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GPS Tracker 12v

GPS Tracker 12v: The Complete Guide To Hardwired Vehicle Tracking Solutions

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency. But have you considered a 12-volt GPS tracker for your fleet? In this article, we will discuss the features of hardwired tracking devices, and how they can help your company. We’ll explore how 12-volt GPS trackers perform better than wireless and OBD2 port solutions. It’s more than just keeping tabs on your vehicles – it’s about streamlining your operations and protecting your valuable assets. Get ready to discover why GPS tracker 12v solutions could be the game-changer your business needs.

What Is A 12-Volt GPS Tracker?

A 12-volt GPS tracker is wired directly into your vehicle’s electrical system. The device’s red wire typically connects to the vehicle’s battery, serving as the primary power source. Its black wire establishes a ground connection. Other wires can be connected to the ignition or other vehicle systems, allowing for more advanced tracking features. These additional connections might enable functionality such as monitoring when the vehicle is running or if a particular door is opened.

  • Reliable Power Source. A hardwired GPS device draws power directly from your vehicle’s battery, so it doesn’t rely on a separate battery that might run out of charge. This ensures uninterrupted tracking capabilities, offering you peace of mind about your vehicle’s security.
  • Discretion. Given its installation within the vehicle’s electrical system, a hardwired GPS device is more discreet than wireless or OBDII port trackers. This lowers the chance of the device being spotted and removed, thereby enhancing security.
  • Advanced Features. A hardwired GPS tracker can provide data about driving habits, the health of the vehicle, and specific vehicle locations. This real-time tracking provides invaluable insights for fleet management and individual users alike.
  • Cost-Effective. While there’s an upfront cost for installation, a hardwired GPS tracker often proves more cost-effective in the long run. The lack of a need for battery replacements and the longevity of hardwired trackers can save money over time.
  • Kill Switch. For an extra layer of security, select GPS trackers have a kill switch feature. With a simple command from your cell phone, you can disable your vehicle’s starter. It’s an invaluable feature if your car is stolen.
  • Remote Control. Advanced GPS trackers may offer user management features like the ability to remotely unlock your vehicle’s doors.

What Is The Best 12v GPS Tracker

Hardwired GPS Tracker With Kill Switch


  • 4G LTE Car Tracker With Starter Disable Feature
  • First Hardwired GPS For Small Business Fleet Tracking
  • Find Out What Your Drivers Are Really Doing

What makes this 12v GPS tracker stand above other hidden GPS trackers such as SpyTec GL300 and Bouncie GPS? The answer is key features. First of all, SpyTec GPS can easily be detected by a suspicious employee who thinks you are tracking them. That is what makes the 12volt GPS device special – your drivers won’t suspect a thing! But what really makes this GPS car tracker unique are features such as remote starter disable and remote door unlock. With a hard-wired GPS vehicle tracker, you can have total control over your fleet! 

Truck GPS Tracker

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Why GPS Tracker 12V Solutions Outperform Wireless & OBD2 Alternatives

GPS Tracker 12Volt

OBD2 GPS Tracker

Starter Disable Feature



Remote Door Unlock



Real Time GPS Tracking



Visible To Driver









First off, let’s address power supply and battery life. Unlike wireless or battery-powered trackers like the Spytec GL300, a 12-volt hardwired GPS tracker directly connects to your vehicle’s power source. This eliminates the need for regular charging or battery replacements. No more worries about low battery alerts or losing track of your vehicles due to a dead battery. Plus, it saves money over time, as you won’t need to replace batteries. Pretty cool, right?

As for discretion, hardwired trackers have a clear edge. While OBD2 trackers like Bouncie GPS are convenient and easy to install, they are also easily noticeable and can be unplugged. However, a hardwired GPS tracker offers a hidden and secure installation, ensuring that your tracking system stays undetected. This is especially beneficial for businesses in auto transport or car shipping, where vehicle security is crucial. Not to mention, car dealerships that offer auto loans to high-risk clients.

Performance-wise, hardwired trackers provide reliable real-time tracking. They constantly provide GPS signals and have refresh rates that keep you up to date with your vehicle’s location, even when your vehicle is turned off. They provide consistent data that’s crucial to fleet management, auto loan companies, or simply for tracking your loved ones’ cars or trucks for peace of mind.

From a cost perspective, although there is usually a monthly or annual subscription cost associated with hardwired GPS trackers, this fee is often offset by the advantages. This includes access to features including a killswitch, door unlock, mobile app, and more.

So, there you have it! In terms of power supply, discretion, performance, cost, and installation, a 12-volt hardwired GPS tracker certainly has a clear edge over its wireless and OBD2 counterparts. Always check a buyer’s guide for a detailed comparison before making your decision.

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GPS Tracker 12v – Frequently Asked Questions

Do 12-volt GPS trackers significantly impact my vehicle’s battery life?

No, they do not. One of the key features of a 12-volt GPS tracker is its minimal power draw. As these devices run on the vehicle’s power system, they’re designed to be energy efficient. So, while they provide real-time tracking and constant updates, they won’t drain your car battery. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle’s health is preserved.

Are there additional costs associated with owning a 12-volt GPS tracking device, like a monthly subscription?

Yes, typically there is. Most GPS tracking devices come with a monthly or yearly subscription cost. This fee covers access to the tracking platform, which could be a mobile app or a desktop operating system. The platform allows you to view vehicle locations, manage users, and analyze driving habits. Remember to factor this into your budget when considering a GPS tracker for your car.

Do I need a professional to install the 12-volt GPS tracker in my vehicle?

No, a professional installation isn’t always necessary. Most 12-volt GPS trackers are easy to install. In fact, they come with a wiring harness that connects to your vehicle’s electrical system. Not to mention, many GPS vehicle tracking companies offer free technical support if you need assistance with the DIY install. However, if you aren’t comfortable with the installation process, professional assistance can be helpful. Either way, you’re looking at a straightforward install process for your GPS vehicle tracker.

Is my 12-volt GPS tracker compatible with platforms like Google Maps?

Yes, absolutely! Most 12-volt GPS tracking systems integrate seamlessly with popular mapping platforms like Google Maps. This offers you the peace of mind of visualizing your vehicles’ routes and locations in real-time on a platform you are familiar with. This feature can be crucial in auto transport and fleet management, ensuring you always know where your assets are.

Does the 12-volt GPS tracker have any backup in case of a power failure?

Yes, most 12-volt GPS trackers include a rechargeable internal battery backup. In the event of a power failure or low battery situation, these backups keep your vehicle tracking device working. It’s a great relief, isn’t it? This means even in challenging situations, you’ll keep receiving GPS signals, ensuring uninterrupted tracking capabilities.

Can a 12-volt GPS tracker assist in lowering my car insurance premium?

Yes, it can help. Having a GPS car tracker installed in your car or truck can indeed influence your car insurance costs. Insurance companies appreciate the security and accountability that comes with these devices. It gives them peace of mind, knowing that in the event of theft or an accident, the vehicle can be tracked. Don’t forget to mention your tracker when negotiating your next auto insurance policy! It’s one more way a GPS tracker saves money 

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