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GPS Boat Tracking

5 Best GPS Boat Tracking Devices For Securing Your Watercraft

Did you know a boat is stolen every 40 minutes in the United States? It’s a startling statistic that can turn your dream of owning a boat into a nightmare. Are you worried about becoming part of this statistic and looking into ways to secure your watercraft? GPS boat tracking could be the solution you’re searching for. These advanced technology devices play a crucial role in safeguarding your boat from theft and potential mishaps. In this article, we’ll steer you through the top five GPS boat tracking systems, explain their key features, and provide a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right tracker for your needs.

GPS Boat Tracking

8 Key Features To Consider When Choosing Your GPS Boat Tracker

When it comes to selecting the ideal GPS boat tracker, what exactly should you be looking for? It’s not just about finding a device that simply does the job, but choosing one that does it with exceptional precision, reliability, and convenience. Let’s delve into the key features, each offering its essential value. Remember, the right GPS tracker can be the difference between smooth sailing and a stormy voyage in your boat security endeavors.

  1. Real-time tracking. Instantaneous updates on your boat’s location are essential. This feature allows for immediate action if unexpected movements occur.
  2. Geo-fence capability. Imagine creating an invisible barrier around your boat. With a geofence, if your boat strays, you’re promptly alerted.
  3. Weather-resistant. Marine conditions can be harsh. Ensuring your GPS device can endure bad weather and resist saltwater is critical.
  4. Mobile device compatibility. Receiving location updates on your mobile device equates to constant vigilance, regardless of where you are.
  5. Backup battery. A dependable backup battery provides an extra layer of security, ensuring service continuity even when the main power source fails.
  6. Worldwide coverage. No matter how far your boat travels, a GPS tracker with worldwide coverage means you’re never out of reach.
  7. Smart alerting system. Smart alerts, like speed alerts, can be invaluable, providing timely notifications of unusual boat activity.
  8. Fleet tracking capability. For those managing a boat fleet, a tracker that provides a holistic overview of your fleet’s locations is a must-have.

Each of these features adds another layer of security, ensuring your boat or fleet is tracked efficiently and effectively. With the right GPS tracking device, you don’t just monitor your boat’s location, but also ward off potential thieves, guaranteeing smooth seas ahead for your cherished vessel.

Garmin InReach Mini – Best Portable GPS Tracker For Boating

Best Portable GPS Tracker For Boating

Garmin InReach Mini 

  • Global SOS: Trigger instant help anywhere on Earth (subscription required).

  • 2-Way Texting: Stay connected & reassured without cell service.

  • Track & Share: Let loved ones follow your adventure in real-time.


Best Price: $299 On

The Garmin InReach Mini works by connecting to a global satellite network, allowing you to track your boat’s location from anywhere in the world. This device sends and receives location data, providing continuous tracking updates. It’s particularly helpful for maintaining safety and awareness while navigating remote or open waters. Additionally, the InReach Mini enables two-way messaging and SOS capabilities, ensuring help is accessible in case of emergencies according to real user experiences posted in Reddit. This makes it an invaluable tool for boaters seeking peace of mind and reliable communication, far from cellular networks.

Product Highlights

  • Real-time tracking. The Garmin InReach Mini provides accurate location tracking in real-time, so you’re never in the dark about your boat’s whereabouts.
  • Two-way communication. It utilizes the 100% global Iridium network, allowing you to send and receive messages regardless of your location.
  • Interactive SOS. Trigger an interactive SOS for a quick response from the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring system, ensuring immediate help when you need it.
  • Complementary Garmin Earthmate app. Access downloadable maps, U.S. NOAA charts, color aerial imagery, and more to better track your marine equipment.
  • Weather forecast service. Optional inReach weather forecast service offers detailed updates about the weather, straight to your InReach Mini.
  • Display size: 0.9 x 0.9 inch
  • Display resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Power: Battery-powered GPS tracker

In comparison to other GPS trackers for boating, the Garmin InReach Mini offers a comprehensive approach to boat security. It goes beyond mere location information delivery and enables two-way communication, something not all competitors offer. Furthermore, its ability to trigger an SOS brings added safety, making it well worth the investment.

