Law Enforcement

Tracking System Recovers Stolen Goods


GPS Tracker Leads To Arrest Of Thief

Law Enforcement Recover Stolen Items With Help Of GPS System

When the police of a small town in Lacey, Washington were called because of reported theft of a computer nobody ever imagined the events that were to unfold. Detectives and police in the small Washington city have utilized a variety of tools to apprehend criminals, but when they receive phone calls regarding missing goods the likelihood of police recovering stolen items is very slim. However, when the Lacey Police Department received a call about a stolen laptop that had a GPS tracking system with it the police had no doubt they would have no issue recovering the goods.

Although Lacey police stated they had never used a GPS system in investigative work before, police GPS trackers are now considered a staple among law enforcement tools. When Lacey police accessed the GPS tracking data from the tracking system they were led to a Tumwater motel. Once the police entered the room they discovered not only the stolen laptop and tracking system, but a wide range of miscellaneous stolen goods from Juicy Couture purses, electronics, and jewelry.

The police stated that the tracking system made recovering the goods an easy job and that they hope more people protect their valuables with GPS tracking technology.