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How Can I Track My Son’s Car Without Him Knowing?

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How To Track My Son’s Car

If your son is a little on the rebellious side and you are concerned he might drive recklessly you are not alone. Parents with teenage sons should be cautious that their newly licensed teens are adhering to the rule of the road and not engaging in unsafe driving practices such as speeding. With it being Summer graduation time, our security experts have put together this article to give concerned parents the information and tools so they can safely (and secretly) observe their loved one’s driving habits. Now, let’s learn more about how you can track your son’s car without him knowing! 

Best Device To Spy On Teen Drivers

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Track Your Teen Drivers 24/7

  • SIM Card Included With Vehicle Tracker
  • Keep Kids Safe With Speed Alerts
  • Realtime Location Accessible With iOS & and Android
  • Teen GPS Mobile App Is Easy To Use
  • Track Driving Habits With Realtime Alerts
  • 4G Tracker Helps Reduce Car Crashes


3 Simple Steps To Tracking Your Son’s Vehicle 

The easiest way to be sure your teenager is making good decisions while driving is through the use of a GPS car tracker. This reason is that GPS tracking systems can give parents vehicle speed alerts, real-time location pings, unsafe driving alerts, and GPS data that is essential in helping parents create safe teen driving habits. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into just exactly how a GPS tracker can be used to secretly track your son’s car! 

  1. Purchase A Real-Time GPS Tracker: Whether it is a wireless mini GPS tracker or OBD2 GPS, the first step is to invest in a tracking system from a GPS manufacturer or spy store that has good reviews. Some of the best teen car tracker solutions currently on the market include SpaceHawk GPS, SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker, Vyncs Link Car GPS, and the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7. Although most of these devices will require a monthly subscription, most do not require any activation fees or termination fees for data plans. 
  2. Attach GPS To Teen’s Vehicle: Once you purchased a GPS vehicle tracker the next step is attaching the GPS car tracker to the vehicle your teen will be driving. Parents can hide the vehicle tracking system in the glove box, under one of the seats, in a speaker compartment, in the OBD port, or at any location where it won’t be visible to the teen driver. 
  3. Find Out The Truth: With the help of a GPS tracking phone app, you will be able to view the real-time location of any loved one’s automobile as well as everywhere they have been by simply accessing GPS data from the tracker on the car! 

Bad Driving Habits By Teen Drivers

The best way to make sure your teenage son is driving safely is through the use of a car GPS tracker. But are there other bad driving habits parents should be worried about? The answer is yes! Although speeding is widely viewed by experts as one of the worst driving habits a teenager can engage in, there are other habits that can also result in a fatal car accident. These bad driving habits among teens (and adults) include the following:

  • Not Wearing A SeatBelt
  • Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs & Alcohol
  • Using A Cell Phone While Driving 
  • Having Multiple Passengers In The Car
  • Failing To Stop At Traffic Lights & Signs
  • Playing Loud Music While Driving 

Teenager Gets First Speeding Ticket

Recently, the mother of a 17-year-old boy called one of our vehicle tracking experts and asked about how GPS tracking technology could help keep her teen safe. The woman explained that her son had passed the state written and behind-the-wheel driving tests flawlessly less than a year ago but received a traffic citation for speeding last week. Her son was clocked by a county sheriff speeding 67 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer could have given the teen a much more severe penalty for driving 20 mph over the posted speed limit but chose to give the kid a slight break. After the incident, the mother began to become very concerned about the driving patterns of her teen. She did not want her son to become a statistic and became determined to find a solution to improve his driving habits.

Upon hearing a news story about how GPS car trackers were helping improve teen driving safety, she realized she may have found the answer to her problem. Feeling the solution was only a mouse click away, the mother turned on her computer and began researching GPS tracking devices.

She was not interested in making a large investment into a GPS tracker where she had to make monthly payments because she was on a tight budget, therefore, real-time GPS devices such as the SilverCloud tracking system were not an option. However, after speaking with a vehicle tracking expert about her tracking needs she was told about passive monitoring devices. The expert explained that a passive tracking system would cost approximately $169 dollars and would require no monthly payments, but she would need to remove the tracking device when she wanted to look at the recorded information. The expert recommended the SpaceHawk GPS tracker.

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When the GPS system arrived she quickly placed it onto her son’s vehicle. What she discovered was that even after he received a speeding infraction he was still continuing to drive recklessly. She decided to then confront her son and tell him about the teen car tracker she put into his vehicle and inform him if he continued to speed she would no longer pay for his car insurance.

The mother and son spoke for an hour about GPS data loggers, teen driving, and trust. After the dust settled, the teen agreed he would no longer drive recklessly and would keep the GPS tracking system on his car so his mother could verify his story whenever she wanted. The mother also agreed she would continue paying for his son’s car insurance as long as he continued to practice safe teen driving behaviors.