The price tag might be higher than some alternatives, but for the marine protection you get, the Garmin InReach Mini is undoubtedly a wise investment. Its feature-packed functionality, compact size, and durability make it a standout choice in the realm of GPS tracking devices. In other words, you’re not just buying a GPS tracker, you’re investing in the security of your boat.





  • 2-Way Messaging

  • SOS 24/7 Monitoring

  • Downloadable Maps & Charts

  • Weather Forecast Service

  • Compatible with Garmin Devices

  • Global Iridium Network

  • 0.9" Display Size

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Satellite Subscription Required

  • 128 x 128 Pixels Resolution

As of 4/02/2024 

4.6 Stars | 30,02 Ratings



  • Compact, rugged design ideal for marine use.

  • SOS feature with 24/7 search and rescue monitoring.

  • Weather forecast service available for detailed updates.

  • Clear display with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry or mount.

  • Requires a separate satellite subscription for full functionality.

  • Weather forecast service requires additional subscription.

  • May require additional Garmin devices for optimal use.

  • Small screen size limits the amount of information displayed.

Check out a video review of Garmin InReach Mini Battery Powered GPS by Justin Outdoors

Yeah Buddy

Positive Review Review Date -June 1, 2023

If the cellular network goes down, I want to know if my daughter is safe. We have never used our Minis for a real emergency, but I carry mine wherever I go, and I advance fund mine and hers for 6 months. By itself, the Mini is awkward to use for drafting messages. But the mobile app makes it a piece of cake. I like the small Mini, though, and recommend no changes in its design.

Retired Engineer

Negative Review - Review Date -July 21, 2023

I had to return the Garmin Inreach Mini I purchased. The device would not turn on and was not able to be charged. The display was just blank. I called Amazon Technical Support and was told to just return it for a full refund. I then opted to purchase the SPOT X.

Spot Trace – Best Satellite Tracking Device For Boat And Marine Assets

Best  Satellite Tracking Device For Boat ANd Marine Assets

Spot Trace

  • Track it ALL: Vehicles, luggage, loved ones, even cargo.

  • Know Exactly Where: Get GPS coordinates in real-time.

  • Don't Panic, Locate: Find lost items or verify safety.


Best Price: $129 On

The Spot Trace Satellite Tracking Device is another awesome handheld tool designed for safeguarding your marine assets. Highlighted in a review on, this boat GPS tracker stands out for its ability to provide real-time updates and send alerts if your boat begins to move unexpectedly. With the Spot Trace, you can monitor your boat’s location effectively, even when it’s moored in secluded areas or navigating remote waters. This device provides detailed location tracking, alerting you immediately if your boat moves unexpectedly—such as being shifted by strong currents or tampered with. For example, if your boat begins to drift away from its anchored spot, the Spot Trace sends you a real-time alert, allowing you to take swift action. These features ensure that you are always informed about your boat’s status, which is great if you want to keep your vessel secure.

Product Highlights:

  • Satellite Tracking. Spot Trace uses advanced satellite technology to track anything, from boats and jet skis to moving trucks and even loved ones.
  • Customizable Alert System. Preprogram the device to send status messages at waypoints, keeping you informed about your boat’s location.
  • Asset Protection. With this boat GPS tracker, lost luggage or misplaced equipment is a worry of the past.
  • GPS Accuracy. Using Globalstar Satellite and SPOT products, the device provides precise location information and allows users to transmit GPS coordinates to others.
  • Power: 4 AAA lithium 8X batteries, L92
  • Connectivity: Includes a 5V USB power cable
  • Subscription: Required (two service plans available)

When it comes to positioning, the Spot Trace Satellite Tracking Device is a clear standout. Its ability to leverage both satellite technology and GPS ensures accurate location tracking even in bad weather, outperforming many similarly priced alternatives. Plus, its alerting system is customizable, enabling a tailored approach to your watercraft security.

