GPS Tracking For Seniors

Best GPS Car Tracker For Elderly 

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  • Make Sure A Senior Is Driving Safely
  • Get Text Alerts If Senior Is Lost
  • Automobile Speed Alerts If Senior Driver Is Speeding 
  • Email/Text Alerts Can Be Sent To 100+ Contacts

Real Time GPS Tracker for Elderly

The best GPS car tracker for elderly, the SpaceHawk is the perfect solution for any families worried a senior loved one could be wandering off while behind the wheel, or simply demonstrating unsafe driving practices. What this hidden GPS tracking device offers is a simple way for any concerned person to be certain senior safe driving is taking place. Place this affordable GPS tracker on a senior driver’s car and then monitor speed, travel routes, and more. There is no better elderly care safety product on the market when it comes to senior safe driving than this mini GPS tracker!

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

The GPS tracking technology that search and rescue teams, police, and firefighters utilize every day to assist people in need is now available to help families and the elderly suffering from memory-related problems. GPS tracking systems, already having a proven track record of saving lives and assisting families in need, are now designed specifically for monitoring a parent or family member who may be suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or another form of memory-related problem. If you have a parent or family member who shows a consistent pattern of forgetful behavior or may struggle to live an independent life, an elderly GPS tracker will make your life easier and less stressful. The reason is that elderly tracking systems can provide safety alerts while also offering real time tracking data if an elderly person is:

  • Wandering off or lost in a familiar or unfamiliar location.
  • Safe inside or around their home.
  • Making scheduled doctor visits.

Personal tracking devices for elderly seniors can provide certainty, safety, and security that can make the difficult road of memory loss a little easier and less stressful for everyone involved.

What Are The Best GPS System For Elderly

When it comes to senior safety the best GPS system for elderly drivers is a car tracking device that provides real-time locational information. This is because when a senior driver begins driving lost the consequences can literally be life-threatening. Every day there are news stories about elderly motorists becoming lost in areas that the senior driver should be familiar with. Some of these news stories only result in some short-term fear for the senior motorist’s loved one followed quickly by the news that the elderly driver is safe. Sadly, there are also situations where the senior driver becomes lost, finds themselves in a precarious situation, and the end result is death. This is why it is so important to locate a lost senior driver quickly, and why the best GPS tracker for seniors is a real time GPS

GPS For Elderly Drivers

When it comes to the different car GPS tracking devices for senior drivers there are a few different options for consumers to choose from. Probably the simplest live GPS tracking device for elderly motorists is a tracking system that plugs right into the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBDii) of the senior’s car. The reason this option is the best is that the car tracking system does not require any professional installation, can pull power from the vehicle so family members do not have to worry about battery life, and of course, the GPS tracker will provide real time updates on driving activity. This will make it easy for concerned family members to determine if an elderly driver is making poor decisions while operating a motor vehicle. Another popular GPS for elderly drivers is a portable real time GPS tracking solution.

The advantage of portable car trackers is that they can be equipped onto a senior driver’s automobile with the elderly person knowing the tracking device is on their vehicle. This can be very helpful for seniors potentially battling Alzheimer’s or Dementia who might be strongly opposed to having a GPS tracking system on their vehicle. The best part is that the portable tracking devices can easily be hidden on a senior’s car because these types of systems can be placed in a glove box, under a seat, or even underneath the automobile! For family members concerned a hostile elderly driver might pull a GPS car tracking device out of the OBDii port or search for a portable elderly GPS tracking system somewhere else on the vehicle, the only other option is a hard-wired vehicle GPS tracker. A hard-wired solution such as the SilverCloud GPS tracker can easily be installed by a local stereo installation business. Once connected to the 12-volt system of the elderly person’s vehicle and mounted inside the dashboard, concerned family members can simply go online and track the senior driver 24/7. The benefit of this type of real time tracking device is that it allows family members never to worry about the battery life of the GPS tracker, or an elderly driver locating the live GPS systems. The family members only need to go online from their smartphones or computers to see where an elderly driver is going!

GPS Tracking System For Seniors

Find A Senior, Confirm Locations, Program Safe-Zones

With a GPS elderly tracking device, you will have the ability to watch Grandma or Grandpa’s mobility, verify they are staying in a particular area such as a home or nursing facility, and all of that information can be accessed anytime because elderly tracking systems can function and operate on a continuous basis. Another beneficial feature that elderly GPS tracking systems have is the ability to set virtual boundaries, or what is known as a “Geo-fence”. When an elderly person enters or exits the virtual boundary set by family members an alert will be sent, informing family members that the GPS system has left the predetermined “safe” area. People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease frequently wander away or become lost, placing themselves and others in sometimes potentially dangerous situations. The situation can be even more frightening if the elderly person becomes lost in a foreign area or large city. GPS elderly tracking systems allow families to feel rest assured knowing that they will always be in touch with a family member or parent suffering from memory-related problems. Regardless if the GPS system application is for additional security or health-related situations, the technology provides relief and comfort to those worried about a parent or family member. Never again will stress and anxiety cultivates from a parent not answering a phone call, or if a doctor’s appointment is missed. Having the ability to receive alerts if a loved one enters or leaves a virtual-fenced area, and always having their location accessible by computer is how elderly GPS tracking systems are helping improve lives.

