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GPS Trackers In Mexico

GPS Tracking In Mexico

Fighting Drug Cartels With GPS Vehicle Tracking

War always creates a great deal of hardship in a nation. Financially, it can cost a country billions upon billions of dollars to keep troops armed and ready. Emotionally, it can be challenging for the families of soldiers and the people battling at the front lines themselves. However, when most people think of war they think of troops hopping on airplanes and battlecruisers, leaving the nation to go secure the foundations of freedom and fight oppression in another less civilized region of the world. Most of the time, the fighting and bloodshed are not falling upon the nation’s own soil, but that is exactly what is happening in Mexico as the government has expanded efforts to conquer the extremely violent drug lords and cartels that have plagued the Hispanic nation. Although the fighting continues on a daily basis in Mexico, GPS tracking system technology may help the Mexican government and people become free of the terrorist acts conducted by drug cartels.

Fleet Tracking Mexico

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Many startling revelations have surfaced about the current state of the world after the Wikileaks release of thousands of confidential documents, but one of the most shocking stories was about how Mexico actually fears many parts of its country may not be torn from the control of drug cartels. Felipe Calderon, the current President of Mexico, finally drew a line in the sand against the violent drug cartels in his country in the late part of 2006, declaring war on the cartels. Since that time, over 30,000 people have died as a result of the initiative, and the murder and kidnapping rate only continues to climb. Making the situation more difficult, over half of the country believes that the government is losing the war against the drug cartels. Although there is no telling how the next administration will deal with this extremely sensitive topic both inside Mexico and for neighboring countries where bloodshed often spills over, GPS vehicle tracking could provide the monitoring capabilities necessary for armed forces to gain more insight on how the cartels are operating.

Acquiring real-time tracking data and intelligence is essential for the military and police forces working against the drug cartels. This is why GPS vehicle trackers are so important to military and law enforcement agencies all across the world. By utilizing an assortment of GPS monitoring technologies, Mexican military and police agencies can learn where cartel vehicles have traveled, every location they have visited and routes traveled, providing a sophisticated way for the government to have a better understanding of the operations and networking of the drug cartels.

The fighting, violence, and bloodshed will only continue to get worse until the drug cartels have their power significantly limited. Hopefully, GPS tracking technology will provide the avenue that will help Mexico limit that power.

Source: LA Times