Unlike other GPS trackers, Spot Trace offers versatility in tracking a variety of assets, making it more than just a boat GPS. So while its price point may be higher, the added benefits of fleet management, equipment tracking, and peace of mind, make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you have a boat fleet or a single jet ski, Spot Trace is your key to security and tranquility on the waters.





  • Satellite Tracking

  • Lost Luggage Finder

  • Global GPS Communication

  • Easy Setup

  • Adventure Ready

  • Globalstar Satellite Network

  • Subscription Required

  • Includes 4 AAA Batteries

  • 5V USB Power Cable

  • Two Service Plans

As of 4/02/2024 

4.1 Stars | 633 Ratings



  • Satellite technology for global tracking capabilities.

  • Ideal for tracking boats, vehicles, and luggage.

  • Notifies designated contacts with precise GPS coordinates.

  • Two different service plans available to suit needs.

  • Uses Globalstar satellites for accurate location determination.

  • Limited to sending status messages at waypoints.

  • Not a real-time tracking solution; periodic updates.

  • Relies on satellite connectivity, which may vary.

  • Hardware purchase necessary before selecting a service plan.

  • Limited battery life; dependent on usage and tracking frequency.

Watch a Full Review Of Spot Trace Monitoring System On YouTube

Larry Tman

Positive Review Review Date -February 27, 2022

I’d like this product because it allows me to notify my family when I’m taking off and when I land. It also allows me to notify rescue teams if I land at off airport.


Negative Review - Review Date -October 2, 2023

I am very unhappy with this device. It promised a 240-hour battery life. Mine was half dead after 24 hours. I died completely after 3 days and 72 hours. I purchased their unlimited plan, but only after 11 messages was the ability to send texts deactivated. I couldn't trust this device to work in my cabin, and I would never trust this device with my life in the backcountry. I am returning it and going to spend the extra money on InReach. (I tried to find an area on the company website to state my issues but couldn't find one; that is why I'm doing it here.).

Spytec GPS GL501: High-Endurance GPS Tracker for Marine and Other Assets

HIgh-Endurance GPS Tracker for Marine and Other Assets

Spytec GPS GL501

  • 18 Months on One Charge: No more dead tracker worries (Extreme Power Saving).

  • Weatherproof & Tough: Built for harsh conditions, dust and water won't stop it.

  • Track Anything: Monitor equipment, RVs, boats, even treasures in storage.


Best Price: $29 On

If you’re looking for a reliable method to track your boat’s location, the Spytec GPS GL501 might be what you need. As detailed in Tom’s Guide, this GPS tracker is known for its sturdy yet lightweight design, weighing only 2.11 ounces. It features a mini USB port for charging and a SIM card slot that requires a mini-Phillips head screwdriver for access, which is included with the device.

The GL501 offers precise location tracking capabilities. Although there is no standalone Spytec app, users can access location data through a mobile-friendly website or a more detailed desktop site, both of which integrate seamlessly with Google Maps. The device’s location accuracy is excellent, comparable to other leading trackers in the market, and it can pinpoint locations to within a few yards, even indoors.

Product Highlights:

  • Long-Lasting Battery. The device’s key highlight is its resilient battery, ensuring you’re always in the know about your boat’s location.
  • Rugged and Reliable. With its IP67 rating, the tracker is built for tough conditions, offering protection against adverse weather and dust.
  • Smart Alerts. The device sends location alerts, movement alerts, and even tamper detection alerts, thanks to its front and rear light sensors.
  • Flexible Reporting Modes. Optimize the update frequency of your tracker to fit your needs, maximizing battery life or obtaining faster reporting.
  • Update Frequency Options. The Spytec GPS GL501 offers versatile options, including an Extreme Power Saving mode with updates once every 24 hours, to Performance mode with updates every minute when moving.
  • Worldwide Coverage. This powered gps tracker ensures you’re covered wherever you sail, just remember to update the Network Mode in the app before leaving the country.

