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5 Best Ways Of Keeping Track of Your Teenager

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Where Is My Teenager Going?

Being a parent is more difficult today than ever before because teenagers have so many more technological tools that can help them be secretive. With television pushing unrealistic expectations of what a teenager should or should not be, mixed with an ample dose of peer pressure, it is no wonder why so many teens are struggling to confidently find their identity. Drugs, alcohol, and distracted driving habits are always a top concern for parents wanting to protect their teens, but learning whether a teen is engaged in risky behaviors is becoming increasingly difficult to gauge since many teens tend to keep their distance from parents. For the parents who want to do whatever is necessary to safeguard their teenagers from making potentially life-altering poor decisions, here is a list of the top 5 ways parents can keep track of their teens!

1. Simple Daily Discussion

Open communication is key to discovering what is going on in a teen’s life, but this option really only works best if parents are diligent about speaking with their teenager on a daily basis. When parents stop trying to act like dictators and instead speak to their teenagers with respect and concern, most teens respond accordingly. When parents speak with their teens every single day in a positive way, teens will often let down their privacy guard and be more open to their parents about potential problems at school or in their social life.

2. Communicate With Your Teens’ Friends & Their Parents

Some teens may closely guard their privacy and have no intention of sharing their personal life with mom and dad. Although this can present a challenge to parents trying to learn more about what is happening in their teen’s life is by no means the task is impossible. Often times teens will have an overly chatty friend who will reveal information if parents simply ask a few interesting or direct questions. If a parent is viewed as open and trustworthy, teens will put their guard down and often speak too much about situations and friends, giving concerned parents another avenue to find out what their teenager is up to!

Parents should also maintain a close relationship with the parents of their teen’s friends, as some teens will oftentimes be more open with adult figures who are not their parents because they feel they will not be judged for their decisions or choices.

3. Check Your Child’s Phone

Most teens now carry mobile communication devices, and on those devices is typically a wealth of personal information. If parents can gain access to the cell phone of their teenager they can review text messages, and possibly be able to log onto social media apps on the smartphone such as Facebook. If a parent does not have physical access to the phone of their teenager they could always review the billing history from the cellular provider which should offer some of the more common numbers dialed etc. The parent would then have to likely do more investigative work to find out what phone numbers belong to whom, and why certain numbers are dialed with more frequency.

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4. Use A Keystroke Logger To View Internet Activity

Teens may be able to keep secrets from their parents, but they often times like to share their exploits, thoughts, and feelings with their friends. One of the places that teens tend to post images and thoughts is on popular social media websites or apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Through the use of spy software or keystroke logger devices, parents can acquire everything a teen does online! Emails, social networking status updates, online chat conversations, and more are all accessible through the use of these computer surveillance devices.

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5. Vehicle Trackers For Teen Drivers

Whether a parent believes that their teen is driving too fast or simply going to places they should not be going, teen vehicle tracking technology can provide the answers. Teen GPS tracking devices allow parents to know how fast a teen is driving, every location they stopped at (including addresses), and how long the teen stayed at each location. This data can help parents discover if their teen is driving much too dangerously, or possibly involved in drugs/alcohol at local party spots. These teen GPS trackers are becoming a very popular tool for parents concerned with teenage driving activity.

OBD2 Tracker


What Is A Car Tracking Device For Teenagers?

Every parent worries about their children, and those feelings are often amplified when a child becomes a teen driver. When a teenager gets their driver’s license it opens up the doors to additional freedom and the ability to do more dumb stuff. And let’s be real for a few moments, teenagers are notorious for doing really dumb things. But when a teenager is doing dumb things behind the wheel of an automobile the ramifications can literally be deadly. The topic of teenage driving safety is such a serious one that many parents have now begun using car tracking units to monitor the activity of driving behaviors.

Car tracking is basically the process of placing a car GPS tracker on the vehicle operated by a teenager and then remotely accessing that tracking data to see everywhere a teen is driving and how fast they are operating a vehicle. Parents can view the addresses and teenager arrives or departs on top of the speeds they are traveling 24/7 all from the convenience of their mobile phones. The information from car tracking devices can literally give parents all the details needed for them to determine if their son or daughter is driving like a bonehead. The device can be connected in an open view or hidden from the teenage driver. 

Tough Conversations About Teen Driving

Teenagers learn about a lot of terrible things related to driving while in driver’s education courses but often this information goes in one ear and right out the other. Teens may look at the statistics associated with being a novice behind the wheel but they probably don’t understand how one mistake can have an impact over a lifetime. Parents need to explain the dangers in even greater detail but most importantly monitor driving behaviors to make certain a teen is not speeding, going to places they are not supposed to be going, and many other factors that can result in increased driving risk. The process for parents is relatively simple for parents using car tracking technology. All the concerned parents have to do is equip a live GPS monitoring system to the vehicle they want to track and then view from their iPhone or other smartphones how the teen is driving. With this information, parents can easily learn more about what their teen is actually doing while operating an automobile.

Safety is a very real concern for parents of teenagers and any assistance a parent can get to help them is greatly appreciated. GPS tracking systems might not be a good fit for every family but knowing satellite technology is always there if need be is a great comfort to any better wanting to observe the driving activity of a teenager and that is the most positive thing.