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Georgia Safe Teen Driving Program Comes To Tifton

Parents and educators can both agree that when it comes to teenage driving safety there is always more that could be done. This statement is sadly reinforced every single day when a teen loses their life or is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Whether it is distracted driving from texting or socialization, or simply that inexperience behind the wheel increases the likelihood of a traffic collision, the stats show that when teens drive bad things can happen. This is why officials in Tifton, Georgia have been offering a safe driving program for teens that focuses on boosting safe driving practices.

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Tifton Safe Driving Program Facts:

  • Teen Victim Impact Program Is Held At Over 130 Locations In Georgia
  • The Program Began Over 10 Years Ago (2016)
  • The Safe Driving Program Is Held At Local Courts
  • Approximately 1500 Teenagers In Georgia Have Seen The Safe Driving Program

Tifton was certainly on board with the safe driving program after Gwinnett county officials stated that the year before there had not been a single teen lose their life in a vehicle accident. This is a fantastic statistic and reinforces the importance of consistent lecturing and programs related to the promotion of safe driving practices of teenagers, who are considered “high-risk” motorists. Especially, when you factor in that at one time Gwinnett county had the very unfortunate distinction of being one of the worse places in the state when it came to teenage driving deaths.

The Teen Victim Driving Program provides teens with a significant amount of valuable information from horseplay while driving, texting while driving, speeding, drunk driving, operating a vehicle while not wearing a seatbelt and more. However, what makes this driving program different from many others that are available is that the Teen Victim Driving Program doesn’t spend time teaching teens about how to operate a automobile but rather use their brain while driving. As one presenter for the Teen Victim Driving Program explained, “When it comes safe teen driving our goal is to focus on the decisions made before the tragic event such as sending a text message, choosing to accelerate at a high rate of speed, or checking a Facebook post instead of the road in front of them”.

Some of the information provided to teens can also be very heart-wrenching. For example, the discussions aren’t just textbooks, packets, stats and workbooks, but rather images of teens who lost their lives in vehicle accidents, stories by parents who lost their teenage sons or daughters or even presentations by otters teens who were involved in automobile accidents. Some of the presenters in the program are actually young people whose poor driving decisions resulted in the death of their friends.

Parents, who are encouraged to attend the safe driving program with teens, are also provided information on additional things that can help enhance driving safety such as the use of teen GPS trackers designed to record driving activity.

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