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Skid Steer GPS Tracking

Best Skid Steer GPS Tracker For Construction Security

Are you a construction company grappling with equipment theft? Well, you need to discover how skid steer GPS trackers can be your solution. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best skid steer GPS trackers tailored for construction security. You’ll learn about the alarming rate of construction site thefts and how these trackers can mitigate risk. We’ll compare hard-wired and wireless systems, revealing their unique advantages. Plus, we’ll highlight 10 key features to look for in a real time GPS tracker. If you want to make certain your project timelines stay accurate and your construction equipment is safe, we got you covered!

Did you know there were over 11,000 construction site burglaries in 2021, targeting everything from heavy machinery to lumber and copper wires?

Best Live GPS Tracker For Skid Steer Management

GPS Asset Tracker


  • Waterproof Design With Magnet Mount
  • Get Alerts To Your Cell Phone When A Skid Steer Moves
  • Know Where Your Equipment Is 24/7
  • Mini Real Time GPS Tracker Can Be Hidden Anywhere On Equipment 

Are you looking for a reliable and effective real time GPS to protect your valuable equipment and assets in the construction industry? If so, this cutting-edge GPS asset tracker is the perfect solution for you! With anti-theft GPS technology, you can now track your heavy equipment, trucks, and other assets in real-time. What does that mean? Basically, you can use GPS to track any piece of equipment 24/7! 

Did you know many live GPS trackers are designed specifically for the construction industry? Yup! In fact, you can use real-time GPS trackers to track equipment and assets, manage your fleet, and monitor engine runtime. With an internal battery that lasts up to 3 years, this live GPS tracker can protect your assets from theft, recover stolen equipment, and ensure that your construction business runs smoothly. How great does that sound? Whether you need to track skid steers, stump grinders, or any other piece of equipment, GPS equipment tracking is what you need!

GPS Tracker For Skid Steer
Skid Steer GPS Tracking

Hard-Wired vs. Wireless – The Best GPS Tracker For Construction Theft Prevention

In the construction industry, asset protection is a top priority. With heavy machinery like excavators, bobcats, and skid steer loaders, the stakes are high for theft and damage. To combat these issues, GPS tracking systems have become increasingly popular. There are two types of GPS trackers for construction equipment: hardwired and wireless. Both offer benefits and drawbacks, but which one is better? In this section, we will compare and contrast the benefits of hardwired vs wireless GPS asset trackers in the construction industry. Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of wireless GPS trackers in the table below:



  • No Wired Connection Needed

  • Battery-Powered

  • Suitable For Multiple Assets

  • Easily Hidden On Vehicles

  • Have To Frequently Charge The Battery

  • Lack Features Like Kill Switch

  • Can Be Tampered With

Benefits of Wireless GPS Asset Trackers For Skid Steers

Wireless GPS asset trackers have a distinct advantage over hardwired systems in terms of ease of installation. These trackers do not require a wired connection to the equipment, which saves time and resources. In addition, wireless trackers are more flexible in terms of placement. This means they can be easily moved from one asset to another, making them ideal for tracking multiple pieces of equipment.

Another benefit of wireless GPS asset trackers is that they can be battery-powered, making them more versatile and less dependent on the equipment’s power source. This means that even if the equipment is not in use, the tracker can still provide location and status information.

Compare & Contrast

While wireless GPS asset trackers offer several benefits, hardwired GPS trackers have their advantages as well. Hardwired trackers provide a constant power source, ensuring that the tracker will always be active and transmitting data. This makes them ideal for assets that are in use for long periods of time, such as construction equipment that is on a job site for weeks or months at a time. But the feature most construction businesses like? The killswitch feature. This allows any construction businesses to instantly disable the starter on equipment being moved without authorization. 

In addition, hardwired GPS trackers are typically more tamper-resistant than wireless trackers. Since they are physically connected to the equipment, it is much more difficult for someone to remove or tamper with the tracker without being detected. In the table below, you can see the pros and cons of hardwired GPS trackers for skid steers.



