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Best GPS Trackers With No Subscription

Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee Buyer’s Guide For 2024

Ever wondered how to keep tabs on your car or teen driver without the burden of monthly fees? You’re not alone. Many people want GPS tracking solutions without monthly fees, from savvy parents to small businesses. But what are the best GPS trackers with no subscription? This article is your guide to the top GPS trackers that won’t pinch your wallet with unnecessary monthly fees. We’ll explore each of these highly-rated products, highlight features, and address common queries. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to find a GPS tracker no monthly fee solution that meeds your specific needs!

Disclaimer: In this article, you will discover our top picks for GPS trackers with no subscription fees. Remember, we’ve curated this list based on performance and features, not through an exhaustive review or ranking process. As you explore our selections, you’ll find some products that we proudly offer at Tracking System Direct. Our aim is to guide you, not to claim an exhaustive comparison. Transparency matters to us; we want you to know about our product affiliations. Keep this in mind as you consider your GPS tracking needs. 

LandAirSea 54: Best Overall Real Time GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Our expert pick for the best hidden GPS tracker for car no monthly fee product is a covert device simply known as LandAirSea 54. This live GPS tracker is small, powerful, designed with a magnet mount, and comes with a full year of tracking service. Place this spy tracker underneath any car and find out if your wife is having an affair, if your employees are driving company vehicles like maniacs, or if your teenager is hauling ass in the family car.

GPS Tracker For Car


Key Features & Specifications

  • Durability: Waterproof, dustproof, internal magnet, compact design.
  • Real-Time Tracking: 4G LTE and satellite, multiple alert types.
  • Connectivity: App, website access, location sharing feature.
  • Battery Life: 1-3 weeks regular, 6 months low power mode.
  • Extras: Dark Mode, map tracking, historical playback, monthly GPS fee.

What makes LandAirSea 54 a better solution than other top-selling products such as Spy Tec GL300, MOTOSafety, or Tracki are a number of unique features. These LandAirSea 54 features include durable waterproof housing (strong magnet mount), real time GPS tracking with no monthly fees, and the best technical support in the industry that is available 24/7. So whether you want to safeguard an asset or simply make sure your teen is driving safe, this mini GPS tracker is an excellent choice. Now, let’s see what real users had to say about this product according to verified reviews on Amazon!





GPS 54 LandAirSea
  • Built-in magnet

  • Waterproof & compact

  • Fast location updates

  • Long standby mode

  • Google Maps & alerts

  • Battery Life: Up to 3 weeks

  • Size: 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.8 inches

  • Weight: <1 lb

  • Standby Time: 180 days

  • Includes: SIM card

As of 4/03/2024

4.2 Stars | 22,352 Ratings 



  • Water and Dustproof: Durable for various environmental conditions.

  • Energy Saver Mode: Extends battery life for longer usage.

  • Magnet: Ensures secure attachment to metal surfaces.

  • 3 Second Real time updates.

  • Tech support only available Monday-Friday.

  • Subscription Required: Ongoing cost for GPS services.

  • Does not offer vehicle diagnsotics data.

Positive Review: Brooke rates the Personal Real Time micro GPS Tracker highly, giving it 5 stars for its ease of setup and effectiveness. She urgently purchased it after an attempted break-in on her Hyundai. The activation and app setup was straightforward, with her main challenge being finding a discreet placement in the car. During a test drive to the grocery store, the tracker proved reliable, showing her car’s location within 10-12 feet accuracy. Brooke appreciates the user-friendly app, though she hasn’t tried the PC version yet.

Negative Review:  Jess Reed, however, is disappointed with the same tracker, rating it 1 star. Initially, the tracker worked well, securely placed under the car. About a month later, it began malfunctioning, showing the car moving at 18 mph in a location 2 hours away, while the car was actually stationary beside Jess. The tracker became unreliable, with frequent glitches and inaccurate battery readings. Despite efforts to locate it, both on the vehicle and at the indicated location, the unit was nowhere to be found. Jess’s experience turned from initial satisfaction to significant frustration due to these issues.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a 4g LTE GPS tracker with no activation fees or monthly fees that can do it all then check out LandAirSea 54.

Vyncs Pro: Amazon Top Selling Vehicle GPS For OBDii Ports

vyncs GPS tracker

Best For Small Businesses & Vehicle Health

Vyncs GPS Tracker

  • No Monthly Fee: One-time activation, 1-year service included, affordable 2nd-year renewal.

