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Implanting GPS In Humans – Fact vs. Fiction

Are microchips being implanted in humans? If you subscribe to online conspiracy theories it is only a matter of time before you come across the theory that global elites or government agencies are using GPS implants in humans to spy on their movements. Yes, it is a scary thought believing the government has implanted an RFID chip or real time GPS tracking device in your body and is spying on you. But is the government really implanting microchips in people, and is this a sign of mass government surveillance of its citizens? Our security experts decided to take a look at some of the popular questions related to GPS implants to help demystify tracking technology for anyone concerned about this very topic!

Implanting GPS In Humans – Fact vs. Fiction
Implanting GPS In Humans – Fact vs. Fiction

5 Facts About GPS Tracking

  1. GPS technology uses a network of satellites to pinpoint the location of an object or person in real-time.
  2. GPS trackers for dogs and cats can be attached to collars and use active tracking to monitor the animal’s location.
  3. GPS devices can be used for search and rescue operations to locate people or missing animals.
  4. Modern GPS trackers are lightweight and have an unlimited range, making them ideal for hikers, outdoor adventurers, and
  5. GPS trackers can be integrated with activity monitoring technology to provide insights into the dog’s daily exercise and activity levels.

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5 Fiction Points About GPS Implants

  1. GPS implants are not currently available for humans
  2. Microchip ID implants for dogs are about as small as a grain of rice, but they do not offer real time GPS tracking.
  3. The reason GPS implants in humans don’t exist is there is not a power source for the GPS chip.
  4. GPS implants do not have SIM cards or require a cellular network to function, as they use satellite technology to communicate with GPS satellites.
  5. The smallest tracking devices on the market are about 1 inch in size.

Can You Put A GPS Tracker Inside A Person?

When people think about RFID chips in humans they sometimes think the microchips are GPS trackers. The reality is that you can not put a GPS tracker inside a person the same way RFID chips can be implanted. GPS tracking devices are sophisticated systems that provide the location of a person as frequently as every 3 seconds, but real time GPS trackers utilize a significant amount of power. This is the reason they are activated with a lit-ion battery. The smallest wireless GPS tracking devices on the market today are roughly 2 inches by 1 inch. Although that is very small it is certainly not small enough to be implanted into a human. Therefore, a GPS tracker can not be placed inside a human (at this time).

Microchip For Humans 666

One of the conspiracy theories floating around online is that philanthropist and Microsoft Founder Bull Gates owns Patent ‘666’ which is basically related to microchips for implanting inside people. But is this really true? Well, not really, but according to Snopes Microsoft did in fact publish a patent for a “cryptocurrency” that utilizes body activity data.  Was this a microchip for humans related to the biblical number of the beast 666? No. However, the patent was filed under number WO2020060606A1. Therefore, Bill Gates is probably not the human GPS implant evil person many conspiracy theorists claim. Although his connections to vaccine production in 3rd world countries did indeed result in lawsuits. However, that is a totally different topic altogether!

Consequences of Human Microchip Implantation

We now know that there is no microchip for humans 666 developed by Bill Gates to spy on humans, but are there GPS implants for humans that exist? Actually, yes. RFID chips can be implanted and provide identifying information and sometimes location-based data on a very, very limited scale. Maybe an update on the position of a person a few times per day similar to the trackers used by scientists conducting research on animal behaviors. However, these types of implants are not very powerful or long-lasting. That does not mean that the consequences of human microchip implantation are not very real, and most certainly will be a more significant concern in the future when microchip technology advances and evolves.

In the future, if human microchip implantation becomes more reality vs science fiction, it will undoubtedly result in serious privacy concerns in the workplace, and that is not even factoring in how it will impact everyday life in society. Any policy that resulted in mass microchip implant human surveillance in the United States or anywhere for that matter would mean the government would know everything you did. The notion of the government watching everything you do is upsetting and would be a complete infringement of natural freedoms. Therefore, policymakers need to make a concentrated effort to protect citizens from this potential 24/7 surveillance by the government that could very well be commonplace in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Humans Get Implantable GPS Chips?

There are currently no GPS chips that can be implanted in humans, and the idea of doing so raises significant ethical and privacy concerns.

Are GPS Chips Safe For Dogs?

Microchips designed for dogs are generally considered safe when implanted by a licensed veterinarian or attached to a collar, as they are specifically designed for pet use and have been extensively tested for safety.

How Does GPS Technology Work For Pet Trackers?

Pet GPS trackers work by using a combination of satellite technology and cellular networks to track and transmit the animal’s location in real-time to a mobile app or website.

What Is The Difference Between A Microchip And A GPS Tracker For Dogs?

A microchip is a small implantable chip that contains a unique identification number for a pet and requires a special reader to be scanned. GPS trackers, on the other hand, use real-time GPS technology to track a pet’s location and transmit that information to a mobile app or website for easy tracking.

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