Top 5 Consumers Using The GPS Tracking Key

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GPS Tracking Key

The Top 5 Consumer Applications For The Most Popular Passive Tracking System

If you were to ask a technology insider or law enforcement investigator about GPS tracking products, surveillance or monitoring technology they would probably tell you about a tracker called the GPS Tracking Key. A small device used to record the travel history of a vehicle, the Tracking Key has proved it’s valued over and over again with law enforcement agencies, companies and consumers. With the GPS tracking industry continuing to grow to meet the demand of consumers across the globe, Tracking System Direct decided to compile a shortlist of the top 5 types of consumers using the GPS Tracking Key.

5. Outdoor Adventure Seekers

Camping, hiking or bike riding in the open air can be an invigorating and relaxing experience, but what if there was a way to record those unique and exciting travels? The GPS Tracking Key is the solution, providing an easy and simple way for adventurers to record everywhere the journey of life takes them, and since the GPS Tracking Key is a receiver, recording GPS coordinates that are then saved to the internal memory of the tracking system, the GPS tracker can work anywhere in the entire world! With the GPS Tracking Key people never have to explain to friends and family members where they went on their adventure, but can show them on highly detailed Google Earth maps.

4. Sales People Looking To Document Mileage

Tax time can be a giant headache for people working in the sales field needing to document mileage driven for the year as write-offs, but the entire process has never been easier with GPS Tracking Key. The motion-activated tracking system data will provide users with daily driving activity reports that make calculating mileage driven a piece of cake. With the GPS Tracking Key salespeople will never worry about tax time again…

3. People Suspecting A Partner May Be Cheating

Sadly, cheating is a part of most cultures, and although many people do their best not to give in to temptation during tough times, cheating is one of the main reasons the divorce rate now stands at over 50%. Where there is smoke there is usually fire, and the GPS Tracking Key can provide solid evidence that can help a person suspect infidelity learn the truth by providing information such as stops significant others made, addresses they arrived at, and more.

2. Small To Large Business Owners

Some consumers are their own boss or boss of others, making accountability a top priority. When a person owns a small business the margin for error is very slim since capital is usually hard to come by, therefore, when an employee is not doing their required workload it can have an impact on a companies’ bottom line. The GPS Tracking Key allows small business owners to monitor employees who may be working outside of the office to validate the job is getting done. The tracking system even comes equipped with an attached magnetic mount that makes for easy outside placement on a vehicle. The GPS Tracking Key can provide the solution to reducing internal wasteful spending by improving employee accountability and fleet management.

1. Parents With Teenage Drivers

Teens are bad drivers, and if you don’t agree with that statement simply take a cold hard look at the very real and very scary statistics surrounding teen driving. Parents who have teenagers beginning to drive surely have some form of anxiety knowing their more than likely immature teen will be in a two-ton vehicle driving at speeds over 50 miles per hour. Speeding can kill, but knowing if a teen driver is speeding can save a life. The GPS Tracking Key helps parents of teen drivers by supplying them with valuable information such as the speed a teen was driving, maximum speed(s) driven, time en route, and more. Parents not wanting their child to become a statistic can mold positive driving behaviors and apply consequences to negative behaviors by monitoring teen driving with the GPS Tracking Key.