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Wisconsin Highway Department Gas Theft

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GPS Tracker Offers Evidence In Gas Theft Case

State and government agencies routinely employ technologically advanced equipment to monitor assets, property, and other valuable materials. Unfortunately for a teenager in Plover, Wisconsin, he had to learn this the hard way.

David Kasongo was a 19-year-old Madison resident who was working as an intern with the Portage County Highway Department at one of their facilities located in Plover. The man would travel to the Highway Department complex approximately four times a week to perform several different odd jobs. However, Kasongo was also performing an illegal job as well: stealing fuel from his government employee. Roughly 120 gallons of gasoline to be exact!

The story begins when residents reported unusual activity near the Plover facility, resulting in a Highway Department investigation. Using security products such as hidden surveillance cameras on facility grounds to monitor movements and a GPS tracking system to track the department work vehicle operated by Kasongo, the Highway Department was able to conclude the teen was filling gas cans then hiding them in the nearby woods.

With the evidence provided from the hidden camera and GPS vehicle tracking system data, authorities charged Kasongo with multiple crimes including misconduct as a public employee and theft. Reports estimate that the total value of fuel stolen was roughly $420.

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Many businesses and state departments use GPS tracking system technology as a measure to enhance security while improving workplace efficiency. However, some workers have stated publicly that they feel the process of GPS tracking infringes on privacy rights and simply makes them feel uncomfortable. Although each business and each government or state agency must determine if GPS tracking is a solution that is best for them one thing is certain and that is that a GPS vehicle tracking system was critical in helping the Portage County Highway Department catch an individual committing crimes.