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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) provides a variety of services at the national level that involves energy, fire, grazing, planning, recreation, conservation, and more. They focus on the soil, water, and wildlife that inhabit the vast areas of land that are set aside by Congressional law for the public to enjoy. The good people at the BLM have done and continue to do an amazing job preserving public lands and more, but with an overwhelming workload and diminished financial resources, the job has become increasingly more difficult for the government agency. In an era where fiscal responsibility and reducing the national deficit continue to be a top priority, the end result is often a major slashing of funding to an assortment of government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Interior‘s BLM. Although the mission for the Department of Interior has remained the same, to protect and secure the American great outdoors while powering the future, that mission could become a great deal easier thanks to the help of GPS tracking systems.

GPS tracking devices have built a reputation over the past decade as the ultimate technology to boost GPS fleet management while assisting in both GPS personal tracking and business. However, GPS tracking technology has expanded in its ability to improve efficiency by assisting not only consumers and businesses interested in vehicle tracking but also government agencies such as the BLM.

Bureau of Land Management GPS Tracking System

BLM Can Benefit From Car Tracking

There are two forms of GPS tracking technology that the market offers, and they are classified as “Real-Time” and “Passive”. Although both have their distinct advantages, the great thing is either form can offer government agencies such as the BLM a viable monitoring solution to improve operations.

The two best GPS data loggers that have built a solid foundation as reliable, durable monitoring solutions are the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS. These car tracking systems are both compact in size, record driving activity second-by-second, and are affordable (Neither requires a monthly service fee, activation fee and are more cost-effective than live trackers). Therefore, the BLM could utilize these systems for a variety of applications from covert surveillance, monitoring potential poachers or arsonists, to helping gather data in conservation studies of wildlife.

Live tracking systems are the most commonly discussed form of GPS tracking, but not all real-time systems are created equal. The real-time GPS tracker that most law enforcement and government agencies depend on is a device called the SilverCloud GPS. Live trackers such as the SilverCloud offer the BLM the ability to conduct operations in a much more efficient way from enhancing vehicle management, auto-theft prevention, wildlife studies, and more. Fleet managers can use the real-time GPS data for a number of unique applications specific to BLM activities, as well as monitor all BLM agents working in the field.

The BLM continues to exist to serve the public, and Tracking System Direct would like to thank everyone for working at the Bureau of Land Management for their commitment to such a noble and worthy cause. For more information on the best police GPS tracking devices please give us a call for a free quote.

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