GPS Tracker For Construction Equipment

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GPS Tracker For Construction Equipment

SecureSite GPS – Best GPS Tracking Device For Construction Equipment Theft Prevention

#1 Rated GPS For Construction Industry

GPS Tracker For Construction Equipment

  • Quickly Recover Your Equipment and Assets
  • No Subscription Fee For The First Year
  • 3-Year Battery Life
  • Durable Wireless & Waterproof Design

SecureSite GPS is the first wireless real-time GPS tracker engineered specifically for construction and heavy equipment protection. As a business owner, you know safeguarding your assets is vital. SecureSite GPS provides that solution by offering you a state-of-the-art tracking solution with 3-year battery lifethe longest on the market! So if you want the best construction equipment GPS tracking solution to secure your tractors, excavators, or backhoes, now is the time to learn more about SecureSite GPS

SecureSite GPS is the perfect blend of GPS technology and asset tracking system, offering precise location data for your assets in the field. What makes this tracking system perfect for monitoring equipment and assets are the features. These include 3-year battery life, compact size, rugged waterproof design, and real time alerts. In fact, this top-rated equipment tracker can notify you via email or text message the very second any of your assets and equipment are moved from the job site. The reliable asset tracking solution gives you the power to easily manage all your assets 24/7!

SecureSite GPS is a powerful tool for equipment management and theft prevention in the construction industry. With real-time tracking capabilities for your heavy equipment andnonpowered assets like trailers, you can reduce losses and downtime. That way, you can keep your job sites running without interruption.

Asset Tracking For Construction Equipment In 4 Easy Steps!

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Real-Life Success Stories: Combating Construction Equipment Theft With GPS Tracking Solutions

Case Study 2: Recovering Stolen Assets With GPS Technology

A family-owned construction company based in San Bernadino, California experienced theft firsthand in 2019. What happened? They had multiple pieces of equipment, including a skid steer and a mini excavator, stolen from their rental yard during a 3-day weekend. The thieves, two men with a history of drug abuse, took advantage of the lack of security on the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The business owner was pissed about this and was gonna make damn sure it never happened again. After seeking advice from fleet advisors, the company decided to invest in a GPS fleet tracking system. The GPS asset tracking devices were installed on all their fleet vehicles and construction equipment. When theft hit their job site again 9 months later, all of the stolen equipment was recovered, and the tweakers were arrested.

Case Study 3: Ensuring Asset Security In Scottsdale, AZ

In 2018, a commercial construction firm in Scottsdale, Arizona faced equipment theft issues that hampered their operations. A group of thieves, posing as workers, managed to steal a backhoe loader and a generator. To prevent this problem from happening in the future, the company invested in GPS tracking systems for all its construction equipment. With the help of GPS asset trackers, they monitored their assets around the clock. Although they haven’t experienced theft since that incident, the GPS technology helped the firm optimize its operations, improving its overall efficiency and reducing unnecessary expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Heavy Equipment Tracking Significantly Improve Construction Site Security?

Yes, heavy equipment tracking greatly enhances construction site security. By implementing GPS tracking devices, construction businesses can monitor equipment location in real-time and receive alerts for any unauthorized movement or geofence breaches. This added security helps deter theft, increase productivity, and protect valuable assets.

Can A GPS Tracker Help Optimize Equipment Maintenance Schedules?

Absolutely! GPS trackers for construction equipment not only track location but can also provide diagnostic trouble code alerts and monitor engine hours. This information allows fleet managers to create preventative maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and extending the life of assets and heavy equipment.

How Does GPS Tracking Technology Improve Asset Utilization On The Job Site?

GPS tracking technology empowers construction companies to improve asset utilization by providing real-time location data, engine hours, and idle time for each piece of equipment. This valuable information enables the efficient allocation of resources, leading to increased productivity and reduced fuel costs.

Can Asset Tracking Software Be Easily Integrated With Mobile Phones For Convenient Field Service Management?

Yes, many asset tracking software solutions offer mobile phone integration, making it easy for field service management teams to monitor equipment and manage construction fleets remotely. With mobile access, you can quickly locate equipment, dispatch crews, and respond to code alerts, increasing overall efficiency.

Are Geofence Alerts A Useful Feature For Construction Equipment Tracking?

Definitely! Geofence alerts are an essential feature for construction equipment tracking, as they notify fleet managers when a construction asset enters or leaves a predefined area. This helps ensure equipment stays within authorized job sites, improves security and allows for better management of resources.

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