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Do You Have To Pay A Monthly Fee For GPS?

GPS tracking systems provide a significant value to businesses, consumers, and law enforcement agencies because the technology allows those groups to receive comprehensive reports related to vehicle driving activity. But what about smaller businesses who can’t afford live GPS trackers? Is there an answer for families on a budget who want to track a teen driver but can’t afford real time GPS data monthly data plans associated with live GPS tracking? The real question is “Do you have to pay a monthly fee for GPS?“, and the answer is NO because GPS data loggers are providing the solution to tracking a car without paying any monthly fees!

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device No Monthly Fee

GPS Data Logger Features

  • GPS Data Recorded Every Second
  • No Installation Required
  • Compact Water-Resistant Housing
  • Records Addresses Arrived/Departed
  • Documents Speeds Driven & Maximum Daily Speed
  • Easy Outside Placement With Magnet Mount

GPS Car Tracking

Best GPS Auto Tracker No Monthly Fee In 2019

GPS Spy Tracker For Car

gps car tracker with no monthly fee

GPS Tracking Key is the most widely-used passive tracking system by consumers, businesses, and law enforcement, making the GPS data logger the best GPS car tracker with no monthly fees! Only requiring two AAA batteries, the car tracker with no monthly fees records driving information every second that includes vehicle speed driven, stops made, and more. NO cumbersome wires, download cables, or external antennas, make GPS Tracking Key one of the simplest passive tracking systems to command.

How To Use GPS Tracker On Car

  • Place GPS tracker inside or outside of the target vehicle 
  • Tracking device records comprehensive driving activity
  • Remove GPS tracker from vehicle, download data, and see everywhere any driver went!

GPS Tracking Key has provided the truth to parents who have teenage drivers, law enforcement agencies, people in relationships suspecting infidelity, and small businesses with mobile resources.

gps vehicle tracker no monthly fee

Vehicle Tracking With Passive GPS Data Logger

Top 5 Car GPS Tracker Features

1. Affordable GPS Tracking With No Fees

For $169.00, or less than the annual price of a gym membership, GPS Tracking Key will provide users with all of the answers to the unknown driving habits of a teen driver, employee operating a company vehicle, and so much more. Tracking a car every single second has never been more affordable with this hidden GPS tracker with no monthly fee. What makes this vehicle tracking system special compared to live GPS trackers on the market is that GPS Tracking Key requires NO ACTIVATION FEES or NO MONTHLY SERVICE FEES of any kind for the life of the GPS tracker! This is because the micro car tracking unit is a GPS receiver, not a real time GPS device that is dependent on cellular service. That means it is a car tracker with no monthly fees!

gps car tracking app

2. Hidden GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee: GPS Tracking Key

Live GPS trackers require users to pay a monthly service in order to access vehicle tracking information, and some GPS companies even require users to sign a one (1) or two (2) year service contract. Real time GPS tracking devices can cost as much as $44.95 a month for live updates every 3 seconds, but GPS data loggers can record driving activity every single second! This means users get a GPS tracker with no monthly fees! Consumers and businesses looking to receive exceptional and accurate GPS tracking data at a bargain price need to look no further than the GPS Tracking Key.


3. Online GPS Tracking Software

Since GPS data loggers (GPS tracker no monthly fee) do not have the ability to transmit vehicle location in real time where people can track a car from their phone, users most download GPS tracking data to see where an automobile has been. Once GPS tracking data has been transferred from device to computer users will have the unique opportunity and option to view GPS tracking data in one of the three (3) different ways:

  1. Digital Street Map Program: Where users can playback historical driving activity.
  2. Detailed Reporting Program: That provides every stop a driver made, and all the travel history in a text/report.
  3. Google Earth Satellite Image Program: A free program, Google Earth will display travel data over satellite imagery, allowing users to see exactly what parking space a driver parked in, or what color the house was they stayed at overnight.

4. International GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Key is classified as a data logger and therefore only receives GPS information from the network of satellites orbiting the Earth. Since the GPS Tracking Key does not transmit or transfer data, it can record positions anywhere on the globe! The GPS Tracking Key will work in any location even if no Internet, cellular or radio service is present, making it the best international GPS auto tracker on the market today!

5. Where Is The Best Place To Put A GPS Tracker On A Car?

Place the car tracker with no monthly fees on a vehicle, remove it after travel activity, and download the GPS tracking data when it is time to review where any driver has been! GPS Tracking Key has no on/off switch because innovative engineers designed the car tracking device with a motion sensor that automatically powers the tracking system up the moment a vehicle begins to move and powers down the GPS car tracker after 2.5 minutes of holding a stationary position. The motion sensor helps retain battery life, allowing GPS Tracking Key users to record an average of 37 hours of vehicle-in-motion driving time, or approximately 3-4 weeks of driving data on a single lithium battery life cycle (High-grade AAA batteries). Below are some of the best places to put a GPS tracker on a car:

hidden gps tracker on car

  • Underneath The Automobile
  • Inside The Glovebox
  • Front Bumper
  • Under Bug Shield
  • Inside A Car Seat Cushion
  • Clipped Onto Sun Visor 
  • Under Front/Passenger Seat
  • Inside Speaker

No Monthly Fee GPS Tracker Featured On Breaking Bad!

Vehicle Locator With No Monthly Fee

GPS Tracking Key Specifications 

  • Maximum Number of Satellites: 16
  • Horizontal Accuracy: 7 Feet (2.5 Meters)
  • Communication Protocol: NMEA
  • Data Output: Flash Memory (Non-Volatile)
  • Storage Capacity: Approx. 100 Hours of Driving Time
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista Mac OS X
  • System Requirements: CPU: Pentium 3,500 MHz RAM: 128 MB Hard disk: 400 MB free space Network speed: 128 kb/s Graphics card: 3D=capable w/ 16 MB or VRAM Screen: 1024 x 768; 16-bit High Color screen
  • Recommended Configuration Supported: CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz+ or AMD 2400 xp+ RAM: 512 MB Hard disk: 2 GB free space Network speed: 768 kbs/sec Graphics Card: 3D-capable w/ 32 MB of VRAM Screen: 1280 x 1024; 32-bit True Color screen
  • Power Source: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Battery Life: (Approx.) 1 Hour Per Day: 3 Weeks.  2 Hours Per Day: 2 Weeks. 4 Hours Per Day: 1 Week
  • Power Draw: Track Mode: 49 mA Sleep mode: 0.072 mA
  • Sleep Mode Entry: 2 Minutes Without Movement 
  • GPS Acquisition: Cold Start Time 41 seconds/ Warm Start 33 seconds
  • Housing Material: Water-Resistant ABS Plastic
  • Mount Type: Exterior Magnet On GPS Tracker
  • Operating Temperature: -15 to 185°F (-26 to 85°C)
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.3″ (96.5 x 38.1 x 33.0 mm)
  • Weight Not Specified By Manufacturer