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Car Dealership GPS Tracker

Best GPS Tracking Device For Car Dealers

What Every Car Dealership Needs To Know About GPS Tracking 2023

Buy here pay here car dealerships often work with their customers as much as possible to get them into a new or used vehicle. Although the business sentiment is admirable, many of these auto dealerships, and more specifically pay here dealers, take on a significant amount of risk when extending car loans to subprime auto loan applications. Especially, given auto finance businesses have much more risk to mitigate than traditional finance companies. In order to mitigate this risk, many buy here pay here car dealershipsare now equipping financed vehicles with asset trackers designed to offer vehicle recovery if a client is delinquent on a loan. But what exactly is a car dealership GPS tracker and what are the best tracking units for used car dealerships? Now, let’s discover how GPS tracking devices minimize delinquencies, simplify repossession, and modernize dealerships for buy here pay here dealers!

The First GPS Tracker Designed For Car Dealers!

GPS Asset Tracker

  • Best GPS Tracker For Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
  • Three-Year Battery Life
  • Wireless GPS With No Subscription Fees


Experience unparalleled peace of mind with the BHPH GPS system, designed exclusively for car dealers like you. Built to last, BHPH GPS is environmentally sealed, guarding against dust, water, and high-pressure spray. And with a 3-year battery life, you will always have access to your vehicle inventory if you ever need to perform a repossession.

Invite multiple users to access your BHPH GPS system, making teamwork seamless and efficient. Choose BHPH GPS for the ultimate car dealer experience, and discover why it’s the best tracking solution on the market today. Empower your dealership with BHPH GPS – the key to unlocking security, convenience, and growth!

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Wireless Car Dealership GPS Trackers – Why They Are Best

Asset Tracking Fleet GPS For Auto Dealers

Wireless GPS tracking devices have become the go-to choice among buy here pay here car dealerships, and for good reason. They offer a hassle-free method for attaching and monitoring vehicles that might require repossession in the future. One standout advantage of wireless car GPS trackers is their ability to be concealed in various locations, depending on each automobile’s make and model, providing added security.

Moreover, no professional installation is needed for this type of GPS locator, making it even more convenient for dealers. In addition to this, these trackers come equipped with backup batteries that can last between 3-5 years and a straightforward one-step activation process. The service plans only commence when auto dealers sell the vehicle. To activate a wireless GPS fleet management tracker, you simply remove a sticker and round magnet, enabling real-time vehicle location reporting.

When it comes to costs, used car dealers looking for a wireless GPS tracker can anticipate spending between $159-$189 for quantities ranging from 1-49 units. For dealerships investing in over 100 car dealer GPS trackers, the price per device may drop below $159, and they can receive up to 3 years of data service. By opting for wireless GPS trackers, you can elevate your dealership’s efficiency and bring your asset management into the modern era.

Case Study: Efficient and Safe Repossession in Atlanta

In November 2022, Dave Miller, the owner of Peachtree Motors, a used car dealership in Atlanta, Georgia, found himself in a difficult situation. A customer, who had purchased a car three months earlier, had failed to make any payments since then. Despite multiple attempts to contact the customer and negotiate a solution, Dave was left with no other option but to repossess the vehicle.

Fortunately, Peachtree Motors had installed dealership tracking devices on all their vehicles. The tracking system provided Dave with real-time location data of the delinquent vehicle, which was parked in a residential area of Atlanta. With the precise location in hand, Dave enlisted the help of a local repossession company, ensuring that the process was carried out professionally and safely.

The repossession team approached the vehicle, verified its identification, and efficiently secured the car without causing any disturbance or confrontation with the delinquent customer. The GPS tracking system not only allowed for a swift and safe repossession but also saved the dealership valuable time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on a lengthy and potentially hazardous search.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of GPS auto tracking devices in facilitating efficient and safe vehicle repossessions for car dealers. By utilizing these systems, dealers can protect their assets and minimize the risks associated with delinquent payments and vehicle recovery.

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Top 10 HardWired Car Dealership GPS Tracking Device Features

  1. Maintenance Alerts
  2. Impound Lot Alerts
  3. 3-Year Service Plan Available
  4. Free & Easy iPhone + Android App
  5. Low Battery Life Alerts
  6. Easy Device Installation (2 Wires)
  7. Car Dealer Time Starts At Install
  8. Extremely Low Battery Draw
  9. Extended Battery Pack Backup (4–6 Hours) with LOSS of MAIN 12VDC
  10. Coverage Includes The Entire United States 24/7/365

Best GPS Trackers For Car Dealers

Each buy here pay here car lot will have its own specific needs when it comes to a vehicle tracking system that can assist with potential repossession. That is why the best advice is to speak with someone who specializes in working with GPS trackers for car dealers and go over the different options available.

Car Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dealership GPS Tracking Devices Legal For Car Dealers To Use?

Yes, real time tracking solutions are legal for car dealers to use. However, laws governing GPS technologies vary by state, so it’s essential to research your local regulations before implementing a tracking solution. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and other state-specific laws regulate the use of tracking devices for cars, ensuring privacy protection and compliance.

How Can GPS Auto Tracking Improve Fleet Management At My Car Dealership?

GPS tracking devices offer a comprehensive solution for fleet management. Let us explain in more detail. By providing real-time vehicle location data, asset tracking, and lot management, dealers can optimize inventory turnover and make informed decisions regarding vehicle placement. Moreover, connected car technologies and customizable systems enable franchise dealers and BHPH dealerships to streamline operations and enhance customer communication.

Can GPS Tracking Devices Improve Customer Relations For Dealers And Finance Companies?

Definitely! GPS tracking devices can facilitate better communication between dealers, finance companies, and customers. For instance, customers with a history of late payments may be more likely to remain current on their loans, knowing their vehicle is equipped with a GPS car tracking device. Additionally, teen tracking features can provide peace of mind for parents purchasing cars for young drivers.

Do I Need A Separate GPS Tracker For Each Vehicle At My Dealership?

Yes, each vehicle at your dealership will require its own GPS tracker for optimal asset tracking and management. Fortunately, many GPS devices are easy to install and offer scalable solutions for any dealership size. Whether you’re a small BHPH dealer or a large franchise dealer, investing in car dealership tracking systems for your inventory will provide invaluable benefits for theft recovery, fleet management, and customer relations.

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