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 5 Best Live GPS Tracking Devices 2023

2. LandAirSea –  No Monthly Fees

LandAirSea 54

Smallest GPS TrackerFEATURES

  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • Free Real-Time App For iPhone + Android 
  • 2-3 Weeks Battery Life (30 Hours Driving Time)
  • Dimensions: D: 2.275″ H: 0.945″
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Unlimited Updates Every 60 Seconds 
  • Speed/Geo-Fence/Low Battery Alerts

The next-generation live GPS tracker, LandAirSea 54 is designed for power users who want to monitor a vehicle long-term. This is the reason the device costs more than the previously mentioned SpaceHawk original device, but the benefit is LandAirSea 54 provides real time GPS tracking with no monthly fees!

LandAirSea 54 offers all the benefits of its top-ranking predecessor from an easy-to-use mobile app and detailed reporting features, but with the bonus of no subscription requirements. That makes SpaceHawk 2.0 one of the only live GPS trackers with no data plan requirements on the market today! 

For more details and features of LandAirSea 54 please CLICK HERE!


Live GPS Tracking With No Monthy Fees

Award-Winning Free Tech Support Available 24/7

User-Friendly Mobile App For iPhone + Android

Nearly Undetectable 

3. Longest Battery Life Live GPS Tracking System

Everlast Nano

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life


  • Battery Life: 138 Hours Of Wheels-In-Motion Driving Time
  • Hard-Wire Option
  • Size: 5.37″ x 3″ x 1.37″
  • Individual Vehicle Report, Start/Stop Report, Mileage Report
  • 24/7 Technical Support For Free
  • GPS Fleet Tracking

Frequently used by law enforcement and government agencies due to its long battery life, Everlast Nano by Brickhouse Security continues to impress users with its versatility.

Everlast Nano is roughly the size of an iPhone and gives you the ability to use the device as a portable unit or it can be hard-wired to a vehicle. What makes this device unique compared to other live GPS tracking systems is the extended battery pack that gives users nearly 138 hours of continuous vehicle tracking! Engineered to shut down when a vehicle is not moving to retain battery power, Everlast Nano will give most people a minimum of 2 months of live GPS tracking data. 

For a more comprehensive look at Everlast Nano features please CLICK HERE!


Extended Battery Life (2 Months+)

Affordable Data Plans Starting At $24.95

User-Friendly Mobile App For iPhone + Android

Internal Antenna

4. OBD2 Tracking Device For Cars

Connect OBD2 GPS


  • No Monthly Fees, 1 Year Of Tracking Included | Includes AT&T SIM with Unlimited Cellular Data
  • Speed Alerts & Driver Tamper Alerts
  • Complete Diagnostics (Harsh Braking + Vehicle Idling
  • Track Employees 24/7
  • 1.8 x 2.2 x 1.1″ / 45.7 x 55.3 x 27.4 mm
  • Unlimited Updates Every 3 Minutes

Designed to provide fleet management for businesses and peace-of-mind to parents with teen drivers, Connect GPS is a device that plugs into the on-board diagnostic (OBD2) port of a car to provide live GPS tracking. 

What makes Connect GPS different from other live GPS trackers on this list is that the device plugs into the OBD2 port which gives it the ability to offer information on vehicle diagnostics. This includes information such as vehicle idling or if a driver is hitting the brakes too harshly, a behavior that can have a negative impact on automotive performance. However, the best feature of this live GPS tracker is that the Connect GPS has no subscription fees! 

For a more comprehensive look at Connect GPS features please CLICK HERE!


Pulls Power From Vehicle

Detailed Diagnostic Reports

No Monthly Subscription For Live GPS Tracking 

Auto-Theft Security For Work Vehicles

5. Mini Live GPS Tracking Device

Mini Tec GPS 

Mini live GPS tracking device


  • Free Waterproof Case
  • Super Small Size Dimensions: 2.0″ x 1.75″ x 1.0″
  • Both Vehicle & Personal Tracking
  • Receive alerts via SMS or Email
  • Detects Speed, Route, Addresses, Mileage & More

Designed to be both a vehicle and personal tracking device, the Mini Tec GPS is one of the most unique live GPS trackers on the market today!

Winning features of Mini Tec include the pocket-sized design that allows you to use the live GPS tracker for personal applications such as hiking, biking, and outdoor adventures. However, the free waterproof case that comes with the purchase of this product also gives you the ability to attach the car tracking device underneath any vehicle! 

For a more comprehensive look at Mini Tec features please CLICK HERE!


Pocket-Sized GPS Tracker

Monthly GPS Tracking Plans Starting At $24.95

Waterproof Case Included 

Record Personal Adventures

Cheating Husband TrackerLive GPS Tracker App

  • Locate Any Vehicle 24/7
  • Track Employees From Your Mobile Phone
  • Catch A Cheating Spouse
  • Reduce Teen Driving Accidents 

How To Track A Car With A Cell Phone

Live GPS trackers make it easy for users to track a vehicle with a cell phone, tablet, or computer. Once a live GPS tracker is equipped on an automobile the GPS vehicle tracking data is transmitted to secure servers in real-time. This allows users to go online from their smartphones or other web-enabled devices to access both live GPS tracking data and historical driving activity. All of the live GPS tracking data is stored for life so users can access it any time they want to determine if a teen driver is speeding, the employee is misusing a company automobile or other applications where real-time GPS trackers can provide a solution.