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Includes diagnostics, fuel economy, maintenance alerts, and tamper alert.

  • Advanced Trip and Location Features: Geofencing, trip history, real-time updates, low power consumption.


Vyncs GPS Tracker is one of the top-selling GPS tracking devices on Amazon. Why? Because Vyncs Pro 4G GPS is perfect for personal GPS tracking and ensuring the security of your vehicle. With its real-time GPS capabilities, you’ll always know where your car and loved ones are located. And the best part? This OBD2 GPS tracker comes with a full year of real time tracking data with unlimited updates every 60 seconds! Pretty awesome right?

Key Features & Specifications

  • Durability: Sturdy design, fits OBD-II port, dimensions 2.4 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches.
  • Real-Time Tracking: 4G LTE, USA and international coverage (200 countries), real-time updates.
  • Connectivity: App and web access, no monthly fee, one-year service.
  • Battery Life: No battery needed, powered directly by vehicle’s OBD port.
  • Extras: Vehicle diagnostics, geofence alerts, fuel level tracking, global support.

With easy installation and compatibility with a web app, it’s a user-friendly choice for anyone looking to monitor their vehicles. Now, let’s explore som real customer experiences via verified Amazon buyers.





Vyncs Pro 4G GPS Tracker For Car
  • No Monthly Fee

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • Direct OBD-II Connection

  • Extensive Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Global Coverage

  • 1-Year Service Included

  • $39.99 Activation Fee

  • Renewal $78.93 in 2nd Year

  • Plug-and-Play

  • 4G LTE Device

As of 4/03/2024 

4.0 Stars | 7,133 Ratings



  • Vehicle Health Monitoring: Detects car issues early.

  • Real-Time Updates: GPS data refreshes every 60 seconds.

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Available with Vyncs Premium.

  • No On-Battery Operation: Lacks flexibility of battery-powered devices.

  • Initial Purchase and Activation Fee: Upfront cost required.

  • Delayed tamper alerts.


Positive Review: Donna Humphreys recommends Vyncs GPS with a 5-star rating, praising its detailed tracking features for location, speed, and driving behavior. As a single parent using it for 6 years in older cars, she highlights its alert system for mechanical issues, helping prevent major repairs. She found it invaluable during a snowstorm to track her driver and in quickly recovering her stolen car. Donna appreciates the peace of mind, its positive impact on insurance premiums, and ensuring her young driver’s safety.

Negative Review: J M gives Vyncs GPS 1 star, highlighting poor customer service and compatibility problems with a 2020 Honda Civic. Initially pleased with its vehicle monitoring, he faced GPS issues and found customer support unhelpful, receiving generic responses. J M criticizes the need to purchase a new device with an additional activation fee and advises potential buyers to consider alternatives due to the device’s unreliability in newer vehicles and unsatisfactory customer service, despite the no monthly fee advantage.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a reliable car GPS tracker, the Vyncs Pro GPS might be the perfect fit for you. This device is a 4G GPS tracker offering a range of features, including real-time location tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and geofencing.

Invoxia: Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

Invoxia GPS Tracker

Best GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee For Motorbikes

Invoxia GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

  • Motion & Tilt Alerts: Enhanced security for vehicles with immediate theft alerts

  • Personal Safety Monitoring: Ideal for tracking seniors, teens, and other family members discreetly.

  • Inclusive 1-Year Subscription: No extra costs for the first year, affordable renewal options.


Invoxia is a versatile GPS tracker suitable for motorcycles and other valuable items, offering year-long tracking without a monthly fee. Its compact design makes it easy to hide, and it provides real-time location updates through a user-friendly app. This device is ideal for monitoring the movement of motorcycles, ensuring their security with instant alerts and a long battery life.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Durability: IP33 protection, robust materials, compact size (105 x 27 x 9.5 mm).
  • Real-Time Tracking: GPS with motion and tilt alerts, 4G LTE-M connectivity.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, LoRa, SigFox, comes with a manual and USB cable.
  • Battery Life: 300 mAh lithium-ion, long-lasting, rechargeable in 90 minutes.
  • Extras: 1-year subscription included, affordable, suitable for personal and vehicle tracking.