  • Constant Power Source

  • Harder To Remove or Tamper With

  • Starter Disable Feature

  • Requires Professional Installation

  • Not Easily Transferable

  • Relies On The Equipment's Power Source

10 Features Construction Companies Should Look For When Investing In GPS Asset Trackers

GPS Tracker For Skid Steer

  • Look for trackers designed for heavy equipment to ensure they can withstand harsh working conditions.
  • Choose GPS asset trackers with anti-theft features to increase the chances of recovering stolen equipment.
  • Consider an equipment tracking system that includes real-time GPS trackers for accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Look for a truck GPS tracking system that includes battery-powered trackers for assets that don’t have power sources.
  • Consider investing in an OBD2 GPS tracker for car and truck fleets for easy installation and use.
  • Choose GPS asset trackers with trailer tracking capabilities to monitor assets that are frequently moved.
  • Consider investing in GPS vehicle trackers to monitor both vehicles and equipment in one system.
  • Choose a fleet management system that includes fleet tracking to manage multiple assets at once.
  • Look for GPS asset trackers that can be hardwired into equipment for added security and protection.
  • Consider investing in skid steer security systems with GPS trackers to monitor high-value equipment.

Theft On Construction Sites – A Billion Dollar Problem!

Skid Steer GPS

Construction sites are prime targets for theft, as they often have expensive equipment and tools left out in the open. According to the National Equipment Register, construction equipment theft accounts for up to $1 billion in losses each year in the United States alone. This includes everything from small tools to heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. These losses not only cost construction companies money but also cause delays in construction projects, which can result in additional expenses and missed deadlines.

To combat construction site theft, many companies are turning to GPS tracking devices. These devices can be installed on equipment and vehicles, allowing them to be tracked in real time. This allows companies to know the exact location of their assets at all times, making it easier to recover stolen equipment and tools. Additionally, some GPS trackers have features such as geofencing, which allows companies to set up virtual boundaries around their construction sites. If a piece of equipment or tool is moved outside of these boundaries, the GPS tracker will send an alert to the company.

In addition to tracking solutions, companies can take other measures to prevent theft on construction sites. These include implementing security measures such as fences, gates, and security cameras, as well as marking equipment with permanent identification numbers. By taking these steps, construction companies can protect their valuable assets and reduce the risk of theft, saving themselves both time and money in the long run.

Skid Steer On Construction Site

Skid Steer GPS Tracking – FAQs

Can I Prevent Theft Of My Construction Equipment?

Yes, you can protect your construction equipment with anti-theft GPS devices. How? By helping you monitor the location of your scissor lift, excavator, or construction equipment 24/7. Anti-theft GPS devices can provide live tracking and engine runtime data for your heavy equipment, like Bobcats, John Deere equipment, and skid steers. And how is this helpful? The GPS technology will allow you to receive real-time alerts when any of your equipment is moved or tampered with!

How Can I Find My Stolen Bobcat?

With a GPS asset tracker for your Bobcat! GPS trackers provide real-time location information on any of your construction equipment. This allows you to track your assets down the very moment they go missing. The best part? Construction equipment tracking devices will alert you the very moment your assets are moved. This gives you total oversight of your job sites 24/7. 

Can I Track My John Deere Equipment Using GPS?

Yes, GPS asset tracking devices can be used to monitor your John Deere equipment. Or any of your valuable assets! The truth is GPS tracking technology provides real-time location data that can help you keep track of any of your equipment. At all times! In fact, GPS devices also offer anti-theft protection alerts. This allows you to receive email or SMS alerts the second your equipment is moved without your authorization.

How Can I Protect My Skid Steer From Theft?

Mini GPS asset trackers can be placed on your skid steer, John Deere, or excavator – providing real-time location data that can help you track down your equipment if it is stolen. Pretty straightforward right? Other tips include securing your equipment by parking it in a locked area, using equipment locks, and installing security cameras.

How Can Construction Companies Protect Their Equipment From Theft?

By investing in GPS tracking devices, construction companies can monitor all their equipment for theft prevention 24/7. Companies can take steps to secure their assets by installing security cameras, using equipment locks, and parking equipment in a locked area. Pretty simple right? It’s also important to report any thefts immediately to the authorities and provide them with any relevant details that can help with recovery.

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