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Car Dealership GPS Tracker

Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device

What Every Car Dealership Needs To Know About GPS Tracking 2023

Buy here pay here car dealerships often work with their customers as much as possible to get them into a new or used vehicle. Although the business sentiment is admirable, many of these auto dealerships, and more specifically pay here dealers, take on a significant amount of risk when extending car loans to subprime auto loan applications. Especially, given auto finance businesses have much more risk to mitigate than traditional finance companies. In order to mitigate this risk, many buy here pay here car dealerships are now equipping financed vehicles with asset trackers designed to offer vehicle recovery if a client is delinquent on a loan. But what exactly is a car dealer GPS tracker and what are the best tracking units for used car dealerships? Let’s take a closer look at GPS car tracking devices designed to reduce delinquencies, offer easy repo if a client defaults on a loan, and the overall benefits GPS fleet tracking provides pay here dealers looking to modernize their car dealerships!

The First GPS Tracker Designed For Car Dealers!

GPS Asset Tracker

  • Best GPS Tracker For Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
  • Three-Year Battery Life
  • Wireless GPS With No Subscription Fees

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GPS TrackersWireless Car Dealership GPS Tracker

Asset Tracking Fleet GPS For Auto Dealers

Currently, the most popular solution among buy here pay here car dealerships, wireless GPS tracking devices make it easy for any car dealer to quickly attach and monitor a vehicle that might need to be repossessed in the future. The great thing about wireless car GPS tracker solutions is they allow the car dealership in multiple areas to hide the repo tool, depending on the make and model of each automobile. Another key selling point with this type of GPS locator is that a professional is not needed for the GPS installation! Other benefits include backup batteries that can last between 3-5 years and simple one-step activation where service plans do not start until auto dealers sell the vehicle! How simple is it to turn on a wireless GPS fleet management tracker? Simply, remove a sticker and round magnet to initiate real time reporting on vehicle location!

Used car dealers looking for a wireless GPS tracker can anticipate spending between $159-$189 for quantities between 1-49. Dealerships seeking to invest in over 100 car dealer GPS trackers can pay less than $159 per device and receive up to 3 years of data service.

GPS Tracking Solutions For Car Dealers 

Wireless Car Dealership GPS Tracking Device Top 10 Features

  1. 3-5 Year Service Plan Options
  2. Free & Easy iPhone + Android App
  3. Street Map View + Satellite Aerial View
  4. Car Dealer Time Starts At Install
  5. Environmentally Sealed Against Dust, Water & High-Pressure Spray
  6. Works Anywhere In The United States
  7. Multiple Users
  8. Street Map View + Satellite Aerial View
  9. No Installation Required
  10. Quickly Repo Vehicle In Default

Excavator GPS Tracking

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Hard-Wired GPS Tracker For Car Dealers

For years, the only way a used car dealership could repo a vehicle was through the use of a hard-wired GPS vehicle tracker. The reason these were the preferred car dealership GPS trackers was that they eliminated the worry a tracking device would run out of battery life. Today, this is still the way that the majority of used car dealerships track vehicles that were financed in-house. Although wired trackers do require a professional installer to equip the car dealer GPS tracker to a financed vehicle, the benefit is the lender never has to worry if the subprime loan applicant can’t pay! This makes it easy to locate and repossess the automobile. 

Used car dealers interested in hard-wired GPS trackers can anticipate spending between $109-$119 for quantities between 1-49. Dealerships seeking to invest in over 100 car dealership vehicle trackers can pay less than $90 per device and 3 years of service. 

Top 10 Wired Car Dealership GPS Tracking Device Features

  1. Maintenance Alerts
  2. Impound Lot Alerts
  3. 3-Year Service Plan Available
  4. Free & Easy iPhone + Android App
  5. Low Battery Life Alerts
  6. Easy Device Installation (2 Wires)
  7. Car Dealer Time Starts At Install
  8. Extremely Low Battery Draw
  9. Extended Battery Pack Backup (4–6 Hours) with LOSS of MAIN 12VDC
  10. Coverage Includes Entire United States 24/7/365

Best GPS Trackers For Car Dealers

Each buy here pay here car lot will have its own specific needs when it comes to a vehicle tracking system that can assist with potential repossession. That is why the best advice is to speak with someone who specializes in working with GPS trackers for car dealers and go over the different options available. 

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