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What Type Of Alarm Is Best Suited For Doors And Windows

Best Types Of Alarms Suited For Doors And Windows In 2023

Are you concerned with your home’s safety? The first thing that may pop into your head is a home security system: security cameras, wireless alarms, an entry sensor, or motion sensors… But where do you start? The basics to prep your home security would be door and window alarms. Interested to learn how they work? What should you buy? In this article, we will discuss some of the best types of alarms suited for doors and windows to help you boost your office or home security!

Door and Window Alarms By Types: All You Need to Know

There are a few alarms to choose from when it comes to window and door security. These alarms have a detection system that makes a loud alarm go off if it detects that any of your doors or windows was opened. It can work in different ways by capturing motion nearby as they sense contact through a magnetic switch or detect broken glass.
We have consulted with various Canadian exterior doors and window experts to discuss all the modern alarm types to consider if you want to elevate the security of your window and door entries.

Motion Sensors

Similar to motion lights, motion alarms work by sounding the security alarm when the motion alarms detect movement by sending a signal to your security system’s control panel. This security sensor can point toward the outside of your home or the room the alarm is connected to. Here are some of the benefits of motion sensors:

  • Detect movement and trigger an alarm, alerting you of any potential intrusion or break-in
  • Can be used to secure large areas like hallways or living rooms in addition to doors and windows
  • Some motion sensors have adjustable sensitivity and range settings, making them customizable for your specific needs
  • Most motion sensors are battery-powered, with a long battery life, and can be easily installed without the need for wiring or drilling
  • Popular options include the Wyze Home Alarm System and the Aqara Door and Window Sensor

Contact Sensors

Contact sensors go on doors and windows. They are connected to a magnetic switch (a sensor that detects the opening and closing of a door or window). Instead of going off at movement, the alarm triggers when the contact between the two parts of the alarm is broken. Here are some of the benefits of contact sensors:

  • Detect when a door or window is opened or closed and trigger an alarm if an unauthorized entry is detected
  • Easy to install, with wireless contact sensors that can be placed on any type of door or window
  • Some contact sensors can be remotely controlled and integrated into your home automation system for added convenience
  • The battery life of most contact sensors is long-lasting, and they require little maintenance
  • Popular options include the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor and the Sabre Wireless Door/Window Sensor

These feature peel-and-stick backings, so they are easy to install or, in this case, stick to hold the sensors in place.

Glass-Break Sensors

As you can tell by the name, glass-break sensors detect when the glass breaks, probably by an intruder. Here are some of the benefits of glass-break sensors:

  • Detect the sound of breaking glass and trigger an alarm, alerting you of a possible break-in
  • Can be installed on windows that are vulnerable to break-ins or entry
  • Most glass break sensors are wireless and easy to install, without the need for wiring or drilling
  • Some glass break sensors have adjustable sensitivity levels, making them customizable for your specific needs
  • Popular options include the Doberman Security Glass Alarm and the Noopel Door Window Alarm

Vibration And Pressure Sensors

These are extra sensitive. They detect slight changes in pressure and can react to knocking on a door as well as detect vibration on glass. Here are some of the benefits of vibration and pressure sensors:

  • Detect any vibration or movement on doors or windows and trigger an alarm, alerting you of a possible intrusion
  • Can be installed on any type of door or window, including those that may be vulnerable to forced entry
  • Most vibration sensors are battery-powered, with a long battery life, and require little maintenance
  • Some vibration sensors have adjustable sensitivity levels, making them customizable for your specific needs
  • Popular options include the Yolink Smart Home Starter Kit and the GE Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm

Extra Features To Boost Your Home’s Overall Security

Security Cameras: These allow you to see/record whatever is happening outside or inside your home. They can be wireless cameras or video doorbells, for example. Usually, these models record footage when they sense movement.

You can access those cameras remotely and check who’s at your doorbell if you’re out of the home. Some door alarms have built-in security cameras too. Remote access allows you to video monitor your home live or receive a video clip when activity occurs.

Smart Home Integrations: Thanks to the latest innovations in smart home technology, homeowners can easily customize the connected devices and smart home systems to work together. By downloading a single app that controls your home security, you can add ease and security to your life.

With some upgrades, you can receive notifications when someone enters your home through a door or window. They work alongside smart locks that let you lock and unlock your door with a simple tap on your smartphone.

Some systems can set off an alarm if a window or door is opened when the system should be on, as well as determine whether motion is occurring in your home and turn on lights accordingly.

You can use digital assistants such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to arm and disarm your security system with voice commands.

What To Consider When Choosing Modern Security Measures

Remote Accessibility:Remote-controlled security systems aren’t a must-have but more of a should-have. Alarms will always work, but if you’re not around your home, you still need safekeeping.