For boat monitoring, the GL501’s ability to send movement alerts to your email or phone adds an extra layer of security, keeping you updated on your vessel’s movements over the last 24 hours. Despite lacking a waterproof casing as a standard feature, a suitable case is available for purchase separately, making it adaptable for marine environments. This review from Tom’s Guide underscores the GL501 as a functional and precise tool for anyone needing consistent, reliable tracking of their maritime assets.





  • Theft Detection Alerts

  • 18-Month Battery Life

  • Historical Tracking

  • Custom Update Frequencies

  • Requires Subscription

  • IP67 Weatherproof

  • Wireless Charging

  • Subscription from $12.95/month

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • Light Sensors for Tamper Alerts

As of 4/02/2024

3.7 Stars | 60 Ratings



  • Ideal for tracking boats, RVs, and other valuables.

  • IP67 rating ensures durability in harsh weather.

  • Long battery life: 18 months in Extreme Power Saving mode.

  • Subscription includes free 24/7 support and lifetime warranty.

  • Worldwide coverage, adaptable for international use.

  • Requires subscription: $17.95/month annually or $24.95/month.

  • Network mode update required for international tracking.

  • Monthly costs can add up over time.

  • Tamper detection relies on light sensors' accuracy.

  • Device activation and plan selection required before use.


Positive Review Review Date -January 22, 2023

I love the Spytec trackers; this will be my third one from Spytec. Their platform is so easy to understand and to migrate through. Subscription plans are fairly priced, very well packaged, and come with extras.

Adela Overbey 

Negative Review - Review Date -August 12, 2023

With a location GPS product, you need to be confident it will keep working. When it won’t hold a charge, there are big problems.
Very disappointed

Trak-4 12 Volt – Best GPS Boat Tracking Device For Durability

Best GPS Boat Tracking Device For Durability

Trak-4 12 Volt 

  • Power Anywhere: Connects to any 12-volt system for continuous charging.

  • Always in Touch: Real-time location updates every hour (or faster, with options).

  • Get Alerted: Email & text notifications for geofences and more.

Best Price: $22.80 On
Secure your watercraft and gain peace of mind with the Trak-4 12V GPS Tracker. Perfect for preventing theft, this tracker offers exceptional real time GPS location updates. You’ll be able to monitor your boat, jet ski, or other assets wherever they are.

Why choose the Trak-4 over a lower-priced alternative? The quality, versatility, and robustness of its features set it apart. With the Trak-4, you aren’t just buying a tracker, you’re investing in a complete asset protection solution.

Product Highlights:

  • Real-time tracking. Get instant updates on your boat’s location, providing an essential layer of security.
  • Subscription flexibility. Choose the plan that fits your needs: prepaid annual at $6.99/month or monthly at $12.99/month.
  • Alerts system. Receive immediate email and text notifications if your boat leaves a predetermined area (geofence).
    Easy setup. You’re only minutes away from tracking once you’ve signed in.
  • Battery life. Up to 2000 GPS reports, even when your asset is unpowered.
  • Ping rates. Adjustable in-motion rates from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  • Connectivity. Comes with a SIM card, ensuring you’re always connected.
  • In-house customer support. Have all your queries answered by actual factory experts.
  • Compatibility. Ideal for tracking boats, jet skis, or any asset with a 12-volt power system.

This real time GPS tracking device goes beyond just showing your boat’s location. It offers an advanced monitoring system, allowing you to keep a close eye on your marine assets. Plus, its low battery warning ensures you’re never caught off guard. The Trak-4 12V GPS Tracker isn’t just a product; it’s your reliable partner in asset security. Invest in peace of mind and keep your boat where it belongs – in your possession.





