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Plumbing companies understand the importance of providing quality service to homeowners and businesses. This is the reason plumbing companies routinely offer repair services 7 days a week, and some even 24 hours a day! But for operation managers overseeing plumbers operating in the field in work vans, having the ability to instantly locate a service repairman and guiding them to a job can be a challenge. This is the reason why many plumbing businesses are now calling upon GPS tracking devices to manage their vehicle fleet of plumbing vans.

Best GPS Tracking Device For Plumbing Businesses

Connect GPSBenefits Of GPS Car Tracking For Plumbers:

  • Improve Fleet Plumber Vehicle Management
  • Grow Your Plumbing Business With Live GPS
  • ELD Compliance For Commerical Vehicles
  • Reduce Labor Costs & Fuel Costs
  • More Accurate Maintenance Schedules
  • Know Where Company Vehicles Are 24/7



There are a lot of different vehicle tracking devices on the market today that is designed for fleet tracking applications, but when it comes to monitoring plumbing vehicles the best tracking device is the Connect GPS.  The reason why this particular automobile tracker is so popular with plumbing businesses is that the device can easily connect to the OBD2 port of any plumbing van. This results in the GPS tracker never losing battery life since it pulls power directly from the service vehicle. However, the feature that really sets the Connect apart from other devices on the market is that the device is a real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees! This is because of the Connect GPS comes with a free one-year service plan for live updates every 3 minutes. Plumbing businesses that require faster updates can always upgrade to a paid plan where service contracts are month-to-month. This is really great for plumbing businesses located in areas where work is more seasonal.

The best way to manage multiple plumbers through efficient dispatch, accurately log mileage documentation, and protect company vans is through the use of plumbing GPS tracking devices. What these realtime GPS vehicle tracking systems provide plumbing companies is the ability to determine what job site each plumber is located, how long the plumber is at each service call, how fast the plumber is driving in company vans, and a wealth of other data related to vehicle maintenance. The vehicle tracking information can be very useful in not only reducing wasteful driving habits and boosting auto theft security for plumbing vans but also in taking customer service to a higher level. Especially, if the plumbing companies choose to share the real time GPS coordinates with clients!

Common Plumbing Issues

  • Replacing Old Plumbing Equipment
  • Drain Cleaning Services
  • Repairing Broken Toilets
  • Plumbing Pipe Rerouting 
  • Pipe Leak Repairs and Unclogging Toilets
  • Fixture Repair, Replacement
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Sewer Line Blockage Cleaning

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ELD Devices For Plumbing Companies

Car Camera GPSDash Camera GPS Tracking For Plumbing

  • Dash Cams The Ultimate Tracking Solution
  • Saves Money On Insurance
  • Reduce Time Spent At Job Sites
  • Enhance Driver Safety Of Plumbing Technicians
  • All-In-One GPS Fleet Tracking



Boosting Emergency Plumbing Response Times

Fr most plumbing companies, a good portion of their business occurs on an emergency basis. This is basically when homeowners or businesses might have a situation with an overflowing toilet or possible frozen pipes during the colder months. It also means that plumbers must respond very quickly. Plumbing businesses that manage two or more plumbing vans a benefit from live truck tracking devices be an enormous asset. This is because plumbing GPS trackers for fleet management allow a plumbing business to know where service vehicles are positioned at any time. Therefore, plumbing companies can respond promptly to emergency service calls, navigating the trucks, or vans to the area quickly. When plumbing companies can respond swiftly to their customers during any plumbing emergency, they will be the plumbing service provider the customer calls any time an emergency repair is required.