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Truck GPS Trackers: A Buyer’s Guide For Small Business Owners

As a small business owner in the HVAC, electrical, or similar industry, you understand that knowing where your work trucks are is critical. Here is the good news: a truck GPS tracker can unlock that efficiency, taking your operations to the next level. But what is a truck tracker and what GPS device is the best for your business? In this article, we’ll delve into the top-selling GPS tracking devices tailored for trucks and provide a practical buyer’s guide to help you find the right fit for your business. With the optimal truck GPS tracker in place, you’ll enhance vehicle monitoring, streamline route planning, and ultimately boost your company’s productivity. Let’s get started!

Best Truck Tracking Device 2023

OBD2 tracker


  • Make Sure Employees Are Doing Their Jobs
  • No Subscription Fees For One Year 
  • Find Out Where Your Service Vehicles Are Really Going
  • Cut Fuel Costs By Eliminating Wasteful Trips
  • Receive Speed Alerts To Your Cell Phone To Boost Driver Safety

Are you worried one of your drivers might be taking advantage of company time? Are you looking to improve driver accountability or reduce fuel consumption? These are just a few of the reasons why construction companies and businesses everywhere with a truck fleet are calling upon GPS vehicle tracking. Get realtime updates on your iPhone or Android on what all your drivers are doing, and never have to worry about your mobile assets again with realtime GPS tracking! 

Track Your Truck 24/7

Truck GPS Tracker

What Is A Truck GPS Tracker?

Before we list our picks for the best GPS trackers for trucks let’s start with some basic information like, what is a truck GPS tracker? And more importantly, how does a GPS tracker work on a truck?

A truck GPS tracker is a device that utilizes GPS technology to monitor and track the location, movement, and other data related to a truck or fleet of trucks. These devices help small business owners manage their company vehicles by providing real-time location information, optimizing routes, monitoring driver behavior, and maintaining vehicle performance. Investing in a truck GPS tracker can lead to increased efficiency and productivity for businesses in industries like HVAC, electrical, and transportation.

Truck GPS Tracker
Truck GPS Tracker

Disclaimer From Tracking System Direct

At Tracking System Direct, we’re always striving to guide businesses toward better fleet management. To help you navigate this landscape, we’ve curated this list of the best truck GPS trackers available in the market. It’s crucial for us to mention that we carry two of the products highlighted in this list. Our primary goal is to be transparent and maintain your trust.

Now, this isn’t a ranked list. Instead, it showcases trackers with varying, unique features catering to diverse needs. For instance, while a temperature-monitoring GPS tracker might be perfect for some operations, others might benefit more from an AI dash cam that offers both live video feed and GPS. Each product earned its spot because of its standout features.

Your trust is paramount to us. We pride ourselves on transparency and genuinely aim to provide guidance without bias. As you learn about these truck GPS trackers, remember that the right choice always depends on your specific business needs. Therefore, we encourage you to learn more about the products mentioned below.

Secure Cam – Best For Monitoring Truck Driver Behavior 

live streaming car camera GPS tracking


Is your business looking for a front and rear dash cam that offers both realtime tracking and live video feed? If so, look no further than the Secure Camera fleet management system!

Key Features:

  • Fleet tracking software is very user-friendly 
  • Get your vehicle’s location in real time 24/7
  • AI technology records driver behavior 
  • Detailed driving reports 


  • Vehicle GPS uses AI to detect drivers texting or eating
  • Records events such as accidents or harsh braking 
  • Pinpoint accurate truck and car tracking 
  • The ultimate telematics solution for tow truck companies 


  • The monthly subscription fee of $39.95 

Samsara EM21 – Best For Temperature Monitoring In Refrigerated Trucks

The Samsara EM21 is an innovative, wireless, waterproof, data-logging device specifically designed for food suppliers with a fleet of trucks. And why is it so important to keep food cargo cold? According to the FDA, to prevent bacterial growth. That is where Samsara GPS comes in. The EM21 environmental monitor keeps track of temperature and humidity, making it perfect for ensuring food safety during transportation, monitoring warehouse conditions, and maintaining optimal conditions in service vehicles for various businesses. According to our security experts, the Samsara GPS is one of the best asset tracking solutions to help you with temperature monitoring on any refrigerated truck. 

