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Every suburban neighborhood kid is familiar with the jingle omitted by the local ice cream truck. The sound of the ice cream truck approaching literally has the power to stop kids in their tracks, making them put down their bikes or other toys they are playing with as they begin to search frantically to see which direction the music from the ice cream truck is coming from. After a kid discovers where the sweet sounds of the ice cream truck are coming from they will run to find their parents as fast as they can to get some money to buy their favorite snack. There is no denying that the ice cream man delivers joy and goodies to suburban children. However, what is bringing joy to many ice cream truck businesses is vehicle tracking technology that utilizes GPS.

Unlike most truck GPS tracking devices that utilize real-time GPS data to improve efficiency and fleet management, many ice cream trucks are finding a cost-effective tracking solution with GPS trackers with no monthly fees such as the GPS Tracking Key. “GPS auto tracking can help any company or business with a mobile asset document mileage driven, making the GPS systems extremely helpful during tax season”, explained Ryan Horban, Vice President of Operations for Tracking System Direct. Although an ice cream truck may spend most of its travel time within a small area the truck can easily rack up over 100 miles in a day, making mileage documentation an important part of the business. However, ice cream truck locators are providing far more value than simply a tool to document mileage for tax purposes.

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Every Ice cream truck operation wants to position itself in an area where there are a large number of customers. Increased traffic results in increased sales, and this is the reason why so many ice cream trucks will often set up shop near elementary and middle schools once kids complete their day of education. However, the marketplace has changed since the increase in ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Uber eats that have revolutionized the way people and businesses connect. Although it is true that the best marketing strategy most ice cream trucks call upon is the melodic sounds of kid’s music being played from speakers, GPS trackers are changing that because now all a parent needs to do now is google “Ice Cream Truck Near Me“. This is because many ice cream trucks are now using real time GPS devices to help people find ice cream truck schedules and live locations!

Is There An App To Track Ice Cream Trucks?

If you ever wanted to find the nearest ice cream truck or track ice cream trucks from your iPhone or Android then GPS tracking is the answer. Through the use of real time GPS trackers, ice cream truck routes can be shared with parents and children. This makes it easy to determine not only where an ice cream truck has been but also the nearest ice cream or snow cone truck near your location! Kids can even download an ice cream truck locator app to watch the vehicle move in real time! This is fleet tracking technology working to help make children happy! Especially, on those hot Summer days!

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Real time GPS trackers are changing the way parents and their children access ice cream truck schedules. In years past, a child only had one avenue to access the “Ice cream truck near me” and that was to listen to the music being played from an ice cream truck. However, the rise in live GPS tracking technology has allowed people to access ice cream truck schedules in seconds by allowing ice cream truck businesses to share their whereabouts with customers 24/7 easily. This is because when ice cream truck businesses utilize GPS tracking they can post locational data on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website, or other avenues, allowing customers an Ice Cream Truck Finder solution. Parents, or their smartphone-using kids, can then easily locate an ice cream truck from their mobile devices to know the exact moment an ice cream truck will be in their neighborhood! Technology is literally changing childhood!

Businesses as large as Coke-Cola and as small as a single ice cream truck utilize GPS car tracking technology for anything ranging from employee accountability to mileage documentation. The way people and businesses connect with each other is truly changing, but at least now parents or kids can easily find an ice cream truck near me with the help of GPS trackers that provide ice cream truck routes!

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