Hidden Camera Records Arsonist

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Home Surveillance Uncovers Fire Starter

Man’s Wife Set Dangerous Fires On Family Property

Hidden cameras and surveillance technology are most commonly used by homeowners as a way to deter criminal activity and document any non-sense happening on their property. However, when a man in Shawnee, Oklahoma continuously had small fires being ignited on his property he began to smell foul play. After local firefighters had been called to his residence an astounding eleven (11) times to put out small and medium-sized fires, the Shawnee resident decided it was time to invest in a spy camera to see what the heck was happening on his property when he was not around.

According to court documents obtained by the original news source, the man from Shawnee hid the home camera system in a BBQ he had in his backyard. After a short period of time had passed with little suspicious activity, the spy camera recorded something that left everyone involved with the case stunned. What the video monitoring system recorded was the man’s wife setting her own property on fire! The woman was captured walking to a nearby watering well on the property, and then only a few moments later the well was set ablaze. The woman calmly walked back to the house with a look of complete dis-concern of the potential ramifications of the uncontrolled fire.

In a verbal statement, local firefighters explained that every single time they are required to suit up and battle an inferno that there is a significant level of danger. The fact that this woman was consistently setting destructive fires on her own property was a horrible and disgusting action in its own right, but because many of these fires were set during times where burn bans were in effect for the county due to the high levels of fire danger presented to the community and residents that only amplifies her vile acts.

After being arrested by authorities, the woman was taken to a local mental health facility for an evaluation. It is very possible that the woman could be required to wear a GPS tracking system or some form of GPS tracker when she is released.

Source: Claims Journal