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The ability to track work trucks operating in the field is a huge advantage for every type of business. First of all, having real-time access to trucks in operation gives management the ability to know where each and every employee is located at all times. This is significant for delivery businesses or construction operations that might need to route employee(s) to a particular location in the swiftest time possible. However, truck GPS tracking technology provides far more than simply information related to where a vehicle is located. In fact, truck GPS systems can send alerts if a truck is stolen, record mileage, provide data related to vehicle maintenance via the OBDII Port (On-Board Diagnostics), assist in temperature control, and even record if a tow truck’s boom was active! With so many features live truck GPS tracking can offer businesses it is easy to see why the locator technology is more popular now than ever before!

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Truck GPS Tracking

Businesses Utilizing Real-Time GPS

  • Construction Operations (Electricians, Solar Panel Installers, Tile/Masonry Specialists) 
  • Handy Man Services (Plumbing, HVAC, Landscape)
  • Transportation Companies (Limousines, Uber, Airport Shuttles)
  • Delivery Services (Florists, Catering, Food Trucks)
  • Municipalities (Snow Plows, City Vehicles)
  • Small Businesses (Tow Trucks, Traveling Sales, Installation Teams)

Truck GPS Tracker

Commercial Truck GPS Trackers

Semi-truck GPS solutions and commercial truck GPS systems typically require more than the standard mileage documentation and real time locational data captured by many real-time GPS devices. Commercial truck GPS solutions need to provide live tracking, detailed driving activity reports, messaging solutions, and of course have E-logs that meet the ELD Mandate (Electronic Logging Device). This is significant because it means that the truck GPS but be used to electronically document a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS), which replaces the paper logbook many commercial truck drivers currently use to record their compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements.

Semi Truck GPS

ELD Mandate Facts For Trucks

An Electronic Logging Device Must:

  • Be connected to a semi-truck’s engine to document if that commercial truck is moving
  • Provide driver access to login and choose the following options: “On-Duty, Off-Duty, or On-Duty Not Driving”. Drive segments must be automatically selected based on the truck moving
  • Graphically display a RODS so a truck driver can easily access driving hours of the day
  • Provide detailed data in a standardized format which can be transmitted to police agencies in multiple prescribed ways, such as USB, Bluetooth 2.0, wireless web services
  • Be provider-certified that the truck GPS meets proper specifications

Truck GPS Reviews

Best Real-Time Tracker For Trucks

Business looking for a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking solution will quickly discover that nothing is more effective than real-time GPS. This is because real-time truck trackers can provide auto-theft prevention, alerting features to notify managers if employees are speeding, and basically a solution to always keep a concerned eye on any mobile assets. Even if a business is not seeking an ELD Mandate fleet tracker (commonly used among commercial applications) they can still acquire a wealth of information with the more popular consumer-grade live GPS tracking systems. Start/stop reports, excessive speeding notifications, mileage accounting systems and so many more featured are all available for no additional cost through the online tracking software of almost all real-time GPS trackers. In fact, the tracking software can even be shared online so service-based businesses such as food truck operations can share the truck GPS tracking location on Facebook, Twitter or a company website with loyal customers. This can help those service-based businesses stay more connected with clientele.

According to truck GPS reviews, the best real time GPS on the market today is the SpaceHawk 4G Tracker.

Best GPS Data Logger For Trucks

Smaller companies have the need for truck GPS systems to record driving activity but often want to avoid paying the monthly data plans associated with real-time GPS trackers. This is where GPS data loggers can provide a solution! This is because GPS data loggers offer the ability to record each location a driver arrives/departs, how fast each employee was operating a company truck and detailed reports regarding overall driving activity! First, the business equips a GPS data logger to the company truck or commercial vehicle they want to monitor. Then either at the end of that business day or some other time in the future, they remove the truck GPS device from that company vehicle. GPS tracking data is then downloaded to a computer where fleet management historical data can be reviewed. Data from the GPS logger can demystify where a company truck was at throughout the week, addresses that were or were not serviced, vehicle speeds and more tracking data! The best part is that truck GPS data loggers have a global footprint and therefore will work anywhere in the world!

According to truck GPS reviews, the best GPS data logger on the market today is the PlayBack GPS.

Is A Tracker On Your Truck?

used car dealer gps tracking device
Satellite GPS monitoring technology is now part of our everyday life. We use GPS on our smartphones to help us navigate to places, GPS to help improve our workouts, and even GPS to track automobiles. The location technology provides a wealth of data that can boost efficiency on a number of different levels, but unfortunately, there can also be a dark side to devices that can track vehicles secretly in real-time. So what if a person suspects they are being tracked by a GPS? How would they determine where a GPS tracker would be hidden in their truck?

How To Find Tracking Device Hidden on Truck

When a person believes they are being tracked the situation can be very serious. Sure employers might legally be allowed to track their work trucks that employees operate, but sometimes boundaries can be crossed and privacy rights invaded. So what steps should a person take if they believe a vehicle tracker is hidden on their truck? The answer is simple: begin to look at the popular places a GPS might be hidden on a truck.

Popular Hiding Spots For Truck GPS Devices

  • Connected To OBDII Port
  • Underneath The Truck
  • Glove Compartment
  • Under Driver/Passenger Seats
  • Behind Seat In Pouch

Truck GPS trackers can easily be hidden inside a vehicle and operate effectively because many trackers have internal battery packs. That way they can be used as covert portable solutions. These portable truck GPS trackers are often engineered with motion sensors so the system will fall into a hibernation mode when an automobile isn’t moving in order to maintain battery strength long-term! This is a feature that is very advantageous for police agencies conducting investigations and requiring a tracker that can record driving activity at length.

Please note that some truck GPS tracking devices can be hard-wired inside the dashboard, making the tracker invisible to the eye.

When it comes to the laws regarding GPS vehicle monitoring, unfortunately, things are a little murky. Laws can vary in different areas and there are a lot of unique situations where the process can be legal or illegal. Therefore, if a person feels that they are being tracked by GPS and their personal privacy rights are being invaded it is important for that person to contact local authorities. A local mechanic or audio installation team can also be contacted to do a more thorough comb over of a vehicle to look for any car trackers that might be connected to the 12-volt power of the vehicle.