Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker (Best of 2021)

Top 5 Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Systems

The one thing everyone wants in a hidden GPS tracker is a device that can easily, quickly, and covertly be placed on a vehicle to secretly track a car without them knowing. Whether it is a parent interested in observing the behind-the-wheel driving habits of a teen driver, or a company looking to cut costs through improved fleet management, all real time GPS users demand a device that is small, portable, and that can quickly be attached to a vehicle. If you are researching hidden magnetic GPS car trackers, it is important to find a device with the following characteristics:

  1. Mini GPS Small In Size
  2. Waterproof Design
  3. Fast Location Tracking
  4. Powerful Magnet

The vehicle tracker with the above characteristics and rated as the best GPS tracker with magnet is the SpaceHawk 2.0. Redefining live GPS tracking technology while bringing a touch of simplicity to mobile tracking solutions, the SpaceHawk 2.0 is a real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees. If you are searching for a car locator with a powerful magnet, below are our top picks for the best magnet GPS trackers for 2021!

Top-Rated GPS Tracker With Magnet

1. LandAirSea GPS

Smallest GPS Tracker

6 Winning Features 

  • Free Android & iPhone Mobile App 
  • Live GPS Tracking With No Subscription Fees
  • 4G Personal GPS Tracker
  • Technical Support Available 24/7 
  • Ultra-Powerful Magnet
  • Portable GPS Tracker With Waterproof Housing 



Nearly undetectable, SpaceHawk 2.0 is a portable, rechargeable, real time GPS that makes it easy to secretly track any vehicle without anyone ever knowing! The magnet mounted car GPS tracker provides location updates as fast as every 3 seconds, making it the perfect device for busting a cheating spouse or teenager driving wildly. However, the feature that we love most with this 4G asset tracker is that it was engineered with no subscription fees for the first year of use! LandAirSea GPS is easily the best magnetic GPS tracking device on the market today!

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GPS Car Tracker

GPS Tracker With Most Powerful Magnet

2. Mini Tec GPS Combo

GPS tracker with magnet6 Winning Features 

  • Ultra Strength Magnet GPS
  • 24/7 Tech Support 
  • Choose Options For Monthly Data
  • SIM Card Included With 4G GPS Tracker
  • GPS Data Stored For Life

Anyone looking for a GPS vehicle tracker that will never fall off a car and that can also be used as a personal locater must check out the Mini Tec GPS combo. Featuring real time tracking updates as fast as every 3 seconds, the Mini Tec combo pack is an affordable waterproof GPS tracker magnetic box case. Once the mini real time 4G tracker is equipped under a car it can pick up GPS signals that bounce off the ground. This makes it easy to see where a driver is located, if they were speeding, and complete tracking history!

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Best Value Magnetic GPS Tracker Device

3. Driving Activity Reporter

Driving Activity Reporter6 Winning Features 

  • Weather Resistant Surface Magnetic Mount
  • Locator Tracks Every Second
  • Global Coverage
  • Mini Portable Design
  • One Month Battery Life
  • Simple Plug & Play Design



Approach a target vehicle, attach the Driving Activity Reporter to the outside of the vehicle, connecting the device via magnetic mount, and let the tracking begin! Using the hidden GPS tracker is literally that simple. This is because the engineers of the device understood that users want a car tracker small in size that can easily be connected to the outside of a vehicle without the hassle. One of the all-time best selling GPS data loggers over the last decade, Driving Activity Reporter is popular among private investigators, police agencies, and anyone who wants to track a vehicle without paying any monthly fees. However, it is important to note that this car tracking device is not a realtime GPS

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Real Time Car GPS With SOS Buttons

4. Everlast Spark Nano 7

spark nano

6 Winning Features 

  • BrickHouse Security Top Seller 
  • GPS Tracker 4G LTE
  • Speed Alerts + Geo-Fence Alerts
  • Cheap Pricing $29.95
  • Emergency Panic SOS Button
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