Invoxia GPS Tracker
  • Mini GPS Tracker

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • Protects Family & Friends

  • Exceptional Battery Life

  • 1-Year Subscription

  • Compact & Concealable

  • Fast Recharge: 90 Minutes

  • Adjustable Update Intervals

  • Subscription: $3.33/Month Renewal

  • 4G Coverage: US & Hawaii

As of 4/03/2024 

3.8 Stars | 543 Ratings



  • Versatile Use: Suitable for vehicles, personal, and asset tracking.

  • Battery Life: Long-lasting, rechargeable in 90 minutes.

  • 1-Year Subscription Included

  • Affordable Renewal Plans: From $3.33/month after first year.

  • Renewal Cost After 1 Year: Subscription required for continued use.

  • Not Waterproof: Limited use in harsh weather conditions.

  • Dependency on cellular coverage.

Positive Review: Kolbe highly recommends Invoxia GPS, giving it 5 stars for reliably tracking his motorcycle across the country. The device provides real-time location updates and journey history, requiring only infrequent charging. Its proven waterproof capability assures durability against the elements. Kolbe values the peace of mind this tracker brings, ensuring the safety of his motorcycle.

Negative Review:  Monica Nabizadeh rates Invoxia GPS 1 star due to significant shortcomings. She experienced unreliable reception, infrequent and delayed notifications, and an absence of live tracking. The tracker often froze, and its reset mechanism was not user-friendly. Customer service was unresponsive to her queries. The most critical issue arose when her motorcycle was stolen again; the tracker missed several movements and was slow to update, impeding recovery efforts. Monica’s experience highlights the device’s unreliability in critical situations, with insufficient support, making it less effective for theft prevention and recovery.

Bottom Line: Invoxia is a really useful portable GPS tracker that is great for tracking motorcycles.

Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 – Best No Subscription GPS For Personal Use

Spark Nano 7

Best With Panic SOS Button

Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 With Case

  • International 4G Coverage. Comprehensive 4G connectivity across North America, including Canada, Mexico, and the USA

  • Concealed Design. Waterproof case ensures robust attachment in all conditions, ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and fleet management.

  • Flexible Subscription Plans. Affordable options starting at $17.99/month with no contracts.


The Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 is a mini personal GPS tracker, offering expansive 4G coverage across North America. This device is particularly effective for tracking vehicles and assets, and it includes a one-year subscription plan. Therefore, it can you monitor fleet movements or  keep tabs on family vehicles.

Small enough (3 x 1.58 x 1 inch) to be discreet, its portability and ease of use make it ideal for various tracking needs, whether it’s ensuring the safety of a teenager’s first car or tracking assets. And if you ever need help using the tracking system, BrickHouse Security offers free technical support for the life of the tracker device.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Durability: Small, lightweight design (3 x 1.58 x 1 inch, 9.1 ounces).
  • Real-Time Tracking: 4G coverage across North America, real-time vehicle tracking.
  • Connectivity: Cellular technology, supports GPS, suitable for cross-border tracking.
  • Battery Life: 7-10 days (additional extended battery pack accessory available)
  • Extras: 1-year subscription included, no long-term contract, portable and concealable.





Spark Nano 7
  • International 4G Coverage

  • Discreet Magnetic Attachment

  • Concealed Waterproof Design

  • Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

  • Affordable Subscription Options

  • Compact Size

  • Long Battery Life

  • Price: $17.99 - $34.99

  • Suitable for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

As of 4/03/2024 

4.6 Stars | 7,322 Ratings



  • 4G Coverage: Works across North America including Canada and Mexico.

  • 1-Year Subscription Included

  • Reports: Speed, geofencing, and travel details included.

  • Subscription Plans: Options starting at $17.99 per month.

  • Not Waterproof: Restricted use in adverse weather conditions.

  • Short Battery Life - 10 to 14 days.


Positive Review: In an Amazon review dated February 21, 2022, Lindsay Combs awards the Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker a perfect 5-star rating. Combs praises the device’s user-friendly app, which offers features such as geofencing, customizable alerts, and a variety of map sources including Google and Satellite. The reviewer appreciates the tracker’s versatility, particularly for monitoring children’s locations, and the ability to personalize the app’s navigation bar and templates for geofence, location history, and trips.

Negative Review: Maria Guerrero rates the Spark Nano 7 mini GPS tracker 1 out of 5 stars in her review dated January 6, 2023, on Amazon. She reports that the device stopped working after two months of use, overheating during charging, and even melting the original charger.

Bottom Line: Brickhouse offers great tech support and a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products so try the Spark Nano 7 out for yourself!