Senior GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Bracelet For Elderly

Personal Tracking Devices For Seniors

People concerned a senior might be wandering should definitely consider investing in a real time GPS car tracker, but for families more worried about an elderly loved one getting lost while walking instead of driving the best safety option would be a GPS bracelet for adults. GPS tracking bracelets for seniors have the following benefits:

  1. Live GPS Updates On Senior Citizen Location
  2. Panic Button Safety Feature 
  3. Two-Way Voice Communication 
  4. Waterproof Housing 
  5.  Rechargeable Internal Battery That Can Last Over 24 Hours 
  6. Tamper-Resistant Locking Mechanism 


Once the senior has agreed to wear the elderly GPS tracking bracelet the personal safety of that person increases instantly. The senior wears the GPS bracelet while continuing about their daily lives, while the elderly tracking system provides live GPS tracking updates for concerned family members. The family will be able to see in real time where a senior is, be alerted by email/text message if they wander away from home or the senior community, and even be able to speak directly to that senior using a two-way voice communication in an emergency situation. For example, if a senior begins to wander, family members can be alerted by text message or email when that elderly person walks outside a pre-set safe zone. The family can then call a number that will allow them to speak directly to that wandering senior through the senior GPS bracelet. The lost senior does not need to answer anything or push any buttons as the two-way voice communication option is activated automatically! From there, the family members can access live GPS tracking to quickly locate the elderly person and speak to them if they are incoherent, scared, or confused. The GPS tracking bracelet for adults can literally save lives!

Where Can I Buy GPS Tracking Device For Elderly

The best place to purchase a GPS tracking device for elderly people is through a reputable GPS tracking dealer who has experience with products that focus on live GPS tracking technology and personal safety. This way the company can explain the benefits and drawbacks of elderly GPS trackers because there definitely are some shortcomings of elderly GPS tracking devices. Some of these things include reduced battery life (senior GPS devices often only track 24-48 hours), a senior not wanting to wear the elderly tracking device (senior tries to remove the tracker from wrist), or if a tracker is water-resistant, NOT waterproof. A water-resistant senior GPS tracker would mean that an elderly person would have to avoid showering or swimming with the GPS tracking bracelet on. This is critical information consumers should be aware of and why they should ask the right questions before purchasing a GPS device for elderly persons. These GPS tracking experts can be found at online stores more than traditional electronics stores.

GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s GPS Locator

According to the statistics, the percentage of people with Alzheimer’s Disease across the globe is approximately 45 million with nearly 6 million of those people living in the United States. The symptoms of this degenerative disease include things such as memory loss that disrupts daily life, confusion with time/life events, and a general decline in cognitive patterns. Seniors battling memory-related declines can often forget where they live, and where they are going, or simply become lost. This is why Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can have dangerous consequences, making it critical for families worried about their senior loved ones to research GPS bracelets for Alzheimer’s patients.

Whether it is GPS tracking bracelets or GPS tracking watches for Alzheimer’s patients, a personal GPS tracking solution can literally save an elderly person’s life. What’s even better is that Alzheimer’s personal locators have been designed to be lightweight, user-friendly, and dare we say a little stylish! In fact, Alzheimer’s GPS tracking watches now come in a variety of different colors and styles, making the technology more popular among seniors with Dementia.

What Are The Very First Signs of Alzheimer’s

5 Signs of Alzheimer’s

  • Problems reading, interpreting, and labeling colors and contrast, or estimating distance/ depth perception.
  • Difficulty with concepts of time and place, understanding what year it is or where they are at.
  • Difficulty understanding, planning, or solving simple problems.
  • Repeating the same story over and over again.
  • Consistently misplacing or losing things.


For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease or other memory-loss illnesses please visit the Alzheimer’s Association or Family Doctor online.

When Should Seniors Stop Driving

One of the toughest questions many families have to deal with is when is the right time to take the keys away from a senior loved one who might be showing signs of memory loss? Determining when a senior might be a danger to themselves or others on the roadway is a challenging task, especially if concerned family members do not live near the elderly loved one. The reason analyzing senior safe driving practices is challenging is that many of the cognitive issues related to aging are not concrete. One minute a senior can seem sharp as a tack, recalling memories with perfect accuracy from 10 years ago or 10 minutes ago. Other times they could forget where they live or how to get home. The situation can not only be very hit or miss but also extremely dangerous. So when is the right time to take the car keys away from a senior?

For family members who care for a senior loved one at home on a daily basis figuring out when the right time to take away or restrict driving privileges can be a little easier to determine. When a family member is around an aging senior every day they can learn their daily habits. With this knowledge, they will know if a senior is wandering, misplacing things, or generally losing their mental skills. Unfortunately, most kids move out of their parent’s homes in their teens or early 20s so for the majority of people knowing how well a senior is driving or not isn’t easy. This is where live GPS auto tracking can be a valuable tool.

Live GPS Tracker For Seniors

GPS tracking is the process of putting a vehicle monitoring device on an automobile with the intention of tracking that car remotely. The application is commonly found in the business world but has grown in popularity among those seeking a solution to observe senior driving behavior. Tracking a senior is pretty much a 3 step process:

  1. Install Elderly GPS Tracker To Car Senior Drives Via OBDII Port
  2. Go Online To See Where Senior Is Driving
  3. Determine If Senior Is Driving Safe & Not Getting Lost

Live GPS car trackers for seniors will not only offer families the ability to view where a senior is driving in real-time but also provide historical driving records. Even better, the live GPS tracker can be set to alert family members via text message if a senior driver leaves a safe zone like say the city limits or if they are driving at high rates of speed. By observing the driving activity of an elderly person a family, regardless if they live in the same city or state, can better determine if a senior is a danger while on the roadways. The tracker can literally provide data that can be life-saving.

Unfortunately, driving tests are not perfect, and can’t tell with certainty if a senior is really a threat while on the roads. That means concerned family members shouldn’t place all their trust in the Department of Motor Vehicles to be the judge and jury of when a senior should hang up their keys for good. Constant observation of driving behavior is truly the most effective method when it comes to figuring out if a senior needs to stop driving.