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Best GPS Data Loggers of 2023 – Expert Reviews & Tips For Choosing The Right One

Are you looking for a reliable GPS data logger? With so many options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the best GPS data logger for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a logger GPS with Bluetooth, a temperature data logger, or lap timing capabilities, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss features such as update rate, external power options, and compatibility with Bluetooth BLE, as well as factors such as water resistance and vibration sensors. We’ll also provide an overview of popular brands such as Bad Elf GPS Pro, Columbus V990, and GPS Tracking Key. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect GPS data logger for you!

Disclaimer: This article is not designed to be a list of the best GPS trackers with no subscription required on the market, and products are not ranked in any particular order from best to worst. All the tracking devices listed here have many unique features that can meet a wide range of customer requirements. We encourage you to learn more about these GPS products to discover which is best for your needs.

1. LandAirSea Mini GPS – Best Overall With No Subscription Fees

GPS Tracker For Car


  • Real Time GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee
  • Secretly Track Any Vehicle Without Them Knowing
  • 100% Legal GPS Car Tracker 

The LandAirSea vehicle tracker is the first real time GPS tracking device with no monthly fees! With no subscription required, a mini GPS design, and live location updates every minute, the LandAirSea will allow you to be your own private detective. Are you suspicious of your partner and believe they might be cheating? Or maybe you believe an employee is not doing the work they say. If you ever want to discover the truth, the LandAirSea GPS tracker with no monthly fee is the solution for you!


  • 4G LTE Connectivity: Leverages fast and reliable 4G LTE technology, ensuring consistent and real-time location updates.
  • Geo-Fencing: Set virtual boundaries and get instant alerts if the tracker enters or exits designated areas.
  • Waterproof: Ensures functionality even in wet conditions, safeguarding the device against the elements.
  • User-Friendly App: Access tracking data effortlessly on both Android and iOS platforms, providing an intuitive user experience.
  • History Playback: Review up to a year of tracking history, helping identify patterns and insights.
  • Speed Alerts: Stay informed if the tracker exceeds a certain speed, great for overseeing safe driving habits.

The LandAirSea GPS is the only GPS data logger on this list that serves as a real time GPS with no monthly fee. Yes, if you want to secretly track a car or secure personal assets, this is the tracking solution we recommend.

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2. POWERHOBBY GPS + GLONASS Bluetooth Speed Meter & Data Logger


The Powerhobby GNSS Performance Analyzer is a Bluetooth-enabled device that precisely measures and logs the speed and performance of RC cars and planes. By integrating both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems, this analyzer offers unmatched accuracy, making it invaluable for those keen on optimizing their RC models. If you’re an enthusiast wanting to gauge the impact of modifications, or simply curious about your RC’s capabilities, this compact and user-friendly device is tailored for you.


  • Integrated App Connection: Connects effortlessly to Android and iOS platforms, delivering live metrics directly to your smartphone.
  • Dual Satellite System: Uses both GPS and GLONASS satellites, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in measurements.
  • Diverse Metrics: Captures a range of data including speed, acceleration, G-force, and altitude.
  • Extended Battery Life: Its built-in LiPo battery guarantees up to 5 hours of active use and is recharged easily via micro USB.
  • Customized App Modes: Provides specialized modes for different RC activities, from drag racing to flight tracking.
  • Efficient Storage: With 1M of memory, it saves up to 50 logs and automatically cycles older data.
  • User-Preferred Units: Easily switch between metric and imperial units to view data as desired.

With the Powerhobby GNSS Performance Analyzer, RC enthusiasts now have a reliable and precise tool to fully understand and improve their model’s performance.

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3. FlashBack Mini GPS Data Logger


The LandAirSea FlashBack GPS is a vehicle data logger with a long battery life. You place it on your car, and it records driving details such as addresses arrived, departure, speed, and more. When you’re ready to review driving activity, remove it and download the data to your computer through a USB port. Flashback GPS is an ideal tool if you want insights into routes, speeds, and overall driving patterns – while avoiding monthly subscription fees.


  • No Monthly Fees: Operate without ongoing costs or contracts.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with both Mac and Windows.
  • Weather Resistant: Its waterproof design ensures functionality in various conditions.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The internal battery reduces the need for frequent replacements.
  • USB Data Transfer: Directly download driving data via a USB connection.
  • Magnetic Mount: A strong external magnet ensures secure placement.
  • Precise Tracking: Captures locational data accurately to within 7 feet.

4. iTrail GPS By KJB Security 

GPS data logger itrailUnlike other passive GPS data logger systems, iTrail GPS tracker is a completely web-based solution. That means no tracking software is required for this wireless GPS tracker! Therefore, the iTrail GPS by KJB Security is the only data logger that works with both Mac and Windows computer operating systems.

iTrail GPS vehicle tracker was designed with an internal lithium-ion rechargeable so charging the GPS data logger is as simple as charging a cell phone. Users can simply plug the GPS device into a wall charger to power the mini GPS. No AAA or AA batteries are required!


