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Recently, the mother of a 17-year old boy called one of our vehicle tracking experts and asked about how GPS tracking technology could help keep her teen safe. The woman explained that her son had passed the state written and behind-the-wheel driving tests flawlessly less than a year ago but received a traffic citation for speeding last week. Her son was clocked by a county sheriff speeding 67 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer could have given the teen a much more severe penalty for driving 20 mph over the posted speed limit but chose to give the kid a slight break. After the incident, the mother began to become very concerned about the driving patterns of her teen. She did not want her son to become a statistic and became determined to find a solution to improve his driving habits.

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Teenager First Speeding Ticket

Upon hearing a news story about how GPS car trackers were helping improve teen driving safety, she realized she may have found the answer to her problem. Feeling the solution was only a mouse click away, the mother turned on her computer and began researching GPS tracking devices.

She was not interested in making a large investment into a GPS tracker where she had to make monthly payments because she was on a tight budget, therefore, real-time GPS devices such as the SilverCloud tracking system were not an option. However, after speaking with a vehicle tracking expert about her tracking needs she was told about passive monitoring devices. The expert explained that a passive tracking system would cost approximately $169 dollars and would require no monthly payments, but she would need to remove the tracking device when she wanted to look at the recorded information. The expert recommended the Flashback GPS tracker.

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She purchased a GPS data logger known as the Flashback GPS.

When the GPS system arrived she quickly placed it onto her son’s vehicle. What she discovered was that even after he received a speeding infraction he was still continuing to drive recklessly. She decided to then confront her son and tell him about the teen car tracker she put into his vehicle and inform him if he continued to speed she would no longer pay for his car insurance.

The mother and son spoke for an hour about GPS data loggers, teen driving, and trust. After the dust settled, the teen agreed he would no longer drive recklessly and would keep the GPS tracking system on his car so his mother could verify his story whenever she wanted. The mother also agreed she would continue paying for his son’s car insurance as long as he continued to practice safe teen driving behaviors.