Spy Keychain Voice Recorder

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Spy Keychain Voice Recorder For Spouse

Keychain Voice Recorder

Secretly Record What Your Partner Is Really Saying!

Spy Keychain Voice Recorder

LISTEN TO THE TRUTH. Without Them Ever Knowing

  • Find Out What Your Partner Is Saying When You Are Not Around
  • Record A Cheating Spouse Without Them Ever Knowing
  • Voice Activated Keychain Recorder Is Very Small


Spy Keychain Voice Recorder is a device every cheater hates. Why? Because the covert audio recorder is the easiest device to secretly record conversations without anyone ever suspecting a thing! Simply turn the voice-activated keychain recorder on and get the answers you need to know! With the ability to store up to 750 hours of audio recording files and document continuous conversations for 24 straight hours, there is no better device on the market to catch a cheating partner!

Spy Keychain Voice Recorder

5 Best Mini Microphone Keychain Voice Recorder Features

  1. Stealth Design: Secret spy audio recorder looks just like a keychain and can even operate as a professional MP3 player and USB drive.
  2. Noise Reduction: The High Quality (HQ) recording technology offers 360 panoramic recordings to provide clear and natural sounds that are noise-free of distractions and background sounds.
  3. Simple On/Off Button: Toggle the power button to “On/Record” to begin secretly recording conversations! Each recording is timestamped making it easy to find and save to your computer. Voice activation is also an available feature but it set to off by default.
  4. Technical Support: Lifetime tech support and customer service to help you utilize the keychain with a voice recorder.
  5. Listen To Audio Files Without Computer Access: What makes this portable digital audio recording device so amazing is that you do not need a computer to listen to voice recorder audio!

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Spy Keychain Voice Recorder

With quality audio, voice audio activated technology, and 24-hour battery power for continuous recording, this digital recorder is one of the top-rated spy gear solutions on the market today! Although the digital voice recorder MP3 player is perfect for catching a cheating spouse it can also be used for recording meetings, interviews, and other mini voice conversations where spy equipment can help provide you with the truth!

64 GB Vandlion KeychainRecorder

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