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GPS Tracker For Mac

GPS Tracker For Macbook Pro

Have you ever wanted to track a vehicle from your iPhone, Macbook Pro, or other Apple device? If so, there is good news for anyone using iOS devices in a new GPS vehicle tracker called Everlast. Let’s take a closer look at this tracking solution and learn how it utilizes user-friendly mac software to be the ultimate tracking system!


Best Free GPS Tracker For iOS 

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  • Best Tracking Solution For Secretly Monitoring A Car
  • Track Any Asset From Your iOS Android Devices
  • Access The Live Location Of Your Devices & Vehicles


Tracking devices allow you to monitor any asset from your iPhone, Macbook Pro, or other iOS devices. Simply place the GPS device on any vehicle and then utilize Mac apps or mobile apps to view GPS data superimposed over Google Earth. This makes it easy to keep a senior driver safe (elderly GPS tracker), manage company vehicles (truck GPS tracker), or repo a vehicle that is in default (car dealership). GPS tracks any of your assets and allows you to edit waypoints to determine where any driver goes 24/7! There is no better way to have peace-of-mind, especially if you need a live GPS to find out the truth about where a person is really going. The best part? Is the GPS software is 100% free! 

3 Steps How To Track Vehicles From Your Macbook

So you want to track a car from your Macbook Pro using a vehicle tracking system? The good news is this is actually very easy to do with the intuitive, user friendly vehicle tracking solutions on the market today. Let’s take the Everlast personal tracking device mentioned earlier. 

  1. First, place the GPS tracking device inside or under the car you want to secretly record. 
  2. Second, access the online GPS data from your Macbook Pro 
  3. Lastly, track statistics, data, and location remotely from your Macbook Pro to get the truth

GPS tracking solutions are 100% legal to buy but you should be aware that using any vehicle fleet tracking devices in an unlawful fashion is a Class A misdemeanor in many states. Therefore, do your own research on vehicle fleet management devices before using one to secretly track a car from your Macbook Pro! 

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