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New GPS Tracker Receives Another Positive Review

gadget_guyThe great thing about electronics and technology products is that most people who love them are really obsessed with them. With so many people now being tech-nerds for everything from mobile communication devices to computer tablets, review sites about the latest gadgets have sprung up everywhere to offer detailed reviews, technical assistance via web forums and news about the latest technological gizmos. One popular website that has cultivated a large following by those interested in the latest news about popular gadgets is a site simply known as The Gadget Guy Column, and recently the website did a short article on the newest live GPS tracker product launched by Tracking System Direct, the SilverCloud GPS.

About The Gadget Guy Column

The Gadget Guy is essentially the thoughts and opinions of a man named David Novak who has spent over 15 years writing for various famous publications such as The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Forbes Technology, Engadget and more. Novak has also been featured on multiple television and radio programs such as The Today Show and The CBS Morning Show. The columnist and freelance writer has a nationally syndicated newspaper column simply known as “The Gadget Guy”, which can be found in approximately 100 different newspapers around the globe every week where Novak discusses all of the latest technological products that are currently on the market or in the rumor mill. Novak has built a long reputation on credible journalism, and his personal insider knowledge of some of the most unique tech products before they hit the market.

SilverCloud GPS Tracker Debuts

When the latest innovation in real-time monitoring technology was introduced to the Tracking System Direct product line (thanks in part to the brilliant engineering efforts of LandAirSea Systems), the new real time GPS tracker quickly began creating a buzz among industry insiders. What was creating the buzz was talk about how the cost-effective GPS system would literally change the way people access and utilize live tracking system technology. What made this particular GPS tracking system so different from the other devices on the market was that first it offered a collection of different data plans for users to select from, making it an effective monitoring solution for both casual and power users. Most live trackers offered from other GPS companies came with one universal data plan (Usually $40.00 per month), pay-per use fees (Pings) and often times lengthy contracts that required the user to pay for service for upwards of 2 years! People who got themselves into contracts and were no longer in need of a live tracking solution quickly found themselves paying costly termination fees to end service.

Other Cool Features Of The SilverCloud Include:

  • Various Alerting Features (Speed Alerts & Geo-Fence Alerts)
  • Unlimited Continuous Updating On All Data Plans
  • Compact System Design Created To Offer Both Portability & Hard-Wire Option
  • Easy Access Via Smart Phone Or Web-Based Computer

The most important thing that developers of the web-interface and GPS tracker focused on was creating a device that was simple enough for everyday, non-techy parents interested in monitoring teenage driving activity (teen tracking) to operate, yet sophisticated enough to meet the tough demands of fleet management personnel overseeing massive business operations. Over the course of nearly 4 years of dedicated engineering, the SilverCloud finally made its long awaited debut in March of this year, impressing businesses, consumers and police agencies everywhere.

Anyone interested in learning more about the latest gadgets the technology world has to offer can visit The Gadget Guy website. People interested in learning more about the SilverCloud GPS can contact a Tracking System Direct vehicle tracking specialist or browse the company website 7 days a week for detailed product information.