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14 Tell Tale Signs Husband Is Cheating Online

How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating Online 

Technology has made the world easier for couples – we can now stay connected with our loved ones 24/7, no matter what kind of distance separates us. However, technology has also brought with it another set of problems for couples. While staying in touch is easier than ever in the digital world – so is cheating and adultery. Social media makes it easy for men to reconnect with past lovers or strike up a new cyber affair with women. 

If your partner is cheating on you, then it can be a huge barrier in the relationship, and it can jeopardize your future. A cheating husband who is using online mediums to connect with lovers always leaves telltale signs of cheating. If you’re reading this, then there’s a strong chance that you’ve noticed your husband suddenly starts acting differently – perhaps when you ask to look at his phone or when you walk up behind him without warning. These are the warning signs of infidelity. If you want to read about these signs in detail, then continue reading this article.

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14 Tell Tale Signs Your Husband Is Cheating Online 

Paying attention to your partner’s behavior is the first step to identifying if they’re cheating, but the signs your partner is cheating are not all the same. Before you accuse your spouse of having a physical or emotional affair with someone they met online, here’s a list of suspicious behaviors to watch out for first: 

1. He’s on his phone all the time. Many people like to spend time on our phones, but relationship experts know that sudden, excessive phone use might be a sign of infidelity. 

2. He has a new password on his phone, and he won’t tell you what it is. Most of us have passwords on our phone, but in a normal trusting relationship your partner shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with sharing their password. 

3. He gets touchy or tries to hide his phone screen from you. Only a cheating husband would try to hide things on his phone from his wife. Telltale signs your husband is hiding something include tilting his phone screen away from you, keeping his brightness low while texting so you can’t see his screen, and quickly exiting texting apps whenever you try to glance at his screen.

4. He’s suddenly talking to new people and has new friends that you know nothing about. This might include him frequenting new social circles – both online or in person – and mentioning new friends that you’ve never heard of before. 

5. He’s taking mysterious business trips. One of the tell tale signs of cheating and extramarital affairs are long trips. Usually, this means that your husband is away from home for one night or even several nights. With cyber affairs, he may have met someone who lives in another city and is going to visit her during his so called “trips”.

6. Your partner suddenly comes home late and doesn’t tell you where he’s been. When the cyber affair progresses to the point where he starts meeting with his lover regularly, then you might notice him coming home late at night. You may also suspect that your spouse is lying about where he went. 

7. Things feel different in the relationship. If you feel like the emotional intimacy of your marriage has run dry, then it may be one of the signs that your spouse is cheating. You may start to feel uncomfortable around your partner, or maybe he stopped doing nice things for you. 

8. Your gut tells you that he’s cheating. Sometimes you just have to trust your senses and confront your partner so that you can ease your mind. Even if you don’t have evidence, if you are feeling uncomfortable then you should talk it out with your spouse or partner asap.

9. He smiles at his phone a lot. Smiling while using a phone is not unusual, there’s plenty of memes and videos that people laugh at online. However, smiling on the phone becomes one of the red flags if your husband refuses to tell you what he is smiling at. People often smile when they are texting their lovers.

10. He insists on replying to texts at strange times. Have you ever noticed your husband insisting on texting even when it’s not appropriate to do so? For example, if you two are having an intimate moment but he ruins it by suddenly getting busy on his phone. Or he might be busy texting while you two are out on a romantic date night. 

11. He gets angry or defensive when confronted about his actions. If you’ve noticed a change in your husband’s temperament, then it may be because he is stressed out while trying to hide his new lover.

12. He accuses you of cheating out of the blue. A cheating partner will use this tactic to deflect the blame from themselves. They are especially prone to doing this if they are feeling guilty about their actions

13. There’s another person on his social media liking and commenting on all his photos. This is especially suspicious if you don’t know that person, and if your husband replies to them often on Instagram or Facebook.

14. Sex is not the same. Cheating takes a toll on sex life, and can result in a very loveless marriage. People cheat mainly for sexual reasons, so if you notice your sex life changing then it’s a one fo the telltale signs of cheating.

15. You catch him talking to someone else red handed. Catching them in the act is the best way to confirm your suspicions.

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Things To Do When Your Husband Is Chatting To Another Woman

What do you do when your husband is talking to another woman online? First of all, it’s important to confirm your suspicion before jumping to conclusions. The first step should be to find out more about the suspicious woman – is she an old friend, colleague, partner? Do they talk online? Is he spending time with her in real life? Should you consider using spy apps, voice recorders or GPS trackers to gather evidence? Once you have done this, you should take the information to your partner, and try to communicate your concerns to them. He likely will not get defensive or angry unless your suspicions are actually right. It may be worthwhile to hire a private investigator to confirm the signs of infidelity. If it ends up being true, then you both should consider going into relationship coaching. If things aren’t working still, then the final resort should be filing for divorce.

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