Apple AirTag – Best Bluetooth Device

Apple AirTag For Wallet

Bluetooth GPS Tracker For Kids

Apple AirTag  

  • Track Anything: Locate lost items, friends, and Apple devices.

  • Easy Setup: Connects instantly with your iPhone or iPad.

  • Precision Finding: Ultra Wideband guides you directly (on select iPhones).


An Apple AirTag is a small, coin-sized tracking device designed to help locate personal items. Priced at $28, this tracker easily attaches to items like keys or bags, seamlessly integrating with the Apple ecosystem. For instance, if you misplace your keys, the AirTag enables you to track their location using the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. This feature is particularly useful in busy households or on hectic days when items are easily misplaced.

AirTags stand out in their simplicity and affordability, with no additional monthly fees. The replaceable battery, lasting over a year, adds to their convenience. Unlike real-time GPS trackers, AirTags use the extensive Find My network, harnessing the power of millions of Apple devices to locate items beyond the usual Bluetooth range. For example, if you leave your backpack in a café, the AirTag can be detected by the Find My network, updating you on its location even if you’re miles away. With IP67 water and dust resistance, they are durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, making them a practical choice for tracking everyday items.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Durability: IP67 water and dust resistant, lightweight (0.39 ounces).
  • Real-Time Tracking: No live GPS tracking. Find My app, built-in speaker for sound alerts.
  • Connectivity: Simple one-tap setup with iPhone or iPad, uses Ultra Wideband technology.
  • Battery Life: Replaceable battery, lasts over a year, user-replaceable.
  • Extras: Lost Mode, encrypted communication, part of the Find My network, privacy-focused.





Apple AirTag For Wallet
  • Simple One-Tap Setup

  • Precision Finding Technology

  • Lost Mode Notification

  • Privacy-Focused Design

  • Wide Network Assistance

  • Compatibility: iPhone/iPad

  • Connectivity: Ultra Wideband

  • Sound: Built-In Speaker

  • Sound: Built-In Speaker

  • Price: Varies by Retailer

As of 04/03/2024 

4.7 Stars | 175,931 Ratings



  • One-Tap Setup: Quick connection with iPhone or iPad.

  • Lost Mode Feature: Automatic notification when detected in network.

  • Battery Life: Over a year with replaceable CR2032 battery.

  • No Real-Time Tracking: Dependent on encountering Apple devices for updates.

  • Battery Replacement Required.

  • Limited to Bluetooth Range: For close proximity finding.


Positive Review: T J gives the Apple AirTag a 5-star rating in their review on Amazon, dated January 8, 2024. They initially purchased an individual AirTag after using a 4-pack and found it incredibly useful, especially after forgetting their wallet at home. The AirTag’s ability to alert the phone when separated from tagged items is highlighted as a key feature. T J compares the AirTag favorably against Bluetooth Tiles, citing issues with Tiles like failing to play sound or locate items despite being in close proximity. The ease of setting up AirTags and their effectiveness in alerting the user when leaving items behind, like in a vehicle, is praised. They also appreciate the precise location tracking feature of the ‘Find My’ app for Apple products. However, T J notes a downside: unlike Tiles, AirTags don’t have a button to help find a misplaced phone.

Negative Review: Amy rates the Apple AirTag 1 out of 5 stars in her review dated September 14, 2023, on Amazon, expressing dissatisfaction with its accuracy. While she found the setup process easy, the device failed to accurately track location. She bought the AirTag to monitor her dog’s location on her property. During tests, despite being more than 500 ft away from home, the AirTag incorrectly showed it as still inside the house.

Bottom Line: The Apple AirTag has over 165,000 Amazon reviews with overwhelmingly more positive than negative customer experiences. So yes, this is great for tracking belongings!

Sync OBDii – Best For Fleets (12 Month Prepaid Subscription)


Best For Small Businesses With Service Vehicles

LandAirSea Sync OBD2 Tracker

  • Plug & Play Versatile Use: Ideal for fleet, business, or personal vehicles.

  • Real Time GPS Tracking: Unlimited updates every 3 seconds.

  • Compact System: Easily attaches to cars, trucks, SUVs.


