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Problems With Dog GPS Trackers

Problems With Dog GPS Trackers – 5 Every Pet Owner Should Know!

Are you a dog owner considering a GPS tracker for your furry friend? Pause for a moment. While these devices promise safety and peace of mind, they’re not without problems. Let’s delve into the realities of dog GPS trackers. You may face issues ranging from accuracy limitations in urban and indoor areas to their reliance on inconsistent cellular coverage. Battery life can be disappointingly short, and the size or weight might make your pet uncomfortable. Not to mention, the ongoing costs and potential for device failure add another layer of complication. In this article, we’ll explore these five common problems, offering you a complete picture before you make your decision.

Dog GPS Tracker Have Issues With Cellular Dependence

Many dog GPS trackers rely on cellular networks to transmit the location data back to the owner’s device. This means that if your pet wanders into an area with poor or no cellular coverage, you may not be able to track your pet’s whereabouts. And there can be nothing worse than that for a pet owner. The truth is, pet tracking devices do not use GPS technology to transmit data – they use cellular data. And in conditions where cell coverage is weak, this can result in your pet tracker failing to update location. Woof!

Battery Life Concerns: A Persistent Dog GPS Tracking Problem

Another crucial problem with GPS trackers is battery life. The more frequently the tracker updates your pet’s location, the faster it will drain the battery. While some high-end models may last up to a week, others might need to be recharged every few days. This short battery life can be a problem if your pet goes missing for an extended period.

Size and Weight Issues: A Potential Problem With Pet GPS Trackers

GPS trackers can be bulky and heavy for smaller pets. The device needs to be large enough to house a GPS receiver, a battery, and other necessary components, which may cause discomfort for smaller dogs or cats. Manufacturers are working to make these devices lighter and more comfortable, but size and weight remain a concern.

The Cost Factor: An Ongoing Subscription Fees With Dog & Cat GPS Trackers

Pet GPS trackers can be quite expensive, especially when you consider the ongoing costs. The device itself can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on its features. In addition, many services require a monthly subscription fee for cellular data usage. This cost can add up over time and may be prohibitive for some pet owners.

Malfunction and Damage: The Hidden Problem With Dog GPS

Like any electronic device, GPS locators are susceptible to malfunctions and damage. A tracker could stop working due to software glitches, hardware failure, or even physical damage if your dog is particularly active or rough. If your pet loves swimming or gets caught in a downpour, water damage could be an issue unless the device is waterproof. This is crucial if pet safety is a priority for you. Thus, despite your investment, you may find yourself without the tracking capabilities when you need them most due to unforeseen device failures or damage. Always consider the durability and warranty of the GPS tracker when purchasing.

In conclusion, while GPS tracking collars offer a potential solution for pet owners concerned about their furry friends’ safety, there are several key problems to consider. One significant challenge is the limited battery life of small real-time devices, requiring frequent recharging to maintain functionality. Additionally, pet tracking devices heavily rely on cellular technology, which can be unreliable in areas with weak or non-existent coverage, hindering the ability to access real-time data. It’s crucial for pet owners to be aware of these limitations and to supplement GPS tracking with other measures such as updated contact information and microchipping. Protecting your pet’s safety goes beyond relying solely on technology.

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