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GPS Tracker For Mac Computers

New Car GPS Tracker Works With Apple Products!

One of the most popular vehicle monitoring solutions over the past decade has been a product known as the Tracking Key. Featured on popular television shows such as The Today Show, Fox News, Breaking Bad and more, Tracking Key made its niche by providing families and small businesses with an affordable car tracking solution that could record data every second without any service costs per month. As time progressed, GPS engineers continued to push the evolution of data logger technology, but the Tracking Key continued to hold its place in the market as the top-selling passive tracker. Although the car tracker system continued to smash sales numbers every year the device did have one very unfortunate drawback: it was not compatible with Apple computers. Fast forward to today and the Tracking Key has been re-released with a new online-based platform that not only makes the car tracker compatible with both PCs and Macs, but the new online software gives users a more user-friendly approach to tracking vehicles.

Popular Features Of New Tracking Key

  1. Longer Battery Life: 10+ Days of GPS Vehicle Tracking
  2. PC & Mac Compatibility
  3. User-Friendly Online Web-Based Flashback Software ( Google Maps)
  4. Cloud-Based Storage Option  (Additional Cost Applied)
  5. GPS Accuracy Within 6 Feet
  6. GPS Tracking Every Second
  7. Document Complete Car/Asset Movement History (Vehicle Speed, Addresses + More)
  8. Surface Magnet Mount

How New GPS Tracking Key Works

What makes this vehicle monitoring system popular among everyday consumers and the tech-heads is how simple the tracking device is to use and operate. All a person/business needs to do is connect the vehicle tracker on the car or truck they wish to monitor. Once that individual wants to review the stored tracking data all they need to do is simply retrieve the GPS unit and download the data via USB download. The GPS tracking data can then be observed using online software where users then have the option to store data on personal computers (Mac or PC) or in the Cloud using LandAirSea’s newest Flashback Online Software.

The newest version of the GPS Tracking Key has a retail cost of $169.00 and is backed with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as free technical assistance available 24/7 for the life of the GPS device.