Tracking System Experiment


GPS Tracking The Good Of Man

Tracking System Experiment Would Suggest People Are…?

Good_BadMany people have a differing view and perception of how the world works. Some people believe that the majority people are good and kind-hearted, willing to help out another human being in need of assistance. Others believe that most people are selfish and bad, waiting for the opportunity to take advantage or speak negatively of another. Although the perception and reality may be different in every culture their is no denying that the forces of good and evil surround us everyday. GPS tracking technology now allows us to measure and collect data relative to whether people in a particular area will choose to do the right or wrong thing.

GPS Tracking Opinion

Tracking System Direct is currently involved in an experiment where 20 men’s wallets holding $100, return addresses and a GPS tracking system will be left in highly trafficked areas in the Southern California region. Tracking System Direct believes that most people are generally good and at least 75% of the wallets will be returned to the addresses included in each wallet within 30 days.

What do you think that the GPS tracking systems will record?

Will the GPS tracking systems show the wallets going to any odd places?

How many of the wallets do you think will be returned safely?


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