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The essential tools that law enforcement agencies have utilized over the years have resulted in criminals being captured and the streets being safer for the public. The general population recognizes many of the tools that law enforcement personnel use such as a firearm, pepper spray, or set of handcuffs, but the new 21st-century spy gadget tools law enforcement have recently been using have provided a high-tech approach to crime-fighting. Hidden cameras, computers, and other surveillance equipment transform police cruisers from squad cars to information cars. The surveillance equipment records the events of the night while computers allow law enforcement to quickly access prior criminal activity and potential arrest warrants. However, easily the most used surveillance tools among law enforcement are GPS tracking systems, and that same professional spy equipment is now being used to catch cheating husbands and wives.

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Professional Spy Equipment

GPS tracking technology has made many strides over the past decade and the end result has been companies and manufacturers developing competitively priced GPS monitoring solutions. GPS tracking devices have become smaller and more affordable, making them viable solutions for consumers who want a GPS tracker for their wife’s car, or women wanting to know how to track her boyfriend.

Some of the most popular professional spy equipment for vehicle tracking includes the Driving Activity Reporter and Flashback GPS, which only require that the user manually download the data in order to access the collected information. More expensive spy tracking devices have blue-tooth capabilities that do not require the user to remove the GPS data logger from the vehicle. However, the device must be within a close range in order for the blue-tooth capabilities to work (approximately 50 feet or closer).

What makes spy GPS trackers perfect for people who suspect their partner is showing signs a partner might be cheating is the technology can precisely record a vehicle’s travel history second-by-second. In fact, the data is so accurate it can be admitted into the courtroom and accepted as a form of credible evidence. Other information provide by spy devices used to catch cheaters include:

  • How long a vehicle was at a particular address
  • Every stop a husband/wife/partner made 
  • Routes traveled so those suspecting cheating can validate claims

Spy equipment such as spouse GPS tracker technology continues to be a cost-smart and safe approach to acquiring evidence for many people worried about infidelity and will continue to provide that valuable information.

Top 5 Features Of GPS Tracking Devices For Catching Cheaters

People in relationships concerned that their partner is having an affair should really understand what to look for when investing in a spy device for catch a cheating spouse. With GPS tracking technology still being in its infancy stages it is difficult for consumers to know what to look for when choosing a spouse GPS tracking device. “The technology is evolving consistently so consumers need to do their homework to ensure they are purchasing a quality spy device for catching a cheating spouse”, explained Ryan Horban, Vice President of Operations for Tracking System Direct. So the question many emotionally-drained people who believe their partner is having an affair ask is:

What Should I Be Looking For When Purchasing A Spouse Tracking System?

After an extensive interviews with some of the most reputable GPS tracking system manufacturers, consumers, and law enforcement agencies here is the list of the five things consumers need to look at when purchasing a spy device to catch a cheater.

1. Real Time vs Data Logger (Comparison)

GPS trackers come in 2 forms:

  1. Passive ( GPS Data Loggers)
  2. Active (Also Known As Real-Time)

Real-time GPS tracking is what most people feel that they need, but once they learn that a monthly service obligation is required they tend to lean more toward passive tracking systems. Active real time GPS trackers allow a person to view a potential cheating spouse as they move in real-time from a remote location over a computer. Accessing tracking system data only requires a a few mouse clicks and an Internet connection, or free app to catch cheaters.

Passive systems are GPS receivers, recording travel history. These tracking systems are placed on a vehicle then need to be manually removed and downloaded in order to access the GPS data. Although some people may find the process to be a small hassle, the great thing about passive GPS trackers is that they are much more affordable than real-time tracking systems and carry no monthly service fees.

Since most GPS vehicle tracking dealers do not offer returns on products due to the nature of vehicle tracking, consumers need to make sure they know what type of tracking system they are buying before they submit payment.

2. Cell Phone Spy Apps For Catching The Unfaithful

Free iPhone and android spy apps for cheating spouses tend to be the most advertised GPS tracking solutions that on the market today. The concept appears fairly straight forward in theory, a person has a phone and that phone’s location can be tracked at anytime. Many consumers waste money on these GPS tracking features because even though they are affordable and provide a false sense of security. The reason is because mobile apps for catching a spouse DO NOT USE GPS!!! Position is calculated over cellular towers, meaning the accuracy is extremely poor, and the phone must be in cell coverage for the position to be located.Hidden spy apps for android or iPhone can easily be compromised and that is something no concerned husband or wife wants to deal with given the enormity of the situation. Not to mention, a cheating spouse  easily turn the phone off, killing the spy app’s ability to transmit locations.

3. Portability And Power Source

Some spy GPS tracking systems can be used as portable devices, others must be connected to a car’s power supply for operation, and some combine both. As a rule of thumb, most people seeking spy device to catch a cheating spouse  portable tracking systems because of the flexibility. This means a concerned husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend can simply attach the spy tracker inside or outside of a vehicle and then begin tracking that vehicle!

4. Avoid Getting Ripped Off

There a lot of reputable GPS manufacturers and resellers who will give consumers a bargain and almost all of them do not sell on Amazon or EBay. Be cautious of people selling “Brand New” devices for extremely low prices. If the offer looks to good to be true it probably is. Make sure you call and speak with a company representative, and VISIT THEIR WEBSITE!! A consumer can tell a lot about a company by simply visiting a company website and seeing how much GPS tracking information is available.

5. Affordable GPS Tracking

With the spy equipment market growing and becoming more competitive now is the best time to get a bargain! Consumers should not have to pay high costs for activation fees that many of the bigger name security companies charge, and many GPS tracking dealers such as Tracking System Direct offer free ground shipping on purchases. Not to mention, free technical support for the life of the surveillance tools.