The LandAirSea Sync GPS tracker is a real time vehicle tracking device that plugs directly into your car’s OBD-II port. What makes it unique when compared to other OBD2 GPS trackers like Vyncs or MotoSafety are the unlimited updates every 3 seconds. Yes, this is the fastest real time location updates on the market today. Imagine being able to track a family car’s whereabouts in real-time, ensuring the safety of teen drivers or monitoring the efficiency of a business fleet. That is what the Sync GPS device offers you.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Durability: Ultra-compact design, attaches to vehicles, ideal for fleet tracking.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Maps with Google Maps, real-time tracking via web or app.
  • Connectivity: Direct OBD-II port plug-in, no additional accessories needed.
  • Battery Life: No battery required, powered by vehicle’s OBD-II port.
  • Extras: Discreet tracking with LED light disablement, unlimited updates every 3 seconds, free 24/7 technical support.





LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key
  • Ultra Compact

  • Real-Time Tracking

  • Discreet

  • Plug and Play

  • No Battery Required

  • Attaches to Vehicles

  • Web & App Monitoring

  • Email and Text Alerts

  • OBD-II Port Connection

  • Non-Bluetooth, Extended Range

As of 4/03/2024

4.6 Stars | 4 Ratings



  • Unlimited real time updates every 3 seconds.

  • Plug and Play: Easy installation into OBD-II port.

  • High Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon

  • OBD-II Port Requirement: Limits to compatible vehicles.

  • GPS tracker is visible to drivers.

  • Less versatile than battery-powered trackers


Positive Review: Justin Leeds rates the LandAirSea Sync GPS tracker 5 out of 5 stars in his review on Amazon, dated December 3, 2023. He expresses high satisfaction with the device’s performance, despite initial skepticism due to its price. Leeds finds it exceptionally valuable for tracking vehicles or monitoring personal situations, like a cheating spouse. While he notes that the tracker is not very accurate, it provides sufficiently close location data. He highly recommends the product for its effectiveness in tracking.

Negative Review: Chris gives the LandAirSea Sync GPS tracker a 1-star rating in his Amazon review from January 8, 2020, due to activation issues. He struggled to activate the device on a mobile phone because of the website’s poor mobile formatting, leading to repeated errors. After a failed attempt to reach customer service and encountering a full mailbox, he resorted to using a computer and live chat to finally activate the device. Chris suggests that the product description should mention the need for a non-mobile device for activation to prevent customer frustration.

Bottom Line: Sync gives you super fast updates and offers way installation, making this tracking device perfect for small businesses.

Honorable Mentions

The above mentioned best no monthly fee GPS tracker solutions are devices that will help anyone secretly track a car to find out what is really going on. Although the products on our best of 2024 list are the ones our security experts highly recommend, there are other options. Below are some additional GPS tracker no monthly fee products that we would encourage you to learn more about: 

  1. Prime Tracking: A GPS tracker with real-time location tracking, geofencing, and email/text alerts for vehicles, kids, and pets, and no monthly fees.
  2. FlashBack GPS: A portable GPS tracker with a waterproof magnetic case, long battery life, and historical playback.
  3. GPSit1000bzl LTE Vehicle Tracking Device: A vehicle GPS tracker with no monthly fees, remote engine shut-off, and 4G LTE coverage.
  4. Bouncie Connected Car Tracker: A car tracker with trip history, alerts for speeding and rapid acceleration, and location sharing with friends and family.

GPS Trackers

Understanding The Need For SIM Cards & Monthly Fees In Real Time GPS Trackers

You might be curious about why real-time GPS trackers need SIM cards and monthly subscription fees. Let’s break it down for you. Real-time GPS trackers utilize cellular networks to transmit location data instantly, and this is where SIM cards come into play. Basically, they connect your device to the network, enabling seamless communication. See, your vehicle tracker needs to transmit the GPS data stored on the device and does so with a SIM card. The SIM card allows the data to be transmitted via cell towers, which results in a fee. 

Now, you might ask why a monthly subscription fee is necessary. The answer lies in the service provided by telecom companies. Basically, telecommunication companies charge fees for accessing their networks, which is essential for real-time tracking. Your subscription fee covers the cost of using cellular data to send and receive information from your GPS tracker.

TLDR: Real-time GPS trackers require SIM cards to connect to cellular networks, while monthly subscription fees cover the cost of using these networks. This combination ensures you get accurate and instant location updates. That way you can monitor your valuable assets and loved ones effectively and efficiently!

Choosing the Right No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker: 7 Key Factors To Consider

Are you considering purchasing a GPS tracker without the hassle of monthly fees? Great! But before making a decision, it’s important to understand the key factors to consider. That way you select a GPS car locator that best fits your needs. Below, you will find the 7 essential factors to consider when choosing a no monthly fee GPS tracker:

Key Factor To Consider

Why It Is Important

Ease of Installation

Find a tracker that's simple to install, like one that plugs into the OBDII port or has a magnetic mount.

