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employeesWith the global economy looking more and more uncertain, many businesses are doing everything possible to cut internal waste. One of the first things these businesses do to cut waste and increase profit is through the creation of vehicle management plans. Through a process of close observation, companies can eliminate workers from doing side jobs, end unauthorized trips or joyrides and increase efficiency through better route management. Not to mention, catch employees who are moonlighting or running personal errands while on the company clock. Although the benefits of implementing a vehicle management plan are clear, many businesses have difficulty finding the best GPS tracking systems for their business. After careful research and discussion, here is our pick for the top two GPS trackers for businesses.

SilverCloud GPS Tracking Device

When most businesses begin the investigation process into vehicle management technology they are typically looking for units that can transmit driving activity live. Obviously, being able to access the exact location of employees working out in the field via computer can be hugely advantageous, but the technology does come with a slightly higher cost than passive technology. This is because all live tracking systems require a monthly service obligation. However, the monthly cost can easily be justified because most companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, if not millions, through the increased productivity and accountability that comes with the technology. The return on investment is clear, and anyone interested in seeing how much money they could save by using a live tracking system can learn more by visiting our online ROI Calculator.

Some cool features of the SilverCloud GPS tracking device:

Unlimited updates, updates every 10 seconds, hard-wire capabilities and versatility through portability.

GPS Data Logger

Businesses looking for a device that is cost-effective, can provide mileage documentation, track every second of driving activity and offer sophisticated text reporting can find everything they need in the GPS Tracking Key. A tracker that is popular among police and government agencies, what really makes this GPS data logger so special is its ability to operate in the filed longer than any other tracker in the world! Another great thing about the GPS Tracking Key is that the system requires no monthly service payments since the unit doe snot transmit data over cellular networks.

Some cool features of the GPS Tracking Key:

  • 100 hours of record time
  • Magnetic mount for covert placement
  • No monthly service dues
  • Portable size
  • Affordable in cost.