Key Features:

  • Wirelessly monitors temperature and humidity
  • Durable, waterproof design (IP67-rated)
  • Class-leading electronics with multi-year battery life
  • Scales from small operations to thousands of assets
  • Real-time connectivity with Samsara cellular gateways


  • Ensures food safety and maintains compliance
  • Resilient design suitable for harsh environments
  • Long battery life (3 years on a single AA battery)
  • Easy to install and manage without IT or engineering complexity
  • Real-time alerts and up-to-the-second sensor data


  • The connectivity range may be limited in some situations
  • Prolonged submersion is not recommended for the main body of the device (use EM22 with a probe for fluid temperature monitoring)

YouTube Installation Guide Video of Samsara Environmental Monitor:

Verizon Connect GPS – Best For Driver Scorecard

Verizon Connect GPS is an easy-to-install, 4G GPS device perfect for small businesses seeking a fleet tracking solution for their trucks that also monitors temperature. This ELD-compliant system offers real-time tracking, helping you improve driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, and fleet efficiency. Although Verizon has the most recognizable brand name on our list, the online reviews are not very favorable for this GPS tracker for trucks. This is why we would encourage you to watch that video review below from a truck driver who used Verizon Connect GPS. 

Key Features:

  • Simplified ELD compliance with a user-friendly mobile app
  • Fleet management software for better control over fleet performance
  • Automatic driving status updates
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)


  • Helps avoid violations and penalties with proactive alerts for drivers
  • Monitors driver behaviors, reducing risks and promoting safety
  • Accessible from any location, improving fleet visibility
  • Reduces operating costs with idling reports and better route management
  • Compatible with a variety of fleets assets, including dump trucks, trailers, and equipment rentals


  • Requires monthly subscription fees and 1-2 year service contract for advanced features and support
  • Not suitable for non-commercial vehicles or personal car GPS tracking

Real Customer Experience With Verizon Connect

GPS Trackit’s Apollo: Best For ELD Compliance 

dash cam with real time gps tracker

Looking for a fleet tracking solution that empowers small businesses? Turn your attention to Trackit’s Apollo System. This comprehensive tool not only monitors your truck fleet but also ensures ELD compliance. Its robust driver and vehicle management capabilities are ideal for cargo transport businesses. It allows you to keep a close watch on driver behavior, equipment tracking, and provides cargo temperature monitoring. Plus, it’s backed by excellent asset tracking integrations.

Key Features:

  • Driver and Vehicle Management: Trackit’s Apollo system features exceptional reporting, alerts, compliance, and data collection tools. It doesn’t offer hardware diagnostics, but maintenance reminders and speed monitoring features are in place.
  • Cargo Temperature Monitoring: Unique to Trackit, it logs engine temperatures and offers an add-on for tracking cargo temperatures – crucial for refrigerated delivery services.
  • Fuel Management: GPS Trackit can generate fuel-specific reports, track miles driven by state (useful for IFTA compliance), and offers detailed fuel card functionality.
  • Safety Features: The system logs vital data for safety tracking, sending real-time alerts and summary reports. It also features driver scorecards to encourage safe driving practices.