Features of Live GPS Tracking Devices

  • UNLIMITED Updates On All Data Plans
  • Battery, Speed & Virtual Boundary Alerts
  • ShareSpot (Share GPS Data With The Public)
  • Refresh Rates As Fast As Every Three (3) Seconds
  • Lifetime Access To Historical Live GPS Tracking Data
  • Internet & Mobile Phone Access To Live GPS Data
  • Multiple Driving Summary Reports
  • No Service Contracts

Smallest GPS Tracker

Live GPS Tracking Devices For Vehicles

  • Mini Live GPS Tracker That Can Be Hidden In Car Or Attached Outside of Vehicle With Magnetic Mount
  • Hard-Wire Live GPS Tracker That Pulls Power From Vehicle’s 12-Volt System
  • OBDii Live GPS Tracker That Is Connected To Vehicle But Can Be Found By Driver

Real-time GPS tracking has grown in demand over the past decade as more businesses require fleet tracking devices to reduce fuel consumption, consumers seek a way of enhancing driver/auto safety and law enforcement agencies pursue the most sophisticated tools to conduct surveillance. Although live GPS tracking applications may range from simplistic to complex, depending on the GPS user’s needs, now there is one real-time GPS that can meet the demands of anyone looking for the latest in live tracking technology.

Smallest GPS Tracker

What Is The Best Live GPS Tracker 2023?

According to GPS tracker review sites and customer reviews, the best live GPS tracker on the market today is SpaceHawk. A device that can act both as a hard-wired or portable mini live GPS tracking system, SpaceHawk is the solution to assist anyone in catching a cheating spouse or improving fleet tracking. Engineered in the United States, this 4G GPS car tracker provides live locational updates, alerting features, and the best live GPS tracking experience for anyone thanks to the simple online software. Accessible through any web-enabled device, SpaceHawk allows businesses to monitor employees who are misusing company equipment, government agencies to conduct sophisticated surveillance operations, and consumers secretly track any car.

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Live GPS Car Tracking

One of the best features of this real-time GPS tracking system is that it comes with a program known as SilverCloud Online that allows users to have their own secure administration area. This feature makes it easy for SpaceHawk 4G users to share real time GPS vehicle tracking and position data with friends, family members, or work colleagues. This feature of the live GPS tracking device is very advantageous for businesses that can benefit from sharing real time GPS coordinates.

Businesses with GPS fleet management needs and public transportation operations all have a strong need to share live GPS tracking locations over a secured network. With SilverCloud Online, school buses, taxi cabs, airport shuttles, ambulances, food trucks, and more can all offer people a unique way to view GPS tracker location information from any location! Live GPS tracking can be shared in real time on a website or social media account, allowing users to know exactly where an airport shuttle, food truck, or other service-based vehicle is in real time!

SpaceHawk 4G gives users the ability to store an UNLIMITED amount of historical data on a secure server!

Real-Time GPS Tracking Alerts

Have you ever wondered if your teenager was speeding? How about when a company driver has arrived or left a job location? SpaceHawk offers the latest in alert notification technology that makes it easy for users to receive emails and/or text messages when a driver is speeding or arrives/departs from any predetermined area. These alert features are perfect for parents who want to know if their teen is excessively speeding, businesses looking to improve driver safety, companies with a critical need to know when mobile assets arrive /depart from a particular location and more.

GPS Tracking

SpaceHawk offers its users the ability to create a number of detailed historical driving reports that can be used to provide an in-depth analysis of driving activity. The various types of reports include:

Activity Summary Report: Summary of daily mileage driven, stops made, addresses arrived travel history, and more which can all be broken down in a graph or spreadsheet format.

Excessive Speed Report: Once the GPS tracking user selects the maximum acceptable speed for a vehicle, this reporting feature will display every time a driver’s vehicle exceeded that pre-set speed, and the frequency in which it did during a selected time period.

History By Device Report: Graphical spreadsheet representation of how fast a vehicle was going at any point in time, and where the exact location of that vehicle was at that selected period of time.

Stops/Mileage By Device Report: Organizes driver stops made and mileage driven in an easy-to-read format. This report breaks down driving activity by Description (How long a driver was stopped at a particular location), Distance (Amount of distance a driver traveled to the current stop from the previous last recorded stop, and Location (The address a driver stopped that is actually a working hyperlink that when selected will display the address over Google Maps!)

Alarms By Device Report: Provides a detailed breakdown of the number of alerts (Speed Alerts or Virtual Boundary Alerts) that occurred in a selected period of time.

All detailed reporting features can be viewed in either HTML or PDF mode, depending on the user’s preference.

Can A Real Time GPS Tracker Be Integrated With Google Maps?

Yes, a real-time GPS tracker can be integrated with Google Maps using the Google Maps Platform APIs. To achieve this, the GPS tracker must be capable of sending location data to a web-based server which can then process and display the location data on a web-based map like Google Maps. Many companies offer GPS tracking solutions that integrate with Google Maps, and various tutorials are available online that provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Overall, integrating a real-time GPS tracker with Google Maps provides a variety of benefits and applications, including real-time tracking of vehicles, shipments, or people. By using the Google Maps Platform APIs, developers can leverage the power of Google Maps to provide a reliable and efficient solution for their GPS tracking needs.

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