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GPS Gadget Has Cycle Enthusiasts Excited After CES

Every year in Las Vegas the International Consumer Electronics Show is held showcasing the latest gadgets and technological gizmos from companies across many different industries. Each year brings something different and 2015 was no exception with the unveiling of a bike pedal that utilizes real-time GPS tracking called Connected Cycle.

What Connected Cycle offers is a bike pedal engineered with a live GPS tracking device that cyclists can view remotely with the assistance of a mobile app on their smartphones. However, real-time access that provides anti-theft protection of a bicycle is far from the only feature this unique product brings to the table. This is because once the device is all synched up the Connected Cycle pedal will also register vast information related to the movement of the bike. This data includes things such as routes traveled, speed, the level of incline, the number of calories burned during a ride, and of course the last location the bicycle was parked.

“There has been a significant increase in technologies and mobile apps that cater to both the fitness and security markets”, explained a GPS expert for Tracking System Direct. “Connected Cycle is another of the products combining locational technologies and fitness to help improve the bike riding experience, and therefore we believe the device will have success in the marketplace”.

With the youth hipster trend of green transportation, more and more youngsters are investing in bicycles, especially in the Pacific Northwest. How the GPS pedal is helping this demographic is by alerting the bike owner the very second their bicycle is moved. The bike is then monitored via real-time GPS monitoring, making it easy for the bike owner to track down their property if it is ever stolen. This is a very valuable all feature considering roughly two million bicycles are reported stolen every year in the United States. And considering bike thieves can easily use bolt cutters and other tools to get around locks, having a device that uses satellite technology to provide additional safeguarding is very helpful in promoting security.

Connected Cycle GPS monitoring pedals can be installed upon a bike within two minutes, but require a unique key in order to be removed from the bike. The GPS pedal will come in multiple different color options as well. No price tag has been given for the product at this point in time.