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NFC_Title_GameThere is a lot of anticipation among fans, players and coaches for both the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings teams. The last two standing teams in the NFC conference of the NFL, the Vikings will visit the Saints in the Superdome with the winner going to the Super Bowl. Although there is sure to be a high level of excitement surrounding the game, for the people working the security detail that means additional surveillance and pressure. Thankfully, the security teams working the NFC championship game will have real-time GPS tracking technology to help them coordinate efforts, making the surveillance work a whole lot easier.

GPS tracking technology has been increasingly popular not only among law enforcement agencies and private investigators, but also security agencies working big events such as the NFC title game. The GPS trackers allow security officers to monitor the buses players and coaches take to the stadium as well as the movements of other internal security officers and staff working the game. It is expected the vehicle tracking and personal tracking systems will help improve routing, surveillance and overall security efforts. All of the GPS tracking data will be easily accessible by security officials who will only need to go online to view the location of staff and others being monitored by the tracking systems.

GPS tracking technology will also be used during the Super Bowl, and it is expected that almost 1000 tracking system units will be in place for the Winter Olympics that are scheduled to begin in less than a month.

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Both the Vikings and Saints have explosive offenses headed by Brett “The ageless wonder” Favre and Drew Brees respectively. However, this GPS tracking expert believes that it will be the running game and defense that will set the tone. Expect Favre to throw somewhere in the neighborhood of 180-210 yards because the story of this game will all be about one Adrian Peterson. Peterson, one of the premier running backs in the game, will shred the Saints defensive line for 150+ yards on the ground, keeping Brees and the high-octane Saints offense on the sidelines. The game will be close, but Peterson will take over and run the Vikings to the Superbowl.

Vikings 27 Saints 21