5. iGotU gt600 USB GPS

The i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Travel & Sports Logger is a compact device that tracks and logs your journeys, whether you’re traveling abroad or engaging in sports. Simply attach it to your backpack or wear it while running, and later connect it to your computer to see your path, geo-tag your photos, and review your activities. It’s a great choice for avid travelers, athletes, and anyone looking to document their adventures.


  • Photo Geo-Tagging: Automatically map your photos with accurate GPS location data.
  • 3D Mapping Integration: View and present your trips on Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Multiple Export Options: Supports various file formats and popular web albums, including Flickr and Picasa.
  • Travel Blog Creation: Quickly share your live journeys and photos with friends and followers.
  • Versatile Attachment: Designed for outdoor activities, with multiple attachment options.

The i-gotU logger is perfect for travelers wanting to document their journeys, from sightseeing routes to the exact locations of their photos. Athletes can also benefit by tracking distance, speed, and altitude. Plus, users can interact, share, and update profiles on the @trip website, expanding the device’s community aspect.

Software Highlights:

  1. @trip PC: Seamlessly import and geo-tag your trip information, and share it on popular platforms.
  2. Sports Analyzer: Ideal for athletes, showing data like speed, elevation, and even calorie burn. The software also provides detailed graphs of your activities.
  3. Where am I: A quick tool to locate the GPS device, showing its exact coordinates on Google, Bing, or Yahoo Maps.

Overall, the i-gotU GT-600 USB GPS Logger offers a blend of travel and sports tracking in a small package. Whether you’re capturing memories or tracking workouts, this device ensures you have detailed records of your adventures.

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Best GPS Data Logger
GPS Data Loggers

What Is a GPS Data Logger?

A GPS data logger captures precise location coordinates at set intervals. Additionally, it measures parameters like speed, altitude, and ambient temperature. You can analyze this data for tasks such as fleet management or athletic performance metrics. It’s also beneficial for scientific and environmental studies.

GPS data loggers have numerous applications and benefits. One of the primary benefits is that they can provide accurate and detailed location data over extended periods of time, making them ideal for vehicle tracking, fleet management, or asset tracking. They can also be used for outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling to record routes and provide data for performance analysis. Environmental monitoring is another important application for data loggers, where they can be used to track wildlife migration patterns, monitor weather patterns, or measure changes in air quality.

Exploring the multifaceted applications of data loggers? Here’s a quick overview of their diverse uses:

  1. Scientific Research: Essential for collecting data for detailed analysis.
  2. Monitoring Environmental Conditions: Track variations in temperature, humidity, and pressure.
  3. Animal Behavior Study: Observe and record movement patterns and behaviors.
  4. Quality Control: Ensure conditions and standards are consistently met.
  5. Compliance Monitoring: Keep an eye on adherence to established guidelines.

Data loggers serve as invaluable instruments, granting comprehensive insights across numerous fields and applications.

GPS data logger

Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When it comes to Bluetooth GPS data loggers, there are multiple options to choose from. Our editors have rated the LandAirSea GPS 54 as the best GPS data logger on the market today alongside the following trackers

  • LandAirSea GPS 54
  • POWERHOBBY GPS + GLONASS Bluetooth Speed Meter & Data Logger
  • iTrail GPS
  • Canmore gt730fls GPS Data Logger
  • iGotu gt600 USB GPS
  • Columbus V-990 GPS Data Logge
  • GPS Data Logger Arduino

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GPS Data Loggers Only Used For Tracking Location?

No! GPS data loggers can do more than just track location. They can record altitude, speed, and temperature as well. GNSS data can improve accuracy, especially in challenging environments.

How Do You Choose A Suitable GPS Data Logger?

To choose a suitable GPS data logger, consider factors such as update rate, external power options, and compatibility with Bluetooth BLE. Popular options include the Bad Elf GPS Pro and Columbus V990.

What Is A Temperature Data Logger?

A temperature data logger is a device that records temperature changes over time. Some GPS data loggers include this feature, which can be useful for monitoring temperature-sensitive items such as medicine or food.

What Is Lap Timing In GPS Data Loggers?

Lap timing is a function that records the time taken to complete a lap. It’s commonly used in sports such as car racing, cycling, and running. An Arduino Uno can be used as a lap timer with a GPS data logger.

Final Note: Our editors believe it is important to state that one of these products mentioned in this article is sold on the Tracking System Direct online store. We’re disclosing this to you, our readers, to maintain transparency and uphold your trust. To help you further, we’ve linked detailed reviews of each GPS logger. Why? So you can be fully informed and confident in your choice whichever product you decide is best suited for your needs.

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