  • Continuous Trickle Charge

  • Flexible Subscription Plans

  • Real-Time Alerts

  • Easy Setup

  • Wide Application Range

  • 12-Volt Compatibility

  • $6.99/month (Annual Plan)

  • Unlimited Cell Data

  • No Contract or Fees

  • Email & Text Alerts

As of 4/02/2024

4.2 Stars | 1,163 Ratings



  • Connects to 12-volt systems for continuous charge.

  • Low subscription fees: $6.99/month annually.

  • Flexible update options: hourly, 10-min, or 1-min pings.

  • Versatile: suitable for trailers, boats, RVs, and vehicles.

  • Receives email and text alerts, includes geofencing.

  • Subscription required for functionality.

  • Limited to assets with a 12-volt power system.

  • Higher monthly fee without annual prepayment: $12.99/month.

  • Requires continuous 12-volt power source for optimal use.

  • Hourly pings might not be frequent enough for some needs.

Watch A Real User Experience of The Trak-4 Realtime GPS Review Via YouTube

Trey Daugherty

Positive Review Review Date -June 4, 2023

The GPS signal is accurate. Get notifications when Trak4 has left-designed geofence zones. I had issues with the GPS signal trak4 going to cell triangulation, but this was due to the trak4 location on the equipment. I moved to a better location and have not lost my GPS signal since. The product was easy to install, and battery life has been great so far. The monthly plan is reasonably priced. I will be buying more for other equipment. I wish Trak4 had an app to better manage tablets and phones.


Negative Review - Review Date -November 28, 2023

I purchased 3 of these units for 2 trailers and a skid steer loader. None of them have worked so far! I have had these installed for 9 months, and they haven't tracked anything except my payment subscription. I have moved these around, trying to get better reception, but they have failed to pick up any signal. I don't want to mount these on top of a dump trailer. The idea behind trackers is to make them inconspicuous. One signal I did receive shows the tracker is about a half mile away. I have OBD trackers on my work vehicles that are extremely accurate, update frequently, and cost less per month than these worthless bricks. These units don't even offer an app, so I log in every time to check to see if they are working, and they never have. Don't waste your money on these.

Tracki – Best GPS Boat Tracking Device Under $20 With Worldwide Coverage

Best GPS Boat Tracking Device Under $20 with Worlwide Coverage


  • Longest Reach: Unlimited distance, global coverage with 4G + 3G backup.

  • Tiniest Tracki: Compact & lightweight for easy carry on anything.

  • Smart Alerts: SOS, geofence, speed, low battery - you're always in the know.

Best Price: $18.88 On
Imagine it’s a perfect day on the water, but that tranquility shatters when you realize your prized jet ski is missing. It’s your worst fear as a boat owner. But with the Tracki boat GPS tracking system, sleepless nights are a thing of the past. This advanced, powerful GPS tracker keeps your watercraft secure, providing you with a comforting sense of control and security.

Tracki GPS sets itself apart by offering unlimited distance real-time tracking, covering all of the USA and worldwide. No matter where your watercraft ends up, Tracki will have you covered. Plus, Tracki’s 4G LTE + 3G + 2G combined service works with any network, new or old, for the best possible coverage.

Product Highlights:

  • Real-Time Tracking. Stay updated every 1-5 minutes.
  • Low Battery Alert. Get notifications before it’s too late.
  • Geo-Fence Zone Alerts. Know instantly when your asset crosses a predefined zone.
  • Durable and Compact. At 1.75×1.5×0.55in and 1.26oz, it’s both small and lightweight.
  • Flexible. Track vehicles, tools, assets, and valuables, not just boats and jet skis.
  • Connectivity. Revolutionary 4G LTE + 3G + 2G coverage.
  • Battery Life. Up to 5 days of real-time tracking, 30-75 days on battery save mode.
  • Customer Support. Live, 7 days a week phone advisors.