If you need to let a family member or a neighbor into your home, you can disarm the alarms and rearm the system once they leave. You can also lock and unlock smart doors remotely.

You’ll receive notifications if there is any activity detected as well to monitor the situation.

Professional vs. Self-Monitored Security:You may have to sign a long-term contract when working with a security company to set up your alarms. Companies may promote cheap sets at $200, but you’ll end up paying $1.000 because of the extra components you need. The good thing about this investment is that a trained team will monitor your home 24/7, making the safety level quite decent.

When it comes to DIY protection, homeowners can also have professional monitoring or at least call-on-demand monitoring. The price tag will be lower, but you can rely only on some sensors to trigger the alarm and remote access to monitor the space with no professional team on standby.

How Many Security Alarms Do You Need?

This depends on your personal security needs, whether the alarms are to keep intruders out or keep a toddler inside. Many homeowners use sensors at every entry point, while others consider only specific windows.

You should also take into account what you need to monitor. Is it the door entry? Do you need smoke alarms in case of a fire? Those are things to keep in mind.

Alarm Permits: You may need to go to your local police department. An alarm and security systems require a permit and often comes with an annual or one-time fee at the permit-issuing moment in some municipalities.

Pet Protection:If you are a dog owner or have pets in your home, you may want to keep this point in mind. Many security systems and sensors are built with pets in mind. This way, the alarms won’t go off when they sense your cat walking around your home.

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5 Best Security Systems To Consider For Windows & Doors In 2023

While there are many security kits to consider, the best models for entry doors and window protection usually remain the same. Check out the top picks:

YoLink Smart Window & Door Kit

This comes with 4 door/window sensors, a hub kit, and a mobile app for remote monitoring, and it is compatible with Alexa.

This device works even without power, doesn’t connect to wifi, and has a ¼ mile range. It can cover multiple floors and buildings on large properties. Quick and easy to install with pre-applied 3M brand mounting tape.

You’ll receive push notifications, an email, or up to 30 times a month notifying you of the device’s activities. You can even receive weather and Amber alerts. You will need Yolink sirens or SpeakerHubs to sound the alarms. The only con is that it does not have an audible alert.

GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm, 12-Pack

This GE wireless personal security system has a magnetic sensor that triggers an alarm or chimes when a window/door opens. It has a four-digit keypad and three independent window/door alarms. It is also wireless, battery-powered, and easy to install double-stick tape, though it is only for indoor use.

These are very accessible, and the alarms are very loud! Though they don’t connect to smart home security or wifi, they definitely will scare off any unwanted guests.

Ring Alarm Security Kit, 5-Piece, 2nd Gen

The ring alarm comes with a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and one range extender. This kit is compatible with Alexa devices and can have voice control commands. This one is recommended for smaller homes and is great for apartments.

Place the sensors on your main door or window frame, connect to wifi through the Ring app, and your home will be secured. Arm or disarm the alarm with Alexa, and you can get extra features with the Ring Protect Plan.

It only comes with one sensor, but you can easily upgrade your system by adding other Ring components and accessories anytime.


This one works with the Apple home kit, and you can control the Aqara hub and connected accessories by accessing from the home app on your apple device, and it is voice control enabled. The Aqara SmartHub M2 is one of the most popular models and the only one with an ethernet port.

SecurityMan Security Bar Door and Window Bar Alarm

This is a great option to prevent entry while sounding an ear-splitting alarm. This set comes with interchangeable rubber caps that can work as a jamming bar for sliding windows or hinged doors. It can detect slight movement and pressure with its vibration sensor alarm.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your home safe is something you need to carefully and strategically do. Depending on how much security you need, you will have many options. This article covered many things you probably needed to learn, so make sure you don’t go and buy the first alarm out there. Keep in mind all the options discussed, and we hope you find the best alarm for your doors and windows!


What Type Of Alarm Is Best Suited For Doors And Windows?

There are two types of alarms suitable for doors and windows: magnetic alarms and glass break alarms. Magnetic alarms detect the magnetic sensors’ separation when a door or window is opened, while the sound of breaking glass triggers glass break alarms.

Can I Install Window Alarms Myself Or Hire A Professional?

Both magnetic alarms and glass break alarms can be installed by yourself, but it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and ensure they are installed correctly. If you’re not confident in your ability to install the alarms, it’s recommended to hire a professional to provide proper installation and optimal performance.

Do Magnetic Alarms And Glass Break Alarms Require Maintenance?

Yes, both types of alarms require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. Magnetic alarms should be tested regularly to ensure they’re properly aligned and the sensors are working correctly. Glass break alarms should also be tested periodically. The sensitivity should be adjusted as necessary. It’s also important to replace the batteries in the alarms as needed.

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