  • Comprehensive driver and vehicle management features
  • Specialized cargo temperature monitoring
  • Detailed fuel management and fuel card functionality
  • Real-time safety tracking and driver scorecards


  • Costs can increase with paid add-ons for scheduling, dispatch tools, and ELD compliance
  • Absence of hardware diagnostics
  • Limited crash reporting

Read a comparison review on this product by

Truck GPS Tracking – 6 Businesses Utilizing Real-Time GPS

  1. Construction Operations (Electricians, Solar Panel Installers, Tile/Masonry Specialists) 
  2. Handy Man Services (Plumbing, HVAC, Landscape)
  3. Transportation Companies (Limousines, Uber, Airport Shuttles)
  4. Delivery Services (Florists, Catering, Food Trucks)
  5. Municipalities (Snow Plows, City Vehicles)
  6. Small Businesses (Tow Trucks, Traveling Sales, Installation Teams)

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Best GPS Tracker For Tow Truck DriversFAQs

Is A GPS Truck Tracking Device Useful For Tow Truck Companies?

Yes, GPS truck tracking devices are beneficial for tow truck companies. First, with real-time location tracking it allows you to dispatch the nearest tow truck to a client quickly. Not only does this improve response times, but also customer satisfaction. Secondly, GPS fleet tracking will allow you a comprehensive overview of your tow truck fleet. That means knowing every tow vehicle’s location, engine diagnostics, and the fleet’s performance!

Do Truck GPS Trackers Offer Real-Time Alerts?

Yes, many GPS trackers for trucks offer real-time alerts for speeding, geofencing, and more. For example, you can receive notifications when your trucks are entering or leaving a designated area. Also, there are tracking solutions that can alert you in regard to excessive idle time or speeding, allowing you to address issues promptly and maintain efficient operations. By monitoring factors such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration, you can provide feedback to drivers, promoting safer and more efficient driving habits.

Can I Use Truck GPS Trackers To Monitor The Fuel Usage Of My Fleet?

Yes, truck GPS tracker solutions can help you monitor fuel usage in your fleet. In fact, fleet tracking solutions like Samsara GPS and NexTraq GPS provide insights into fuel consumption. Using these fleet tracking devices will allow you to identify areas of inefficiency and reduce fuel costs.

Are GPS Trackers For Trucks Easy To Install?

Yes, most GPS trackers for trucks are easy to install. Many devices offer plug-and-play functionality, allowing you to connect them to your vehicle’s OBD-II port or power source. Magnetic GPS trackers can be attached without wiring for added convenience. However, if you need a fleet GPS that offers temperature monitoring or a starter disable feature, you would need a hard-wired tracking solution.

Is There A Monthly Subscription Required For Using A GPS Truck Tracker?

Yes and no. Let us explain. There are some vehicle tracking devices that come with a full year of service such as the LandAirSea GPS 54 and Connect OBD2 tracker. Therefore, they do not require a monthly fee. However, most GPS truck trackers found on Amazon require a monthly subscription. This monthly fee typically covers the cost of the tracking service, data storage, and access to the tracking platform. Providers like Verizon Connect and Teletrac Navman offer various subscription plans to suit your needs.

Experience Matters: Tracking System Direct’s Expertise in Truck GPS Tracking Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, Tracking System Direct has been a trusted provider of fleet management solutions for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across the United States. As fleet managers, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to offering the best vehicle trackers on the market.

When reviewing and analyzing truck GPS trackers, we prioritize the following features:

  • Easy installation
  • Tech Support 
  • 4G GPS connectivity
  • Realtime location tracking
  • Fleet management software
  • ELD solutions
  • Driver safety and behavior monitoring
  • Idle time reduction
  • Engine diagnostics

Our expertise extends to a range of products, including Verizon Connect GPS, Azuga GPS, and Samsara GPS, which offer top-notch engine diagnostics and temperature monitoring capabilities, ensuring your assets are protected.

From dash cams and dual-facing dashcams to magnetic GPS trackers, we’re always on the lookout for the best equipment to enhance fleet performance. Our comprehensive approach ensures we only recommend the best in GPS tracking devices and fleet tracking solutions to help your business succeed.

So when you choose Tracking System Direct, you can trust that our expertise and commitment to quality will provide you with the top fleet management solutions. Let us help you track your trucks and optimize your fleet vehicles today!

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