Tracki GPS offers more than just a way to track your boat, it offers peace of mind. With its innovative technology and comprehensive coverage, it makes your boat’s security seamless and effortless. And did we mention you can use the Tracki realtime GPS for other applications? Yes, Tracki asset trackers can provide realtime locations on any of your valuables such as trailers, vehicles, or equipment tracking needs!





  • Unlimited distance tracking

  • 4G LTE + 3 Bands

  • Smallest & lightest

  • Up to 5-years history

  • Live customer support 24/7

  • Size: 1.8x1.6x0.7in

  • Weight: 1.26 oz

  • Battery Life: 2-5 days, 60 days saver

  • Subscription: From $9.95/month

  • Warranty: Lifetime

As of 4/02/2024 

4.1 Stars | 45,111 Ratings



  • Real-time tracking with 4G LTE and 3 Bands.

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy concealment.

  • Long battery life: 2-5 days, extendable up to 10 months.

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and web browsers.

  • Lifetime warranty covers lost or damaged devices.

  • Subscription required: $19.95/month, or $9.95/month for long-term.

  • Requires AT&T or T-Mobile coverage in the USA.

  • Frequent charging needed for high-frequency updates.

  • GPS accuracy may vary based on satellite connectivity.

  • Limited to areas with cellular coverage for real-time tracking.


Positive Review Review Date -January 14, 2024

I love that I didn’t have to purchase the highest plan, and it still tracks real time. This device has worked exactly as I need it to, and the app is very easy to use. When I accidentally left it in a rental car, I went to cancel my subscription until I could purchase a new one, and Jane replaced it at no cost. Great customer service


Negative Review - Review Date -November 22, 2023

It's really bad quality; it goes for days without updating the location, and it doesn't work internationally. The battery doesn't last even close to what is estimated.

Check Out Real Customer Experiences On Tracki GPS Via Google Review

Best GPS Boat Tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

Is boat tracking and watercraft security a serious concern?

Yes, boat theft is a significant issue in the US. For example, a boat or jet ski is stolen every 40 minutes. This statistic underscores the urgent need for effective security measures like GPS trackers for boating.

Is real-time tracking important in a GPS boat tracker?

Yes, real-time tracking is vital. It ensures you have instant access to your boat or marine equipment’s current location. This feature becomes especially important if your boat is moved without your knowledge.

Are boat GPS tracking systems effective for managing multiple vessels?

Yes, GPS tracking systems are not only effective for individual boats but also essential for fleet management. They provide real-time tracking and asset tracking of all your vessels, ensuring efficient fleet monitoring.

Can a GPS tracker prevent my boat or jet ski from being stolen?

While a GPS tracker might not physically prevent theft, its presence can act as a significant deterrent. Thieves are less likely to target watercraft with GPS tracking due to the high risk of being caught.

Can I track my watercraft worldwide with a GPS tracker?

Yes, you can. Advanced marine GPS trackers provide worldwide coverage, allowing you to monitor your boats, jet skis, or fleet from anywhere in the world. This way, your watercraft’s security remains uncompromised, no matter how far it sails.

GPS Boat Tracking Disclaimer

At Tracking System Direct, we’re committed to guiding you to the best GPS solutions for your boat. We want to clarify that the real time GPS trackers we’ve highlighted aren’t ranked, but instead curated based on Amazon reviews to provide you with a list of some of the best asset trackers out there for boats.

Our security experts have carefully examined each product, analyzing key features, customer feedback, and overall performance. Basically, we’ve done our homework so you can feel confident in your choices.

It’s essential to note that our selections aren’t influenced by outside sources. We’ve not received any compensation from the companies whose products we feature. Our top priority is providing valuable, unbiased information to empower your decisions.

Remember, every boater’s needs are unique. Use these recommendations as a starting point and invest time in finding the right solution for your specific requirements. Stay safe and enjoy smooth sailing with peace of mind.

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