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Real-Time GPS Tracking Babies

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GPS Trackers In Hospital Nurseries

Protecting Babies By GPS Tracking

Hospitals are now beginning to think about implementing GPS tracking systems on newborns in the hospital nurseries. The idea seems very plausible, as the safety of newborns is extremely important among hospital administrators. There have been numerous occasions where babies have been taken from hospital nurseries or from mothers in the hospital. Some babies are fortunately found, but sadly many others never are. If a newborn is every taken off hospital grounds it is very critical that they be found as soon as possible, and GPS tracking devices provide hospitals and parents an easy way to monitor a baby.

With GPS tracking devices available hospitals can easily track the whereabouts of every newborn. Using GPS tracking technology can make it virtually impossible for a newborn to be taken outside of the hospital undetected.

GPS tracking devices can also be used for new parents to monitor their babies when taking them home from the hospital. When GPS tracking systems in use parents have the confidence that their newborn is safe and secure. Parents can go to a local mall, grocery store, or almost anywhere and know their child’s location is accessible with GPS tracking technology. If a parent turns their attention away from a child they can be assured that if the baby leaves a designated area that the GPS tracker will alert them by cell phone. The main functions of a live GPS tracker are to serve as a warning device to the parent if the baby gets too far away, and allows parents to find a baby’s location at any time.

Parents can watch the GPS tracking data at home or work to see what park grandma and grandpa took the baby to, or what route a nanny is walking the baby.

From birth in the hospital to going home day for baby and parents a GPS tracking system can record and monitor
the journey, ushering in a new wave of technology designed to keep baby safe.

GPS Tracking Bracelet For Baby

Have you ever wondered where your son was actually at after he jumped on his bike and said he would be riding to his “friend’s” house? How about where exactly your daughter is when she walks with her friends around the mall? There are a hundred thousand different scenarios where a parent could be left scratching their head, wondering if their child is safe. However, GPS tracking bracelets for babies and children are changing the way many parents observe what their children are doing, and this is resulting in a greater level of peace-of-mind.

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GPS is around us every day. Companies use real-time GPS trackers to monitor fleet activity, caregivers use personal trackers to monitor senior citizens at risk of wandering, motorists use navigation systems to help them when lost and anyone with a smartphone has likely tagged themselves at some location to make their friends jealous. Although applications for GPS use range and vary, a personal tracking system designed in a bracelet fashion is giving parents the ability to locate their children without hassle.

Lightweight and small, GPS bracelets for babies are real-time trackers that constantly send out locational information. They are easily worn by the infant, which then, in turn, gives the parent the ability to locate that child whenever they want. The parent can easily access the real time GPS tracker data from their mobile phone, tablet or computer, giving them peace of mind within seconds. The GPS wristwatch bracelet needs only to be charged roughly every 40 hours, and the tracker device even has features that can alert parents if their child is in danger or in need of assistance.

“The world has become increasingly more technologically advanced, but also more dangerous, and that is why parents have been investing in any tool or service that could potentially result in improved child safety“, a Tracking System Direct rep explained. “GPS wristwatch bracelets offer parents a simple avenue to monitor their children accurately and closely. The real question is what parents wouldn’t want to use GPS tracking for children if it could help protect their loved ones?”

Cost Of Child Tracker Bracelets

Personal wristwatch bracelets that use GPS cost vary in cost from $59.00-$499.00. Parents who have special needs children can invest in a security version of the bracelet that cannot be taken off without the assistance of a parent or caregiver. The security version of most child GPS trackers also comes with a tamper alert feature that will notify parents if their child is trying to remove the GPS bracelet, as well as a panic SOS feature.

Parents have to adapt to an ever-changing, fast-moving world. A world where kids text at the dinner table and talk with friends via Facebook. However, parents can still gain oversight of their child’s activities through the use of GPS monitoring systems. Systems that will offer real-time locational info that can greatly enhance personal safety.

Emergency GPS For Baby Stroller

Unlike many other personal tracker systems that require the user to download software, the GPS bracelets offered at Tracking System Direct are 100% web-based, making them ideal in a real emergency situation. Since web-based real-time systems allow parents to access GPS data from any device with Internet capabilities such as a iPhone, iPad or computer, getting vital GPS information in an emergency situation is very easy. This is critical if a parent fears a child may be lost or worse because it gives the parent the ability to locate their child’s whereabouts in the fastest time possible. But the best part about some of the more modern, portable child GPS trackers is they can be used not only to monitor any kid but can also easily be placed in a baby stroller. This is a great option for parents who want to see where a nanny or caregiver is taking their child while overseeing the baby.