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GPS Trackers For Limos

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GPS Tracking Helps Boost Profits

With the recent downturn in the global economy, every type of business from service to transportation are feeling the fiscal pinch. Making the situation even more dreadful for transportation companies is the fact that gas prices continue to climb on a seemingly daily basis. For limousine companies it is almost a perfect storm. With the sluggish economy still crawling along, raising service prices to off-set the costs of rising fuel is an option that is definitely not on the table for transportation businesses. Therefore, limo companies have had to turn toward alternative methods of cost-savings, and the tool that is helping them save money while increasing employee efficiency is the GPS tracker.

Limousine Companies Call Upon Real-Time Trackers For Fleet Tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is often times most associated with navigational devices, and although it is accurate that navigation tools can be beneficial to limo company efficiency, fleet tracking technology is the key ingredient to cost-savings. This is because GPS vehicle tracking solutions offer a wide variety of cost-cutting tools that include:

  1. The Ability To Identify Where A Limo Driver Is (Live Location Data)
  2. The Ability To Identify Everywhere A Limo Driver Has Been (Historical Driving Data)
  3. Improved Auto-Security (Theft-Recovery)
  4. Vehicle Management (Reducing Fuel Consumption)
  5. Fleet & Passenger Safety (Live Speed & Virtual Boundary Alerts)

Through a multi-functional process of eliminating unauthorized usage of company mobile assets, improving route efficiency, enhancing limo driver productivity and cutting unnecessary trips, limo companies can off-set the cost of rising fuel prices through vehicle management solutions.

What Is The Best GPS Tracker For Limo Tracking?

The car tracking solution that consistently receives high marks for performance is the Driving Activity Reporter, but since the Driving Activity Reporter is a passive solution, many limo companies choose not to invest in the monitoring solution. For those businesses looking for a real-time tracking solution that is both user-friendly and reliable, the GPS professionals at Tracking System Direct recommend the SpaceHawk GPS. Why the SpaceHawk GPS works so well for limousine businesses is because the device can be hard-wired for long-term installation, GPS updates can refresh as frequently as every 3 seconds, data can be accessed by both computer and mobile phone and the web-based interface offers numerous methods of viewing data from Google Earth to driving summary text reports.

Limousine companies, airport shuttles or other service vehicles can view an online demo of the SpaceHawk GPS by CLICKING HERE. For those with additional questions regarding the SpaceHawk GPS,  professionals at Tracking System Direct are standing by 7 days a week to provide answers.