GPS Trackers For Tow Trucks

GPS Tracking Tow Trucks

Tow Truck Companies Turn To GPS

GPS Trackers For Tow Trucks

towtruckThere could be only a few worse scenarios than driving your vehicle in the middle of the night only to have some sort of mechanical failure occur to your automobile. Compounding the problem would of course be if the problem arises when you were far away from home, eliminating the ability for any friends or family to provide some assistance. Thankfully, there are guys who work throughout the day and night to help people who have any type of automobile problems, and these people are known as tow truck drivers. Anyone who has had some personal experience with a tow truck driver or company at some point in time or another has probably seen how quickly and efficiently they respond. This is because tow truck companies understand that when someone is broke down they are in need, and it is also why they take advantage of the most sophisticated technological tools such as GPS tracking devices to help in the process.

There are a number of reasons why tow truck companies choose to invest in GPS tracking technology. The reasons include everything from wanting to reduce fuel consumption, monitor the path a set of drivers or driver select, mileage calculation/documentation and improvement of fleet management efforts. However, when most tow truck companies make the decision to begin the process of using GPS as a solution to their vehicle management needs they quickly find out that there are quite a few different devices on the market to choose from. “Recently, I had a very productive and detailed conversation with a tow truck company who operated inside the state of Washington about what they were trying to accomplish with the investment and application of a GPS tracking system“, explained a Tracking System Direct sales representative. “After discovering that auto-theft recovery and real-time access to vehicle location was not a top priority, but monitoring a couple of employees who were believed to be taking advantage of company time was, I recommended the top-performing passive system in the GPS Tracking Key Pro. I followed up with the company a couple days ago and they could not have been happier with the end results.”

What If My Tow Truck Company Requires Real-Time Data?

Best GPS For Tow Truck Drivers

Although it is true that passive systems are the ideal choice for a tow truck company simply looking to catch a slacking worker, when it comes to enhancing fleet efficiency then the choice has to be a real-time one. The best real-time solutions should meet the following standards:

  1. Have Portable & Hard-Wire Capabilities
  2. No Annual Contracts Or Pay-Per-Use Fees
  3. Fast Refresh Rates
  4. Ability To Send Alerts
  5. Internal Antenna

Best GPS For Tow Truck Companies:

Live GPS Tracker For Tow Trucks

At first glance, it seems like it would be very difficult to find a real-time tracking solution that could meet all those requirements, but a new truck GPS tracker called the SilverCloud has all of the above features and more!

SilverCloud GPS tracking devices are the answer for tow truck companies who want to know where tow truck drivers are at while operating in the field, locations the tow truck driver has been, paths the tow truck driver took and more. SilverCloud trackers are more expensive compared to their passive counterparts, but they also provide tow truck companies the ability to access data at the moment of movement.

Regardless of which type of vehicle tracking system solution a tow truck company decides to utilize, there is no way of getting around the fact that GPS tracking is quickly becoming a staple among this form of service business, and the technology is helping beyond measure.