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TSD Launches New Product Lines

securityOffering GPS tracking technology designed to provide consumers, businesses and police agencies a high-quality and cost-effective way to increase security and monitoring capabilities has always been the driving force behind TSD. Researching the latest vehicle management products manufactured from all across the globe, testing those devices through real-world conditions and providing those unique and sophisticated systems to the public has been the signature of what TSD does. Although the staff at TSD has vast experience in the telematics industry and the operation of GPS monitoring devices, many of the people who make up the fabric of TSD are retired police officers or government officials who have a background in surveillance and security devices. Looking to provide a greater range of security devices to help businesses improve operations, consumers increase home safety and police agencies conduct more extensive surveillance missions, TSD is proud to announce a new line of products that include home cameras, spy cameras, self-defense products, voice recorders, memory cards and more!

As part of the new 2011 security products launch, TSD has unveiled multiple hidden camera devices from pan-tilt baby monitoring units, covert camera systems woven into clothing to spy cameras engineered into everyday household items such as smoke detectors and flood lights. Adding to the new line of diverse camera systems is a line of security products that includes everything from powerful stun guns to voice recording technology. “Clearly, TSD has built a reputation on providing the most sophisticated and cost-effective GPS vehicle trackers the industry has to offer, but that does not mean we cannot expand our services to our clients and offer a wider range of high-quality and user-friendly security products”, stated TSD President of Operations Ryan Horban.

Anyone interested in learning more about the 75+ new products now carried by TSD as part of the 2011 product launch can find information on the company website or can call one of our GPS tracking and security professionals at the TSD corporate facilities. TSD is open 7 days a week to provide consumers and businesses the information and expertise to improve safety and security for your home or business.