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The one constant associated with users of vehicle tracking technology is the need for a device that offers both portability and easy covert placement. Whether it is a parental guardian interested in observing the behind-the-wheel driving habits of a teen (teen GPS tracker) or a company looking to cut costs through improved fleet management (GPS tracker for business), almost all users of GPS monitoring equipment require a device that is small in size that can quickly be attached to a vehicle without hassle. People researching GPS systems before investment typically seek out units with the following characteristics:

  1. Small In Size
  2. Internal Antenna
  3. Durable Housing
  4. Exterior Magnetic Mount
  5. Second-By-Second Recording

Although finding a reliable device with the above characteristics and qualities used to be a challenging task, the Driving Activity Reporter has redefined GPS data logger technology, bringing a touch of simplicity to the once sophisticated mobile tracking solutions on the market.

GPS Tracker With Magnet
Driving Activity Reporter Data Logger

Approach a target vehicle, attach the Driving Activity Reporter to the outside of the vehicle, connecting the device via magnetic mount, and let the tracking begin! Using the hidden GPS tracker is literally that simple. This is because the engineers of the device understood that users want a car tracker small in size that can easily be connected to the outside of a vehicle without the hassle.

“The Driving Activity Reporter really is a revolutionary tracking solution because it is one of the only GPS tracking systems that meets all of the quality characteristics associated with vehicle management technology systems”, explained Ryan Horban of Tracking System Direct. “It truly is a universal tracking solution with its water-resistant housing, sophisticated internal antenna that can pick up GPS signals that reflect off the ground, compact size, one-second continuous tracking and high-power exterior magnet. Of course, being more affordable than a real-time tracking unit and having no monthly service or usage fees also helps make the device popular among both businesses and consumers.”

When doing research on what is the best GPS navigation system on the market, consumers can find a wealth of information and reviews from popular gadgets and technology websites. However, when a person uses an online search to access impartial and unbiased information regarding the best GPS trackers on the market, the results are nowhere near as detailed and abundant. This is because many technology sites spend too much time focusing on the application of GPS in the form of apps for mobile communication devices, or the turn-by-turn navigation devices made popular by the Garmins and Magellans of the GPS world. Tracking System Direct understands firsthand that there is a significant portion of the market that includes businesses, consumers and police agencies that are all in need specifically of GPS vehicle tracking technology, looking for what would be considered “the best GPS tracker on the market“. Nobody has spent more time researching, testing and evaluating GPS monitoring devices than the Southern California surveillance company, and after countless hours tinkering with hardware, software and of web-interfaces of the world’s most popular GPS systems, the fleet tracking experts believe that the best magnetic GPS tracker for cars is the Driving Activity Reporter.

Vehicle GPS Tracker Features

  • Captures location-based data and stores it every single second.
  • Compact size offering an element of covert placement.
  • Built with an exterior magnetic mount for easy outside placement on the target vehicle.
  • Multiple options of viewing recorded GPS data that include Google Earth satellite image, Driving Activity Report & Animated Digital Street Map.
  • Extreme Power Efficiency (100+ hours of record time!)

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Best Magnetic GPS Tracker

The most surprising fact the Driving Activity Reporter is classified as one of the best magnetic GPS trackers on the market is the fact that the device is actually not a real-time tracking unit. Being a passive tracker means geolocational data cannot be accessed remotely or viewed via the mobile communication devices, requiring the user to instead retrieve the GPS unit and manually download satellite tracking data to their computer. Although not having remote access to GPS data may initially sound like a technical disadvantage to some users it actually results in more cost-effective hardware and continuous tracking data while eliminating the need for cellular tower communication and monthly service fees. This makes the Driving Activity Reporter an affordable and reliable monitoring solution for essentially anyone from parents interested in observing the driving activity of their teen motorists, or employers wanting to eliminate unnecessary/unauthorized driving trips of employees. A user can literally place two AA batteries into the tracker, place the device in the car and begin acquiring GPS data regarding motorist/driving activity with no hassles and no worries.

Magnetic GPS Tracker Near Me

“One of the most common questions online shoppers ask our sales representatives is what the best magnetic GPS tracker is”, explained a personal tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “Although every user application is different and unique in its own way, our specialists have found the Driving Activity Reporter to be the device most suited for many of the common consumer and business tracking needs. Obviously, some fleet managers and those looking for a theft recovery GPS should call upon live tracking technology, but for the larger part of the market pie, the Driving Activity Reporter easily one of the best solutions.”

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