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GPS Tracking And Navigation Increase Corn Yields

Modern Farming Techniques Lead To More Revenue And Efficiency

Corn_YieldMany farmers are now turning to technology to help increase crop yields and overall farm operations as GPS tracking, monitoring and navigating are improving efficiency. Farmers everywhere are utilizing GPS tracking and navigational equipment to help determine what areas require fertilizer and how much fertilizer needs to be dispensed. Although it may appear at first glance as a very simple chore when a farmer has to maintain an area of land that is over 4,000-acres large or bigger the situation can be strenuous. The advanced farming techniques that use heavy machinery, navigation and tracking system technology have all helped farmers across the United States increase corn yield, and nothing could make it more evident than the fact that Ohio recently set a new record for production of corn while working with less acres of land and fertilizer.

Many times high yields are the results of optimum conditions provided by Mother Nature, but in 2009 where a dry Summer and delayed wet harvest did not help farmers Ohio was still able to produce over 545 million bushels of corn crop with the average acre producing 174 bushels. GPS tracking, monitoring and navigation equipment allows farmers to micromanage every portion of their land, allowing them to use less resources while increasing production.

With GPS tracking and navigation technology leading the way farmers are sure to continue modernizing farm techniques and breaking production records.

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