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GPS Tracking Company Introduces Car Camera

driveproof-cameraTracking System Direct brings state-of-the-art car camera and GPS tracker to assist businesses and consumers.

Tracking System Direct, a global leader in GPS locational technologies, is proud to announce the debut of car camera and GPS device designed to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses looking to enhance automotive security.

“We are always searching for automotive security products that not only offer a significant level of value for a business or everyday consumer, but also provide a user-friendly experience at a cost-effective rate”, stated Tracking System Direct President Ryan Horban. “DriveProof Car Cameras are truly unique automotive security solutions that will pioneer a change in how families and companies conduct vehicle oversight.”

DriveProof Car Cameras

DriveProof Car Camera systems provide the latest in both video surveillance and GPS data logging technologies. When equipped to the windshield of a vehicle, DriveProof Car Camera systems can record visual and audio data both inside the cab of the automobile as well as the outside. However, what makes this model of car camera unique from other solutions on the market is that DriveProof Car Camera systems also record locational data using GPS tracking. Therefore, a driver, parent or business owner can determine where a person, teen driver or employee was located, how fast they were going, mileage driven and more all by downloading the GPS tracking data stored on any DriveProof Car Camera system. This type of locational and video technology can be extremely valuable if person needs to have evidence corroborating a story in a motor vehicle accident, business wants to reduce potential liabilities or if a parent simply wants to enhance teen driving safety.

About Tracking System Direct

Tracking System Direct is an online retail store that focuses on bringing both real-time and passive GPS tracking devices to police agencies, families and businesses all across the globe. With a reliable line of sophisticated personal and vehicle tracking solutions, Tracking System Direct is the #1 online resource for those seeking to enhance automotive security and family safety.