GPS Tracking System Installation

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Hard-Wiring The SilverCloud GPS

Tips For Installing GPS Tracker

mechanicMost business who invest in real-time devices, such as the SilverCloud GPS, to improve fleet management efforts do not want to worry about constantly recharging their monitoring solutions. This is why companies looking to reduce fuel consumption and improve driver efficiency select to hard-wire GPS tracking units to the company vehicles they intend on monitoring, requiring the assistance of a professional installer. Recently, a Tracking System Direct (TSD) customer, who was previously using a competitor’s product that was not getting the job done, had some TSD trackers installed to their fleet of company vehicles. The customer was kind enough to provide TSD with some notes about the installation process from their personal installer that we feel may be helpful to others looking to permanently install their vehicle tracking systems.

Please note that TSD will provide customers with manufacturer notes about how to install the SilverCloud or any other real time GPS tracking systems offered on the TSD website. Technical support agents are also available to assist in the installation process if more guidance is needed. All technical support is free for the life of the product.

Here are some additional details from our installer related to today’s installation.

He implied that the primary problem we have historically had with your competitor’s units have been with the fuse connections.  He started using a Kimball West Add-A-Circuit (part #28-434), to make the electrical connection, and this has virtually eliminated connection problems.  He did the same thing with the SilverCloud GPS tracker, and did not use the furnished in-line fuse but connected using the Add-A-Circuit.  You may want to look into this for future installation kits.  Otherwise, he was very impressed with the unit.  He did appreciate the installation instructions I had forwarded him from my conversation with the TSD technical support representative (see bullets below), so you might want to consider adding similar instructions in your installation guide in the future.

  1. Turn power off until unit is ready to be connected to wiring to allow unit to register and reconnect with server
  2. Connect power to ignition wire (not a hot lead) since the unit sleep when vehicle is off
  3. Install as high as possible under dash with no metal above the unit
  4. Best to install with battery side down since antenna is on top of unit

TSD does not specifically recommend any installers due to the fact that we cannot oversee the quality process on a day-to-day basis. For those looking at a cost-effective way of installing the GPS tracking device, we recommend people visit a local auto/alarm business, specifically one that specializes in installation. TSD can provide hard-wire instructions that should make it easy for any installer to complete the install process in far less than an hour.

Anyone with additional questions pertaining to permanent installation of a car tracking unit can contact TSD for more information or guidance.