Vehicle Tracking Company Emphasizes Customer Service


GPS Tracking Distributor Puts Customers First

Tracking System Direct President Talks Business

Staying afloat during the current economic crisis can be impossible for many businesses as consumers everywhere are being more cautious and guarded with their spending habits. However, a company that focuses on GPS tracking technology called Tracking System Direct is one company that has proven you can still be profitable in a recession while providing quality products and services.

Ryan Horban, Tracking System Direct President of Operations, was asked recently what makes his GPS vehicle tracker company successful with the global market for goods currently being on the downtick.

Horban explained: “We have always emphasized paying attention to the smallest of details while making every effort to exceed the customer’s needs and expectations. As cliche as it may sound, providing quality customer service really does mean everything to us, and that is why we have GPS tracking technology experts available 7 days a week to provide assistance to anyone with questions.”

“We here at Tracking System Direct pride ourselves on being available and accessible to the consumer on their time, not ours.”

“Our exclusive line of GPS trackers is purposely kept small with only the absolute best GPS systems the industry has to offer to make it on our e-commerce platform. Tracking System Direct only offers consumers tracking devices that have been put through a rigorous testing and evaluation process that takes weeks to complete. We do not let margin percentage dictate our business, but rather quality, and that is one of the reasons people choose us over the competition.”

“Another reason consumers find comfort and enjoyment shopping with us is that we offer both real-time tracking systems and GPS data loggers at cost-effective, wholesale prices while ensuring the best deals by providing a 110% price match. For businesses, we offer the most sophisticated real-time GPS technology in the SilverCloud tracking system, and for consumers interested in an affordable method for teen tracking or other GPS tracking application we offer the GPS Tracking Key and the SpaceHawk GPS. If a consumer has a need to monitor a vehicle we have a solution that can fit within their budget”.

By focusing on quality and customer service, Tracking System Direct shows that it is still the fundamentals that make a business successful.