The Spark Nano 7 is a battery-powered mini GPS created by the counter-surveillance experts at BrickHouse Security. Widely recognized as one of the more affordable hidden GPS tracking devices for a car or vehicle, Spark Nano 7 has been a top seller on Amazon for over 4 years. Featuring a panic SOS button, free GPS tracking app for iPhone & Android, and an affordable price tag  ($29.95), it is no wonder why the Spark Nano 7 makes this list for best magnetic mini GPS tracker. However, if you want to place the Spark Nano 7 under a vehicle you will need to purchase the additional waterproof case (we also recommend the extended battery pack for 140 days of vehicle tracking). These accessories will bring the overall cost of the magnet GPS tracker to $149.00, but will also allow the mini GPS to provide 6 months of real time tracking!

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Amazon Best Selling Magnet GPS Tracker

5. Spy Tec GL300


6 Winning Features 

  • One Of The Best Sellers On Amazon For Car Electronics
  • Perfect For Teen Drivers & GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Pricing $29.95 (Waterproof Case $19.95)
  • Real Time  4G SIM Card Included
  • GPS Data Saved For 365 Days
  • Free Mobile Tracking Apps For iPhone & Android



If you are looking for a magnetic GPS tracking device that provides location updates every minute at a low cost then look no further than the Spy Tec GL300. One of the top-rated car GPS trackers on Amazon (alongside MOTOsafety), Spy Tec GL300 is a mini portable 4G car tracker that provides real time tracker for as low as $24.95 a month. However, it is worth noting, that the SpyTec GL300 has essentially the exact features of the Spark Nano 7 developed by BrickHouse Security. Except, the counter-surveillance specialists at BrickHouse Security have a higher rating when it comes to customer care and technical support assistance. The Spy Tec GL300 requires users to invest an additional waterproof case in order to safeguard the real time GPS from the elements, but overall the device has a good value. 

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Some other top magnet GPS trackers that barely missed our top 5 list but that we would recommend you do your own research on

  • Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker With Magnet Case
  • Live Trac PT-10
  • LandAirSea 54 4G GPS Tracker
  • IntelTrack Bolt 2x
  • iTrail Solo With Waterproof Case
  • GPS Tracking Key
  • Slap & Track Real Time GPS
  • LandAirSea SilverCloud 

Smallest GPS Tracker

Key Features Of Magnet Mounted GPS Devices

  • GPS captures location-based data and stores it for over a year.
  • The compact size of Mini GPS offers an element of covert placement.
  • Built with an exterior magnetic mount for easy outside placement on the target vehicle.
  • Multiple options for viewing recorded GPS data that include Google Earth satellite images.
  • Powerful magnet mount so car tracker never falls off the vehicle. 

Do Magnets Affect GPS Tracking Devices?

Mini GPS vehicle trackers are designed with highly sensitive internal antennas that make it easy to pick up low-level or weak GPS signals. Although concrete, metal, and yes even magnets can block GPS signals, today’s GPS vehicle trackers are engineered can pick up signals that reflect off the ground. That means the metal on the vehicle and mounted magnet will not interfere with GPS reception!


When doing research on what are the best GPS navigation systems on the market, consumers can find a wealth of information and reviews from popular gadgets and technology websites. However, when you do an online search to access impartial and unbiased information regarding the magnet-mounted best GPS trackers on the market, the results are nowhere near as detailed and abundant. Tracking System Direct understands firsthand that there is a significant portion of the market that includes businesses, private investigators, and police agencies that are all in need specifically of GPS vehicle tracking technology, looking for what would be considered “the best magnet GPS tracker on the market“. Nobody has spent more time researching, testing, and evaluating GPS monitoring devices than the Southern California surveillance company, and after countless hours tinkering with hardware, software, and of web-interfaces of the world’s most popular asset trackers, the fleet tracking experts believe that the best magnetic GPS tracker for cars is LandAirSea GPS.