Best GPS Data Logger 2021


What Is a GPS Data Logger?

Commonly used for teen tracking, GPS fleet tracking, or counter-surveillance, GPS data loggers can record everywhere a vehicle goes second-by-second! A GPS receiver data logger records info such as speed, mileage, location, addresses arrived/departed, and numerous driving reports that can break down driving activity. After placing a GPS data logger on a vehicle to record the driving activity and then removing the car tracker to review that GPS tracking data, all the user needs to do is connect the tracking device to a computer via USB port. After downloading GPS tracking data stored upon the internal flash memory of the car tracker, the GPS data logger information will then integrate with a satellite image program such as Google Earth that will reconstruct the animated driving history of vehicle movements. GPS data loggers record automobile activity every single second and have a global footprint, meaning a GPS data logger can work anywhere in the world!

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GPS TrackersGPS data loggers do not transmit or receive cellular signals and therefore cannot be found by GPS tracker detectors in the way real time GPS systems can be found by bug detection.

GPS Data Logger For Car

How To Use A GPS Data Logger

  1. Place data logger inside the cab of a vehicle or on the outside of a car.
  2. The GPS data logger will track the complete driving activity of the car.
  3. Remove the GPS logger from the vehicle and connect it to the computer to review driving records.

For businesses and consumers looking for a car GPS tracker with no monthly fees, it is clear mini GPS data loggers are the best solution. However, not all no monthly fee car trackers are the same, and according to the GPS tracking review, online journals the best GPS data logger on the market today is a portable mini GPS tracker known as the PlayBack GPS tracker.

Mini GPS Data Logger

PlayBack GPS vehicle tracking technology utilizes the latest in covert car surveillance to assist businesses and consumers with their monitoring needs. Simply place the Flashback car tracker on the outside of a vehicle and let the GPS record driving activity. PlayBack GPS will document arrival and departure addresses, mileage, maximum speeds are driven, and more. This makes it easy to determine if a teenage driver is speeding, an employee is misusing a company vehicle or a spouse is cheating. However, what makes PlayBack GPS stand above the competition is the web-based viewing method that allows users to observe car tracking data without the use of any software! Car tracking data is securely housed on cloud-based storage powered by Google Maps, making it the best GPS data logger solution on the market. And as always, this sophisticated vehicle tracking device with no monthly fees will work anywhere in the world!

PlayBack GPS Tracker Features

  • GPS Requires No Monthly Fees or Service Contracts!
  • Works with Mac and Windows Computers!
  • Waterproof Design For Outside Placement!
  • Rechargeable Internal Battery Provides Easy Power Source!
  • Simple USB Plug-In and Play To View Tracking Data!
  • Covert Design and Portable Housing For Stealth Placement!
  • View & Store Driving on Cloud-Based Software!
  • External Magnet For Easy Placement On Outside of Target Vehicle!
  • Precise Locational Data Accurate Up To 7 Feet!
  • Timestamps of arrival addresses, departure addresses, stops/starts, mileage, and more!

GPS data logger


5 Reasons PlayBack GPS Tracker Rates Highest

Live GPS Car Tracker

1. GPS Data Logger Mac Compatible

Unlike other passive GPS data logger systems, PlayBack GPS tracker is completely web-based. That means no tracking software is required! Therefore, the PlayBack GPS tracker is the only data logger that works with both Mac and Windows computer operating systems.

2. GPS Data Logger Long Battery Life

PlayBack GPS tracker was designed with an internal lithium-ion rechargeable so charging the GPS data logger is as simple as charging a cell phone. Users can simply plug the device into a wall charger to power the device. No AAA or AA batteries are required! Users can anticipate this mini GPS data logger providing roughly 50 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time before needing a recharge.

3. Water-Resistant GPS Device

Designed to hold strong in the toughest of elemental conditions, PlayBack GPS tracker can be used in the rain or snow and still accurately record data. Place the GPS data logger under a car and it will track second-by-second without hesitation! In fact, this GPS data logger is so versatile it has been used for many other monitoring applications outside of those associated with vehicle tracking.

4. Strong Magnet For Outside Placement

Those seeking a covert GPS data logger solution will love PlayBack GPS tracker because the device was engineered with an exterior magnetic mount. That means a user can quickly attach the car tracker to any vehicle without any hard-wiring or installation! This makes the mini GPS data logger perfect for law enforcement tracking applications, or if a person suspects their husband or wife is cheating on them.

5. Accurate GPS Tracking Data

With the power of Google Maps, cloud-based storage is now a reality with this GPS data logger solution. PlayBack GPS tracker provides any user with a quick and efficient way to store tracking data through cloud-based storage. Never worry about where files are located or if someone might be able to see confidential tracking records on your home computer. Store GPS car tracking data on secure, encrypted servers so you never have to worry who might view your private GPS tracking data!

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Honorable Mentions 

There are a number of Bluetooth GPS data loggers and other spy gear devices designed to covertly track a vehicle. Although the best GPS data logger on the market today is the 

  • iTrail GPS 
  • Canmore gt730fls GPS Data Logger
  • iGotu gt600 USB GPS
  • LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key
  • Columbus V-990 GPS Data Logger
  • GPS Data Logger Arduino