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Spare Parts For GPS Tracker

tracking-key-packagingWhen a Chicago-based company known as LandAirSea Systems designed the GPS Tracking Key nearly 6 years ago, nobody could have ever predicted how the GPS vehicle tracking solution would captivate the market. Being the first real affordable device that everyday consumers and electronics geeks could find room in their budget for, this monitoring device allowed anyone access to the same tracking technology used by law enforcement groups around the world. Although the GPS Tracking Key was and continues to be a great personal GPS tracker, it does come with some minor imperfections. Thankfully, if a consumer does happen to run into one of the very few situations that can affect GPS performance, these minor flaws can be fixed without being costly. Here is a list of some of the more common issues some people have experienced with the GPS Tracking Key and ways to resolve the problems.

I Lost The Cap To My GPS Tracking Key

The protective cap on the GPS Tracking Key is used to protect the USB drive from outside elements and conditions. Since the USB drive is the bridge that allows the information on the GPS monitoring device to be transferred to the computer for viewing, clearly it is important that it is protected. If the user has somehow misplaced the cap it is imperative that a replacement cap be accessed. GPS Tracking Key user’s can purchase a replacement parts kit for a low price that will resolve this problem.

Misplaced Little Screws To The Battery Compartment Door

Probably the most common complaint about the GPS Tracking Key over the past 6 years has been regarding the four little screws that hold that battery compartment door closed. The reason the GPS fleet management solution was designed like this was to give the unit additional water-resistant capabilities, however, the result ended up being occasional frustration for the user, as it became common for people to lose the tiny screws. Understanding of this issue, the manufacturer made modifications to the next generation GPS Tracking Key, the GPS Tracking Key Pro. However, for people not wanting to purchase the next generation model, replacement screws can be purchased in the same kit as the cap.

GPS Tracking Key Pro was designed with a very easy to access battery compartment door that does not require any tiny screws.

I Am Having Trouble Downloading The Data To My Computer

There can be a variety of potential causes why the GPS data from the tracking system is not successfully transferring from unit to computer via USB connection. Nine times out of ten it is a simple software update that is required, but just in case the problem is something else, the recommendation is that a technical support representative be contacted that can diagnose the situation. Technical support agents can walk anyone having software issues through the downloading process and fix essentially any situation!

Technical support representatives can be reached Monday-Friday at 847-462-8100.