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Is It Legal For An Employer To Track An Employee Using GPS UK?

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Company Vehicle Tracking And The Law UK

One of the most popular tools businesses throughout the United Kingdom use to enhance fleet management, boost auto-theft security, and secretly track employees is the GPS tracker. A device that can easily be hidden inside or outside of an employer’s vehicle, GPS tracking systems can provide a wealth of information that can help any UK business increase productivity. Although the use of vehicle tracking devices in the UK is ubiquitous, many employees have shared their concerns about GPS tracking technology and how it could be used to violate personal rates. But when UK employers track their employees with GPS devices is it considered “spying” or more importantly an “infringement of personal privacy rights“? Let’s take a closer look at company vehicle tracking and the law in the UK!

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Can Employers Track Your Location UK?

UK companies interested in GPS tracking their employees should know that it is legal to monitor drivers and other employees as long as the workers know their vehicles are being monitored. Therefore, UK employers can hardwire vehicle tracking devices to their company vehicle fleets, but they must first notify employees about the GPS tracking initiative. The employers must get employee consent before collecting location-based data in the UK.

5 Benefits of GPS Tracking Employees In The United Kingdom

Data provided from GPS tracking systems can be utilized to assist companies in a variety of ways. Here are the top 5 benefits of vehicle tracking devices for UK businesses.

  1. Instantly Locate Drivers In The Field
  2. Quickly Recover A Stolen Vehicle 
  3. Reduce Employee Speeding
  4. Enhance Overall Driver Efficiency
  5. Eliminate Wasteful Driving Activity  

Can A Vehicle Tracker Be Used In A Disciplinary UK?

GPS tracking devices collect pinpoint accurate data related to vehicle speed, locations the automobile stopped, and the length of time the car was at each location. If drivers have a history of receiving speeding tickets, driving unsafely or simply abusing company time, UK employers can use GPS vehicle trackers as a disciplinary action to shape more positive driving behaviors. However, the employer would need to notify and get consent from the employee about using a tracking device.

Is It Illegal To Track Someone UK?

UK businesses interested in using vehicle tracking devices to track employees should know that it is considered illegal to track anyone without consent in the UK. This is the reason many UK employers include any company policies related to GPS tracking buried deep in the company worker handbook that most employees never read in detail.