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RV Theft Statistics

9 RV Facts & Theft Stats You Need To Know!

Did you know that protecting your RV or travel trailer has never been easier if you employ some simple safety tips? The reality is RV theft statistics are up, but leaving your RV on a campground is actually very safe. This might sound confusing, and that is why we are here to help break down everything you need to know about to protect your motorhome, RV, or travel trailer. First, let’s dive into some of the statistical data and facts when it comes to RV security!

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1. Crime Statistics Don’t Give Clarity On How Many RVs Are Stolen:

When it comes to stolen RVs, tracking and accurate reporting can be challenging. States often categorize vehicle thefts by motor class types without specifying RVs, leading to unclear statistics. Moreover, underreported RV crimes further complicate the understanding of the actual prevalence of RV theft. This lack of specific information can make it difficult for RV owners to assess the risks associated with their vehicles and understand the true scope of the problem.

2. Approximately 10% Of Vehicles Stolen Are Classified As RVs:

While the percentage may seem significant, the actual number of stolen RVs remains relatively low, accounting for around 6% of total vehicle thefts. It is important to consider that RVs are less common on the road compared to other types of vehicles. The lower theft rates can be attributed to the relatively smaller population of RVs, making them less frequent targets for thieves. However, it is still crucial for RV owners to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their valuable assets.

3. Is RV Theft Common?

Fortunately, RV theft is not a common occurrence. Advances in RV security measures have made recreational vehicles safer and more difficult to break into. Many RVs are equipped with specialized locks and safety features that provide enhanced protection. Simple yet effective security measures, such as making the RV appear occupied, properly securing doors, and avoiding leaving the vehicle unattended for extended periods, can significantly deter potential thieves. Additionally, the installation of steering wheel locks or trailer GPS trackers can serve as additional deterrents and prevent RV thefts from happening.

4. In 2020, RV Theft Rose Nearly 865%:

While the percentage increase may seem alarming, it is important to consider the context. In 2020, there was a rise in RV thefts, but the total number of stolen RVs was relatively low, with only 26 reported incidents. The economic impact of the pandemic and the resulting financial strain on individuals may have contributed to the slight uptick in thefts. Moreover, the prolonged periods of RV parking due to travel restrictions and lockdowns provided more opportunities for thieves. Nonetheless, the overall likelihood of an RV owner experiencing theft remains relatively low.

5. Auto Theft Is Dropping Overall:

Fortunately, the trend of auto theft, including RV thefts, is on the decline. Advances in technology, such as GPS tracking systems, have made it easier for RV owners to monitor and protect their vehicles. The ability to track RVs in real-time has proven to be a strong deterrent for potential thieves. Given the size and visibility of RVs, they are challenging to move discreetly, further reducing the appeal for theft. The integration of GPS trackers has significantly contributed to the reduction in RV thefts in recent years.

6. Most RV Theft Occurs In Florida, West Virginia, and Kentucky:

Certain states, such as Florida, West Virginia, and Kentucky, have reported higher rates of RV theft compared to others. Factors such as a higher concentration of RV owners and increased poverty rates in these regions may contribute to the higher incidence of thefts. RV owners residing or traveling in these areas should exercise extra caution and implement additional security measures to protect their RVs.

7. Campgrounds Are Not Hot Spots For RV Theft:

Contrary to common belief, RV thefts are less likely to occur in campgrounds. The presence of more people and increased vigilance among fellow campers serve as a deterrent to potential thieves. Campgrounds often foster a sense of community and shared security, making it less attractive for criminals to target RVs parked in these areas. However, it is still essential to remain cautious and employ necessary security measures to safeguard RVs regardless of the location.

RVs Are More Likely To Get Stolen In The Summer:

The summer season sees a slight increase in RV thefts compared to other seasons. This can be attributed to the higher usage and travel activities during this time. With more people taking their RVs on vacations and camping trips, there may be an increased opportunity for theft. RV owners should remain vigilant, especially during peak travel seasons, and ensure they have proper security measures in place to protect their vehicles.

Faulty RVs Are Targeted Most By RV Thieves:

Evidence suggests that defective RVs are more frequently targeted by thieves. Owners may be more lax with security measures when an RV is in need of repairs or maintenance, creating an easier opportunity for theft. It is important for RV owners to maintain their vehicles in good working condition, address any issues promptly, and ensure all security features are functional. Taking proactive steps to keep an RV in optimal condition can help deter potential thieves and minimize the risk of theft.

TLDR RV Theft Facts

  • Crimes statistics don’t give clarity on how many RVs are stolen
  • Only 6 in every 100 vehicles stolen are classed as RVs or a similar vehicle type
  • RV theft is not that common
  • In 2020, RV thefts rose by approximately 865%
  • Auto theft overall is declining
  • Most RV thefts occur in Florida, West Virginia, and Kentucky
  • Campgrounds are not hotspots for RF thefts
  • More RVs get stolen in Summer than any other time of year
  • Faulty RVs are more susceptive to RV thieves

GPS Tracker For RV

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Do I Need To Worry About RV Theft?

The likelihood of getting an RV stolen is low, so it shouldn’t be an everyday concern when you and your family are enjoying the outdoors. With that said, RV thefts do happen, so it’s important you take any necessary RV security measures possible to protect yourself, secure your vehicle, and avoid the chance you’ll fall victim to any type of RV crime.

What Can You Do To Prevent RV Theft?

There are many security measures to take to reduce the chances of falling victim to RV theft. If you park your RV and leave it, make sure it looks occupied, ensuring your RV doors are fully secured. You can also install a GPS tracker, and make sure you have a sticker on the RV to show this. This can stop RV thieves in their tracks, and it doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Make sure you secure the RV with RV accessories too, things like wheel locks, coupler locks, cable locks, hitch pins, tire boot locks, hitch locks, and motion-activated lighting.

Other standard RV security measures include alarms and locks for steering wheels can also deter a person from wanting to steal your RV. Also, if you’re going to use storage facilities for an RV, make sure you vet the facility and hold the right type of coverage.

Pro Tip: Not all types of RV storage facilities are created equal, so be sure to look around at the best options for protecting for RV should you need to use an RV storage company.

Where Can I Track RV Theft Stats?

The National RV Dealers Association is the only place you’re going to be able to do this. Here, you get specific data that is related only to RV thefts. Every year, they release data that shows RV-specific data, that omits things like stolen trailers, fifth wheels, and towing vehicles; something that stats from the Insurance Information Institute doesn’t do at present.

Every year, the organization releases a list of stolen RVs. You can also look at other online sites and forums to see other individuals who post about stolen RVs, but these locations will almost always site the NRDA.

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