Real-Time Tracking

Choose a device with real-time location updates, ensuring safety and adherence to designated routes.

Historical Location Data

Opt for a tracker that stores past routes, allowing you to identify and address any unusual driving patterns.

Alerts and Notifications

Pick a device with alerts for speeding, harsh braking, or leaving designated areas, helping you stay informed.

Battery Life

Look for a tracker with long battery life or one that connects to the vehicle's power source, ensuring uninterrupted tracking.


A reliable GPS tracker should be durable, weather-resistant, and tamper-proof, offering consistent performance and longevity.

User-Friendly Interface

Select a tracker with an intuitive web app or mobile application for easy monitoring anytime, anywhere.

By carefully considering these factors, you can find the ideal no monthly fee GPS tracker to keep your teen drivers and company vehicles safe while avoiding extra costs.


Why Tracking System Direct Is Your Trusted Source For No Monthly Fee GPS Trackers

At Tracking System Direct, we have been providing GPS tracking solutions to businesses and consumers for over 15 years. Our list of clients includes city municipalities, law enforcement agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. And let’s not forget the everyday folks like parents of teen drivers, or spouses suspecting infidelity. Our expertise in the industry has enabled us to identify the most reliable and effective no monthly fee GPS trackers available.

To create our list of the best GPS trackers with no subscription fees, we put each device through a rigorous testing process. Why? To ensure each product’s reliability and accuracy. In fact, we tested each tracking device for its real-time tracking, historical location data, ease of installation, battery life, durability, and user-friendliness. And the goal? To find the best vehicle tracking devices with no monthly fees. 

We understand that when it comes to choosing a GPS tracker, it’s essential to find a device that you can trust. That’s why we strive to provide the most comprehensive and unbiased recommendations possible. Our extensive testing process and years of experience in the industry give us the expertise you can rely on when making your purchase decision.

At Tracking System Direct, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible GPS tracking solutions. You can trust our expertise when choosing a no monthly fee GPS tracker for your needs.

Discover more about our testing procedures and guidelines by visiting our methodology page

GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do GPS Trackers Have A Monthly Subscription Fee?

Yes, live GPS trackers often require a monthly subscription fee (unless they are sold with the data bundled into the cost of the hardware). This monthly fee covers the cost of accessing cellular networks. Cellular networks are essential for real-time data transmission, and the reason why real time GPS trackers have a SIM card. Without them, you wouldn’t receive live location updates.

There are a few real time GPS trackers with no monthly fees because data is bundled into the hardware cost. In fact, investing in a GPS device with no subscription fees can save you money in the long run! Some popular options include LandAirSea 54, Plug and Play GPS, Trakkit GPS, Invoxia’s Real Time GPS Tracker, and SinoTracks ST901L 4G. These GPS trackers for vehicles include a full year of realtime tracking so you never have to worry about monthly fees! 

Can I Use A GPS Tracker Without A SIM Card?

Yes, some GPS trackers, like the Trakkit WiFi GPS Tracker and Apple AirTag, operate without a SIM card. And how do they work? By relying on WiFi networks and GPS signals for location tracking. This makes the location tracking devices ideal for those who want to avoid SIM card-related costs. However, it is worth noting, these products are not recommended for detailed GPS reporting or fleet management given their limitations.

Can I Get GPS Without Wi-Fi?

Yes, and the reason is because GPS trackers rely on satellite signals rather than Wi-Fi to determine location. Therefore, vehicle trackers can function independently to provide accurate location data even in areas without internet access.

How Much Does A GPS Tracker Cost Per Month?

You should expect to pay anywhere from $8.95 to $39.95 per month when it comes to GPS data fees. However, there are some GPS trackers available with no monthly fees. This is because the vehicle tracking systems have the cost of data built into the devices. This will allow you to track your assets without any ongoing subscription costs, at least for the first year! 

Can I Save Money By Purchasing GPS Data For A Year Or Two Years?

Yes! By opting for longer-term GPS data plans it can lead to significant savings. In fact, many GPS tracking companies offer attractive discounts or bundle deals for customers who commit to a one or two-year plan. Therefore, if you know you will be using the GPS device for a long time this can be an excellent way to save money! 

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