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What To Do If You Lose Your Past-Track Software

tracking-key-Without access to the Past Track Software, GPS Tracking Key users do not have the ability to review the driving activity that was recorded and stored to the GPS tracker’s internal memory. Since passive data logging GPS systems do not send out information via cellular communication, they require the user to manually download the information from the unit to personal computer or laptop. When the data that is stored upon the internal memory of the personal GPS tracker is transferred to the computer it then requires the Past-Track software to showcase the driving information.

The Past-Track software allows GPS Tracking Key users to then view the data over Google Earth satellite imaging, digital street mapping program or daily activity driving reports. However, what should a vehicle tracking solution user do if they lose their Past-Track software?

If someone found a GPS Tracking Key upon their vehicle and wanted to view the information upon that car tracker, they would have no way to do so without the Past-Track software. This simple disc turns stored satellite information into a viewable form of recorded driving data. Although the Past-Track software comes inclusive with every GPS Tracking Key purchased, many times people misplace, lose, break or delete the software, leaving them powerless to access the data stored on their GPS tracking system. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to the problem in the form of a replacement disc.

Since the Past-Track software is not individualized to each GPS Tracking Key it comes with, any Past-Track software will allow the user to access their recorded data. Often time’s businesses using the GPS Tracking Key for fleet management purposes will purchase multiple units but only have one computer with the Past-Track software downloaded to it. Since the software is universal if a GPS tracking Key user loses, breaks or misplaces their disc they can contact us anytime for a replacement disc. All Tracking System Direct will charge is the cost of the software and a small shipping cost. Therefore, anyone who has a Tracking Key filled with recorded data, but lost the software can contact us and purchase a replacement disc at a low price!

Problem solved.